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Fluoride has been used to prevent tooth decay for years according to Capilano Dentist. And it is a naturally occurring mineral. While it is found in plants in food, people typically do not ingest enough. To keep their teeth as healthy as they could be.

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Therefore, getting regular fluoride treatments. Is a great way, to strengthen their teeth. How fluoride works, is through a process called remineralization. The body takes the fluoride that is either ingested.

Or applied to the teeth. And uses the minerals, to strengthen the teeth’s surface. It then acts as a protective barrier, strengthening the enamel. And making it more difficult for the bacteria that causes cavities.

To reach the teeth, making teeth more resilient against cavities. But also, providing that barrier between the teeth and acidic food. Such as citrus fruits, tomatoes and vinegar for example.

However, because fluoride can be worn off, as it protects the tooth from bacteria. As well as acidic food. People need to constantly be reapplying the fluoride to their teeth. In order to keep their teeth healthy, strong and protected.

Many people may wonder if they need to go to their Capilano Dentist for fluoride treatments. If they are using toothpaste that has fluoride in it. And the answer is yes for many different reasons.

People may not be brushing their teeth often enough. Or as long as they should. And could miss areas with their toothbrush. Therefore, while fluoride toothpaste is an important way to strengthen the fluoride on the teeth.

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It is not enough alone, which is why when people visit Capilano Dentist. They will get a fluoride treatment at the end of their visit. There are many different ways that fluoride can be applied to the teeth.

First, there is a liquid, that contains high concentration of fluoride. People can swish the liquid around in their mouth for a minute. Before spitting it out. In order to protect their teeth.

As well, many dentists use a very thick paste. That contains a high concentration of fluoride. It often comes in flavours, that people will enjoy. Such as mint, cinnamon and bubblegum.

The problem with the liquid, and the paste. Is that people have to abstain from eating for an hour. And avoid brushing their teeth for up to four hours after the treatment. Otherwise they could cause the fluoride.

To be wiped off the teeth, and negate the benefit of the treatment. However, at their dentist. People can get a varnish containing fluoride. The benefit of this, is that it goes on thinner.

And people can eat, as well as brush their teeth immediately after the treatment. When people come in for their dental checkup, and cleaning. They should talk to their dentist about all of the different fluoride treatments they can utilize.

While fluoride is a very important way to protect the teeth. Regular brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash. As well as visiting their dentist twice a year. Can help keep their mouth and teeth as happy and healthy as possible.

Capilano Dentist | Healthy Teeth And Fluoride Go Hand In Hand

Even though many people understand that fluoride is an ingredient in many toothpastes says Capilano Dentist. They still are unaware of its role in tooth health. Often thinking that calcium is the supplement that keeps their teeth strong.

However, fluoride protects the surface of the teeth. Strengthening enamel. And providing a barrier between the bacteria, and acid that can destroy the teeth. So that the teeth can stay healthy and strong.

For children, Capilano Dentist recommends. That they come in for their first checkup and fluoride treatment. At six months of age. And then come back every six months after that.

If they come in every six months between six months of age and sixteen years of age. They will ensure every single one of their teeth. Has received multiple fluoride treatments.

However, adults should not make the mistake of thinking. That they do not need to come in for fluoride treatments once they have grown. Great reason why people need to continue coming back.

For fluoride treatments with their dentist. Is if they have things like crowns, bridges or braces in their mouth. The reason why this is important is because it can cause difficulty.

Reaching every part of every tooth with their toothbrush. Therefore, if they are counting only on their toothbrush and toothpaste to apply fluoride to their mouth. They may be leaving certain parts of their teeth unprotected.

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Getting fluoride treatments from their Capilano Dentist. Will ensure that they can get every part of their teeth protected. Another reason why people should be getting regular fluoride treatments.

Is if they have had gum disease or gingivitis. This will mean that at least some of the roots will be exposed on some of their teeth. And that will live the roots susceptible to tooth decay, and cavities.

This is because the roots of the teeth have less enamel on them than the rest of the teeth. And therefore, fluoride treatments are of paramount importance. To ensure that the roots can be as protected as possible.

The third reason why people should be going to their dentist for regular fluoride treatments. Is if they have dry mouth. This is often because it is a side effect of aging. But also a side effect of certain medication.

And when people have dry mouth, they are more susceptible to cavities. Due to the lack of saliva in their mouth. Therefore, regular fluoride treatments are vital. To providing that protective barrier.

Against the bacteria that can attack the teeth easier. When there is less saliva. There are many important reasons why fluoride is beneficial. And why fluoride treatments are necessary.

Even though there is fluoride in most toothpastes. If people have any other questions about their teeth, fluoride treatments. Or anything else. People should make an appointment with the tooth doctor.

That will allow them to come in for an appointment. So that they can get a checkup, a tooth cleaning and fluoride treatments. And all of the answers to all of their questions.