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When people need to replace teeth, whether they have already lost their teeth, or if they need to have them pulled dental implants Edmonton can help. In fact, dental implants is growing in popularity. With three million people in America getting implants, and growing every year.

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Previously, people wanting to replace teeth had options of dentures or bridges. But dental implants are more comfortable and functional option. That has fewer problems such as slipping, popping out or breaking.

One of the benefits of dental implants Edmonton is that it is a permanent solution. That will completely replace a tooth. Both in look and function. In fact, most people will never be able to tell that a person has a dental implant. No matter what tooth they had replaced.

Not only is a dental implant a great solution to replace a tooth permanently. But it is a beneficial option. Because while dentures can replace teeth. Dental implants can stimulate the blood flow in the bone. Which preserves that bone, and the surrounding teeth.

Below are considering getting dental implants Edmonton, they often want to know what the potential problems are. If they end up not replacing the missing teeth at all. And while it is not a huge problem, it can impact the other teeth and bone in the patient’s mouth.

Without having a tooth in place, other teeth can start to shift, or lean in towards the gap. That can cause teeth to become crooked. Or to have teeth start to show their roots if they are leaning too much.

Because the roots of the tooth has less enamel on it, once the route starting to show, it can increase the cavities that a patient might get. And once there teeth become crooked, or starts to lean. There can be bite problems and even pain associated with bite when the teeth do not fit as they use do.

Not only will the teeth that is left in the mouth be impacted. But without a tooth root stimulating the blood flow to the bone. Patients will experience bone loss.


This is actually why people’s dentures stop fitting after a while. Is because their bone starts to erode. Requiring a different fit in their dentures every few years.

Once a patient has had to their tooth placed with a dental implant. They will need to have regular checkups with their dentist. So that they ensure that the implant is not causing any problems.

One of the benefits of an implant. Is that they can be very easily unscrewed, fixed and put back. All without the patient having to undergo any anaesthetic.

With how seamless a dental implant is in a patient’s mouth. And how it can help maintain the health of the gums, and the other teeth.

When patients are requiring replacing their teeth. They should talk to their dentist about getting dental implants. To find out if this is going to be an option that is the most beneficial for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Advancements in Dental Technology

More and more patients are choosing dental implants Edmonton. When they require having teeth replaced. In fact, the success rate of implants is around 96 to 98%. And part of the reason why this procedure is growing very quickly in popularity.

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to replacing a tooth. In a way that looks and feels just as natural as a patient’s own tooth.

The procedure is relatively simple. Requiring about five appointments, starting with the initial consultation to discuss the procedure. This is where the patient and the dentist will be able to figure out if this is the best fit, and how to proceed from there.

The second appointment will be the actual surgery dates. Where the dentist places the dental implant. Typically, people can expect about a three-month healing time once the implant is placed.

The third appointment will be for the dentist to ensure that healing is going well. And that patients are keeping the dental implants Edmonton clean. And that the patient will be ready for the next step.

During the fourth appointment, they will also take an impression of the patient’s mouth. In order to make a copy of their mouth. So that the dentist slab can make a crown. That not only matches the other teeth in the patient’s mouth. But can ensure that it is going to actually fit in the space that is available.

And finally, patients will have their fifth appointment as the day of putting at that crown in place. And ensuring that they do not have any bite problems before they leave the office.

After the fifth appointment, it is important that people go back to the dentist on a regular basis. Because getting their implants checked every six months. It is just as important as getting their teeth checked.


At these appointments, the dentist will ensure that a person’s bite is still adequate. Because if the bite is too strong, or there is too much pressure on the implant. It can cause the implants screw to loosen.

If there is a minor adjustment that needs to be made, they can make that adjustment and put the tooth back in the implant. To ensure that they do not end up damaging the crown, or the patient’s other teeth.

Even if a patient ends up chipping their crown, it can very easily be fixed. By going back to the dentist, they can unscrew the crown, fix it and screw it back on. All without the need for any painkillers or anaesthetic.

Even though the procedure has been improved significantly in the last few years. There are still studies being done, and technological advances being discovered in this area.

For example, studies have been done and found that it is no longer necessary to pull a tooth, and then wait for the bone to heal before putting the implant back.

They can pull a tooth, and place the implant in the same appointment. Which cuts the healing time in half.

By understanding that this is very safe procedure. That is always undergoing studies to ensure that the best options are available. Dental implants Edmonton is an extremely good option for anyone wanting to replace teeth in their mouth.