Having a healthy smile has an impact on how you interact with others consider dental implants Edmonton. This can affect your confidence and possibly keep you from performing at your best. Missing teeth or oral pain can have negative effects on your ability to chew your food for proper digestion. You might want to consider dental implants to improve your smile and oral health.Dental implants are solid.

1. Dental implants Edmonton are solid.

Conventional bridges or dentures can shift or slip. Dental implants become fused to your jawbone, creating a solid and permanent foundation for a replacement tooth or other dental appliances.

2. Dental implants Edmonton keep your other teeth from shifting.

When teeth are missing, your teeth shift and move into the open spaces, further ruining the look of your smile. Dental implants fill in these spaces and keep your teeth in place.

3. Eliminate or reduce jaw shrinkage.

Another benefit of having dental implants is they reduce jawbone deterioration. When teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks over time. Dentures and bridges do little to prevent this deterioration.

4. Eat and speak with confidence.

Dentures and bridges don’t always fit securely. This can affect your ability to talk or chew comfortably. If you’ve ever had to play catch with your dentures, dental implants are something you should consider.

5. Have a more youthful and confident smile.

When you have missing teeth, it can make you look older than you really are. This can affect your confidence and how you present yourself to others. Filling in the gaps of your smile with dental implants eliminates sunken facial features and helps give you a beautiful smile.

6. Implants last longer than other solutions.

Having dental implants are a great long-term investment in your oral health. When properly cared for, implants can last a lifetime.

7. Improved oral health | Dental Implants Edmonton

Gaps between teeth are prone to collect plaque or bits of food. This is increases the likelihood of tooth decay and other oral health issues like gum disease. By filling in the gaps with dental implants, you can better care for your teeth with brushing and flossing.

8. Simplify your oral hygiene.

Having dentures or bridges adds extra steps to your oral care routine. Dental implants don’t require any expensive cleaning products or soaking. You can simply brush and floss as you normally would. Your dentist will inspect your dental implants Edmonton with your regular check ups.

As you can see having dental implants has a lot of advantages. Talk to Dr.Peter Yoo about your options today.