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Some people, visiting their Capilano dentist is no problem. They have insurance, and a low deductible. And they are able to get their teeth cleaned. There cavities filled, and even things like braces, or root canals.

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And have absolutely no problems paying for them. However, according to health Canada. A survey says 62% of Canadians. Have private dental insurance, while 6%. Have public insurance, which means. That an alarming 32% of Canadians. Have absolutely no dental insurance whatsoever.

Dental visits in Canada used to be free. And covered by the universal healthcare act. Like going to the doctor, people do not have to pay a fee. This was the same thing. For people visiting the dentist’s Once upon a time.

However, the government faced mounting pressure. To eliminate Canada’s rising debt. Therefore, in nineteen fifty-two. They cut the universal healthcare. For dentists as well as optometrists.

So that they could save money. And eliminate some of the national debt. They always promised, that they would bring back universal healthcare. For these services when they could afford it. And people might note.

That has not happened yet. And chances are very slim that it will ever happen again. In order to help combat. The fact that Canadian citizens would no longer have free dental care. The government started adding fluoride to the water.

They also hoped that the average Canadian. It would take better care of their teeth. Knowing that dental services are no longer free. However, that usually does not help Canadians.

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Who are either genetically predisposed. To having poor teeth. Or if they have things like accidents. That have broken their teeth. If they have emergencies, like their wisdom teeth. Needing to be removed because they are painful.

Even if they are simply aging. And need dentures. They often are out of luck. If they do not have dental insurance. Now to dental insurance companies are the same either says Capilano dentist.

Which means what services one company may cover. May not be covered by another company. As well as the amount that they will pay. Will vary from service, from companies.

As well as very based on what tiered package. People are paying for. For example, they may pay for the basic Blue Cross dental package. Which would be a low monthly fee. But people could also purchase.

A more expensive dental package with Blue Cross. Which means more things may be covered. And the same things that are covered. May be covered by a larger percentage as well.

While employees who are working for company. That does not have dental insurance. Our able to purchase their own dental insurance. Many people cannot afford this.

However, Capilano dentist does not want any patient. To go without the dental services they need. And are willing to work with patients individually. So that they can get the services they need. At a price they can afford.

If patients would like to take advantage of this. All they have to do is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Capilano. For free consultation.

Capilano Dentist | Helping Families Pay For Dental Services

It can sometimes be stressful going to Capilano dentist. Not just because many people are phobic. About having their teeth looked at. But because they are also phobic. About extremely high dental bills as well.

Even if people have dental insurance. Most dental insurance companies. Do not pay hundred percent coverage. On any services. And they do not cover all services as well. Things like Invisalign or braces.

Dental implants, and root canals. They not be covered at all. Or covered, a very small amount. Or have massive deductions. Therefore, people often go to the dentist. For an appointment and have no idea.

The size of the bill they are going to get. At the end of the day. This is why Capilano dentist offers. Free consultations for all patients. They will be able to come in. Have the dentist look inside their mouth.

And come up with an estimate. Of all of the different services that the dentist will need to do. Whether it is a simple scaling, and x-rays. Or something more significant. Like feeling cavities.

Even root canals, braces and dental extractions. Which will then lead to dental implants needing to be placed. Can all be accounted for. On this consultation, and the dentists estimate.

Not only will people know. What services will need to be done to do their teeth. They will also know, and approximate cost. If they have dental insurance, this is the time where the dentist.

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Can submit this estimate to the insurance company. In order to find out exactly what. They are going to cover on the estimate. And how much they are going to cover. Meaning what percentage they will pay for.

A patient will also know what the deductible. That they are going to have to pay will be. So that they know. Exactly what needs to be done. And how much it will cost them, so that they can budget.

If people want to know even before the consultation. What types of services. And how much coverage they have. From their dental insurance plan. It can be as easy.

As visiting the insurance company’s website. And looking at the package that they are paying for. In order to see a list. Of what services are covered. And how much they are covered for.

Employees may also increase. The package that they are getting. For an additional fee. Which means if they look ahead of time. And now that they will need more coverage. They can pay for it in advance.

So that when they do visit Capilano dentist, they know. That more will be covered. And getting the dental services that they need. Will be significantly more affordable.

When people are ready, the Capilano dentist they can visit is the tooth doctor. Who will be more than happy to take appointments. For free consultations for all of their patients.