Capilano Dentist | 4 Important Dental Questions

When people are visiting their Capilano dentist. Whether they come every six months. Or it is their first visit in years. They often have a wide variety of questions. According to the Canadian health measures survey.
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74% of Canadians have visited the dentist. At least once in the last year. However, it should be twice. In order to have the healthiest teeth. Many Canadians are not visiting the dentist often enough.

And as a result, have more problems. Or questions then they might otherwise have. The reason why Canadians should visit the dentist twice. Is because the first visit will be for checking their teeth. Getting x-rays and ensuring.

That they do not have any cavities, or tooth decay or gingivitis. They will also look to see if there are any teeth that are problematic. Or if they need things like whitening, bonding or something else.

They will also get a dental hygienist to clean their teeth. Which will help eliminate the plaque buildup. That causes tooth decay as well as gingivitis. Because no amount of brushing. Can get rid of plaque buildup says Capilano dentist.

Not only does plaque accumulate. Simply because it is incredibly sticky. But plaque builds up below the gum line. Where it is impossible. For person to reach with just their toothbrush. Therefore, coming in for this appointment.

Is vital to the health of their teeth. In addition to that, Capilano dentist recommends people coming in. Six months later, not to see the dentist. But to get the hygienist to do another cleaning.

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It takes approximately 5 to 6 months. For plaque buildup to form. And then start causing problems. Therefore, when people come to the dentist. To have the hygienist clean their teeth every six months.

They can prevent a lot of the tooth decay and cavities. That will inevitably form, if they do not get the professional cleaning. As well, people can use the twice yearly dental visits.

To ask all of the most important questions. That they have, including why should they bother getting dental x-rays. This is often the question that patients have Capilano dentist.

When their Capilano dentist is asking them about dental x-rays. At their first yearly appointment. Quite simply, dental x-rays are preventative tool. It is the way the dentist can see problems.

Before they can see them visually on the teeth. For example, tooth decay that is below the gum line. Or cavities that are starting in between teeth. Many people may not realize.

But the surface area in between their teeth. Represent 40% of the surface area of their teeth entirely. Therefore, if they have been neglecting their flossing. They can spell huge disaster. And require a lot of fillings.

The dental x-ray can find these problems. Before they are harder to fix. As well, they can reassure patients. Who may be concerned about radiation. That they will get more radiation. From a five minute phone call on their cell phone. Or on a commercial air flight. Then they will with dental x-rays.

Capilano Dentist | 4 Important Dental Questions From Patients

Whether people are visiting Capilano dentist. Every six months, or just once a year. They tend to have a wide variety of questions. One of the most common questions that the tooth doctor gets. Is from people wondering.

How they can make their teeth whiter. White teeth are very desirable. As they often are associated with health and beauty. While teeth that are not brilliantly whites. Are not an indicator of disease, many people simply want.

Brighter, and whiter smiles. There are many ways that people can get a brilliant smile. However, they may have tried things like whitening strips or toothpaste. And have not found that it is very successful.

The reason why, is because over-the-counter products. Are only designed. To whiten people’s teeth by half a step. This is not a very big amount. Because it is not being overseen by a dentist.

As well, if people are still consuming the drinks or foods. That cause teeth to be discoloured in the first place. Such as coffee, tea, and wine. Then it may cause them to be continuing to discolour their teeth.

While expecting the over-the-counter products to make their teeth whiter. As a result, many people do not get the results they want. And visit their Capilano dentist for help.

The dentist offers many different solutions. The easiest is a whitening kit. That they can customize for each patient. And send home with them. They can whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home.

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And whiten their teeth to anywhere between 5 to 7 shades whiter. The dentist will customize a trade. They first taking an imprint of the patient’s teeth. And then discussing what level of whites they want to get to.

And giving them the appropriate bleached take home. However, a whitening kit may not be everybody’s best way. Whiten their teeth especially if their teeth. Are already sensitive. Because the bleach can cause some irritation.

Therefore, Capilano dentist can discuss an option called bonding. This is a process that adds an extremely thin but fatty layer to the teeth. That is an opaque white. This makes the teeth appear whiter.

And it also protects the teeth. And helps the teeth be a little bit less sensitive. Is not very invasive at all. However, it is not permanent. And will need to be redone every few years. In order to keep the level of brilliance that people want Capilano dentist.

They can also get veneers that will appear much whiter. They can choose whatever colour of white they want to put on. However, this is the least popular option. Simply because it is the most invasive option as well.

Rather than waiting years to ask their Capilano dentist their burning dental questions. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor. Who has three different locations. To conveniently serve the widest area of customers possible.

They have locations in Ellerslie, Capilano. As well as an office into a field. Therefore, patients throughout the area. Can schedule an appointment at their convenience.