Capilano Dentist | Who Should Get Dental Sealants

Many people do not know what dental sealants are according to Capilano dentist. However, they are very important in helping protect. People’s teeth, from tooth decay and cavities.

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Dental sealants are actually a very thin layer of plastic. That the dentist applies to the surface of People’s molars. This acts as a barrier, preventing tooth decay in these very and even surfaced teeth.

This way, people can have help. In protecting their molars from developing cavities and tooth decay. Even if they are engaging in very good and routine oral hygiene.

Dental sealants work, by providing that barrier. On molars, that have uneven surfaces. It is most important to apply dental sealants. On patients when they are quite young.

The reason why says Capilano dentist. Is simply because not only is it difficult. For anyone to reach their molars properly. With a regular toothbrush. But because children are still learning.

How to brush their teeth, and are still developing proper oral hygiene habits. To help protect their teeth. While they are developing these healthy habits is important. In fact, according to a survey.

Put out by the National health and nutrition examination. 30% of all children, between the ages of 6 to 11. Have had dental sealants. While 38% of all teenagers. Between the ages of twelve and nineteen. Have had dental sealants.

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Any parents wonder, if they should bother putting dental sealants. On their children’s baby teeth. They might make the justification. That their children’s baby teeth are not important. Simply because they are going to fall out.

However, Capilano dentist would recommend. If they are going to put sealants on their children’s teeth. To do so when the children are still young. Even if they have baby teeth.

And the reason why, is because it is still important. To ensure the health of those baby teeth. Until their adult teeth grow in. Getting cavities, or root canals in their baby teeth. Not only is expensive.

But it is also often traumatic for the child. Making them scared of the dentist. And fearful of coming back for future procedures. Since the dental sealants will last approximately ten years. Children will only need this procedure ones.

And adolescence, can get this procedure done. Once they have all of their adult teeth. To continue to protect their molars. Against dental decay, and cavities that can cause them lots of problems in the future.

Even pragmatically speaking, any parents may opt for this procedure. Instead of getting cavities done, simply out of cost savings. A dental sealant will cost approximately 25% of the single cavity.

Therefore, if their children and up saving themselves from getting one cavity. Then the parents are ahead financially. People can continue to protect their teeth with dental sealants well into adulthood.

If people are interested in finding more information out about dental sealants. Or if they would simply like to schedule this, all they have to do is call the tooth doctor today for an appointment.

Capilano Dentist | Who Should Be Getting Dental Sealants

Many people have heard that dental sealants should be applied to children says Capilano dentist. However, they often wonder why this is important. Especially as the child will eventually lose their baby teeth.

It is still important for children to have healthy baby teeth. So that their adult teeth can grow in properly. As well, if children get tooth decay or cavities, even in their baby teeth.

It is going to and up causing problems. That there Capilano dentist will need to address. Getting fillings, or even root canals. On children’s baby teeth. That have significant tooth decay. Can be traumatic, expensive.

And sometimes, painful for the child. This is completely unnecessary. When a five-minute dental sealant procedure. Can help protect their teeth. How this procedure will go is quite simple.

At the end of the patient’s regular appointment. The Capilano dentist will use a role of cotton, and some gauze. Surrounding the teeth. To help dry them out. Once the teeth are dry, they can begin the etching.

Etching is a procedure, where a mild acid. It is applied to the teeth. Then, the will rinse the teeth off. And thoroughly dry them again. After that is done. They will apply the sealant, in a very thin layer of plastic liquid.

After it is applied, a special UV light is needed. To cure the plastic. And make it hard. After just a few moments with the light. The sealant is cured. And the patient is free to go.

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Not only is it very fast. But it costs approximately 25% of a single dental filling. Which is why many people prefer this. To waiting until their child develops a cavity later on in their life.

While the dental textbooks say. That a dental sealant will last for approximately ten years. Many people have had their dental sealants on longer. And have not had any problems with them.

Although, it is very important. That people with dental sealants. Must still engage in regular routine oral hygiene. Like brushing after every time they eat, or at least twice a day. And flossing every day.

Because it is not a substitute for good oral hygiene habits. But as well, depending on people’s eating habits, and activities. They might end up having a crack, that ship. Or a leak in their dental sealants.

Which would leave their teeth susceptible to cavities. This is also why it is very important. That people are visiting their dentist on a regular basis. Because they will be able to inspect the sealant.

And if it needs to be reapplied, they can do this very easily. And also, so that they can determine if the patient is engaging. In the proper oral hygiene in the meantime.

When people are interested in finding more out about dental sealants. Either for themselves, or for their children. They should make an appointment with Capilano dentist today. And make an informed decision, if this is a procedure that is right for them or their children.