Dental Implants Edmonton | Achieving Healthy Dental Implants

Helping achieve healthy dental implants is a joint effort between dental implants Edmonton and the patient. And although the failure rate for this procedure is extremely low at 5 to 10%. The more this number can be decreased, the better.

There can be a large potential for thing is going wrong. Making it extremely important for the dentist to be very prudent in what they are doing. As well as the materials that they use to achieve implant success.

For this reason, dental implants Edmonton uses only the screw style of implant. There are three parts to this implants, the implant itself that gets embedded into the patient’s bone. The abatement, which is the part that attaches the crown to the implant.

And finally, the crown itself, which is the part of the implant that looks like a tooth. All of these pieces will screw together. Ensuring that no cement is needed to hold these pieces in the patient’s mouth.

This is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Because if there are any adjustments that need to be maids. Dental implants Edmonton will be able to go into that implant, unscrew it, fix the problem. And then put it all back together.

The other style of implant is the cement implants. This is very different starting with what looks like. There is two pieces that make up this style of implant. The implant itself, and then the abutment and crown are the second piece.


And instead of screwing together, this style gets attached with the use of cement. When a dentist is placing the cement crown, there is the potential for cement to lose source wish out of the crown. And will needs to be cleaned up and quickly and very thoroughly.

The reason why this needs to get cleaned up quickly. Is because first of all, it can cause irritation and infection at the implant site.

And secondly, it is very important that it gets cleaned up quickly and thoroughly. Because it can sink below the patient’s gum line. Where if it continues to go undetected both by the dentist and the patient.

It can actually cause damage to the patients surrounding bone. This can cause complications that can even threaten the placement of the implant itself.

Therefore, it is very important that they only use the screw style of implant. Not only because it has a much lower rate of complication. But because it can help ensure that they can go in and fix or troubleshoot problems. Without causing a lot of distress to the patient.

Therefore, when patients are considering which dentist they should go to further dental implants. They should not only consider going to a dentist that has a very low failure rate.

But one who uses products and implants that not only have a lower rate of failure and complications. But going to the dentist that is going to allow them to ensure the health of their implant for the rest of their life.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Achieving Healthy Dental Implants

It is a joint effort on the half of the patient as well as dental implants Edmonton. That can help minimize complications and infections in a patient’s dental implant.

The first thing that is important, is that the patient knows what they can do themselves. That is going to minimize complications and prevent infections. The first is good oral hygiene.

If the patient has been practising good oral hygiene for many years. They are actually helping ensure that they are going to be able to heal from the implant itself much better. Because good oral hygiene promotes good healing within the mouth.

Good oral hygiene also means that there is going to be less bacteria within the patient’s mouth. And the less bacteria there is, the lower risk their way to have at causing their implant to become infected.

However, if there is any plaque buildup in a patient’s mouth and on their teeth. That can also increase the risk of infection. So dental implants Edmonton says patients should see their dental hygienist. In order to get a cleaning and scaling of their teeth. To continue to minimize the bacteria that is present in their mouth.

After the procedure, patients need to ensure that they are continuing good oral hygiene. So that bacteria does not get introduced to the implant site.


Many patients make the wrong assumption that brushing and flossing is going to cause irritation to their new implants. And they often stop engaging in these oral hygiene practices because of that assumption.

However, this is not only not true. But it is a dangerous assumption. That can lead to a patient having an infected implant.

They also must listen to all of the advice of their dentist. And come in for a checkup as often as they say is necessary. This often means within the first week or two, going back to the dentist for a checkup.

They will be able to see if there is any beginning signs of infection. Or the start of any complications. That the dentist will be able to stop or fix before it gets worse.

After their initial checkup. Dental implants Edmonton will tell the patient how often they should come in to check on the health of their implant. And at the very least, a patient will needs to make sure that they are coming in every six months.

So that their implant can get checked out. Such as if it has come loose. Or if a patient’s bite is causing it to much pressure to be placed on the implant. If this is the case, dental implants Edmonton can go into that implant, make adjustments and ensure the overall health of their implant.

By working together, the dentist as well as the patient can ensure that they are minimizing complications and avoiding infections. Because the implant should be able to last the patient for their entire lifetime. And working together they can make sure that that happens.