Capilano Dentist | Why Straighter Teeth Are Important

When people visit their Capilano dentist. They often are asking about methods. That can help them get straighter teeth. Regardless of what age people are. There are options, to help them straighten their teeth.

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It was once widely believed. That only children could benefit from braces. Because their teeth were still developing. And it was easier, to move their teeth. However, Capilano dentist says nowadays.

Dentists understand, that everyone’s teeth can actually be moved. Using different teeth straightening methods. And while it is best. To start early. Helping children have straighter smiles.

That is only because it can help them develop better eating habits. By being able to eat crunchy fruit and vegetables. Such as carrots, and apples. Because they have straighter teeth, that do not cause them pain.

But also, can help them have cleaner teeth. Because straighter teeth are easier to brush and floss. People who have good teeth, may do their best to clean them. But food can get trapped.

In areas that they are unable to clean well enough according to Capilano dentist. Ending up with them having food stuck. That leads to tooth decay, cavities. And eventually needing teeth extracted because of it.

Therefore, the earlier dentists start. Treating children, helping them get straighter teeth. The better over all the patient will have. Throughout their entire life. However, some adults will reach an older age.

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Without the benefit of having gone to a dentist. That will help them get a straighter smile. And are looking at different options as an adult. Ellerslie dentist says a great solution for these adults.

Is Invisalign. There are many benefits to Invisalign, starting with the fact that it is completely invisible. So that they do not need to tell anyone. That they are working on straightening up their smile.

A secondary benefit to Invisalign. Is that the trays are completely removable. So that people can eat. But also, if they have a special event. Such as a wedding, they can have a bright smile in their photos.

Without worrying that all people will see on their special day. Is a mouthful of metal braces. Another benefit to Invisalign, is that it is often more gentle. And significantly less painful than traditional braces.

With traditional braces, brackets are glued to the teeth. And a wire is fed through them. And an orthodontist will tighten the wires by hand. In order to pull the teeth into the position they should be in.

This can lead to pain, and headaches. And the danger of moving the teeth too fast. Is that it can cause the roots to become more shallow. As the teeth are moved faster than they are capable of.

Therefore, many people love Invisalign because they are gentle. But as effective, or more effective. And traditional metal braces.

When people are ready. They can make an appointment with their dentist. In order to get a smile scan, and see what is possible. With this invisible tooth straightening solution.

Capilano Dentist | Why Getting Straighter Teeth Is Important

Many people love the confidence of a straight, white smile says Capilano dentist. But, if people have crooked teeth. They often do not want metal braces. Because of how it will look.

For people who want of an option. For straight teeth, without having the look of metal braces. They can use Invisalign. Invisalign is a system that uses clear plastic trays. In order to move the teeth.

That the patient puts onto their teeth. In order to gently move the teeth into the position. Where they will be straighter. This is all done, using computer models. Straightening the teeth incrementally per tray.

Patients simply have to put the Invisalign trays in. And where them twenty hours a day. Taking them off to eat, and then brush their teeth. And put them back on. In order to get the results that they desire.

They can talk, go to work. And conduct meetings, all without anyone realizing. That they are wearing a tooth straightening system. And while many adults utilize Invisalign.

This process for straightening the teeth. Is not limited to just adults. And many parents are requesting Invisalign for their children from any reason. Many people may remember traditional metal braces from their childhood.

Where the brackets are glued to the teeth. And patients would need a special toothbrush. In order to properly clean around the glued on brackets. And if they did not do a good enough job.

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They would end up with marks around the braces. That would be visible, once the braces were removed. Therefore, many parents are keen to get their child Invisalign trays. So that brushing their teeth.

Can be easier, resulting in cleaner teeth. Then is possible with braces. In order to get started with this process. People need to make an appointment with their Capilano dentist, the tooth doctor.

They can arrange for a free, 3D smile scan. This takes a digital scan of their teeth, and face. And show them a picture, of how much their teeth can be moved. If they use the Invisalign system.

The more their teeth need to move, the more trays they will require. And the longer time it will take. Capilano dentist says most people can be done at eleven months. Just under a year.

While some patients, only need minimal straightening. And can be done in as little as 5 to 6 months. While others, will require two years to complete their treatment. Which is still less time than traditional metal braces.

They will receive a set of trays. And they will wear them, sending photos of their teeth back to their dentist. When the dentist feels it is time for them to move to the next set of trays. They will send those to the patient.

Anyone can have straighter teeth. And everyone can benefit from them. Which is why people should call the tooth doctor. If they are curious at all about getting Invisalign.