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Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians according to Capilano dentist. Have visited their dentist in the last year. This is according to Canadian health measures survey. Many Canadians still have questions.
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About their oral hygiene, and maintaining. Healthy, and happy teeth and gums. One of the most common questions that the tooth doctor gets. By patients during their initial consultation.

Is from people wondering how to make their teeth whiter. While there are many different products on the market. Designed to help people get a whiter, brighter smile. Such as toothpastes.

Tooth polishes, and over-the-counter whitening kits. These are great products. But they are only designed to whiten a very small amount at a time. If people are looking for a significant difference.

They should talk to the tooth doctor, at their Ellerslie location. What they will find out, is that there are several options. To get a whiter, brighter smile right from the dentist’s office.

One of the first things that they will discuss, is a whitening kit. That will be customized for each particular client. The first thing that they will do, is have a dental hygienist take an impression.

Of a person’s teeth, so that they can create. Customized whitening to for them. Once they have the tray created, they will look at a person’s tooth colour. And find out, how much whiter they want it.

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With the dentist supplied whitening kits. Capilano dentist can whiten up to. Five shades at a time. This is going to give better, and faster results. Then people would experience with their over-the-counter products.

Then, people can take their whitening kit home. And over a couple of weeks. Whiten and brighten their smile, for the desired results. However, there is a problem with this particular method for some patients.

While tooth whitening kits like bleach from the dentist work. People who have sensitive teeth may not be able. To get their teeth bleached, because it can cause some sensitivity. While the whitening process is happening.

But that does not mean that patients who want a brighter smile. Have no options. When they visit Capilano dentist, they could hear about options such as veneers. This is a bit more invasive.

But can be a permanent option. Where the dentist will apply some veneers. To the front of their teeth, to give the appearance. Of brighter, whiter teeth. And while veneers is a great option.

Many people do not want to get anything so invasive. And in that case, most dentists will talk to them. About getting a bonding material applied. The bonding material is a very thin, slightly fatty material.

That adds a whiteness, to make the teeth appear whiter and brighter. This is a great option, however it is not permanent. And people will have to come back once or twice a year. To have it reapplied.

For more answers to common dental questions. People should pick up the phone, or send an email to the tooth doctor in Capilano. So that they can find out what they need to know.

Capilano Dentist | Popular Dental Concerns

Canada used to have universal dental care according to Capilano dentist. Which means they would not have to pay for their dental visits. The same way that they do not have to pay to see their family doctor.

However, that was abolished in the fifties. In order to save money. And as a result, many Canadians do not see. Their dentist as regularly as they should be. Sometimes, they believe they only need to visit the dentist.

When they start experiencing pain. Or other problems in their mouth. Many dentists say this is actually too late. Because by the time people can experience discomfort. The problem is very significant.

A common question that people ask, is how often. Should they be visiting their dentist? Ideally, getting a checkup every year. And then getting a cleaning every six months. Is the best recommendation.

However, if at a person’s yearly checkup. Capilano dentist is constantly finding problems. It may be necessary. To increase the number of checkups the person has. So that they can catch problems earlier.

And something else for people to keep in mind. Is that it is not necessarily an issue. With people not brushing their teeth properly. Or that they do not have good oral hygiene.

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It is simply a matter of genetics. Some people are predisposed to having poor teeth. Such as having teeth that have thin enamel. Or their genetics cause them to have for gums.

Therefore, there should be no shame in anyone. Needing to visit the dentist sooner. In order to head off any problems. Before they become very significant. As well, getting teeth cleaned twice a year.

Is important, because even if people have. Incredible oral hygiene. Brushing alone cannot always remove. All of the tartar and plaque buildup. Such as between their teeth. And below the gum line.

Since tartar buildup is the way that cavities can form. Getting a dental hygienist to remove this. From areas their toothbrush cannot reach. Is a great way to help protect their teeth. Against tooth decay and cavities.

Another question people have for Capilano dentist. Is what should their oral hygiene routine be? Ideally, they recommend people brush. Twice a day, after they eat breakfast. And after they eat dinner.

In addition to that, they recommend people floss every day. And rinse with mouthwash. At least as often as they brush. However, brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Is only one aspect of good oral hygiene.

Sugar can cause problems. Therefore, they recommend limiting sugar intake. And hard, crunchy vegetables. Also support healthy oral hygiene. People should also avoid eating right before bed.

As the teeth can have bit of food. That can turn into cavities, while they are sleeping. For more answers to your burning dental questions. People can visit Capilano dentist, the tooth doctor. They have free consultations. And will be more than happy to answer all questions.