Dental Implants Edmonton | The Advantages & Benefits

Prior to dental implants Edmonton, people who needed to replace teeth. Either had an option of dentures, or getting bridges put in.

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And while these were functional in cosmetically replacing the teeth that are missing. They also had problems. Including not being comfortable, and not allowing to do things like eat foods that they loved. Such as steak or apples.

And also, dentures and bridges because they were a separate appliance that can be taken out of their mouth. Had a tendency to slip, or pop out entirely. While people are talking or aiding. And had an increased ability to break.

In addition to that, dentures often required a refitting every few years. As the patient’s bone eroded, and stopped fitting so well.

However, with the creation of dental implants Edmonton. People started having a permanent solution to replacing their teeth. And something that could not be removed from their mouth at will. Increasing the functionality, the look, and feel of the tooth replacement.

Because it is a permanent fixture in a person’s mouth. People with dental implants find that it is less likely to get broken., Despite the fact that it is a permanent fix. If the dentist does need to fix something. Such as a crown that has been chipped.

Or if the person’s bite is too strong on the crown. The dentist can go in, easily unscrew the crown from the implant. Allowing the dentist to fix it quickly, before putting it back. All without any discomfort to the patient.

In fact, with how beneficial this is. Over three million people have already had this procedure done in America. With half a million people each year getting the procedure done.


However, there are several things that people need to know about dental implants Edmonton. In order to make the decision if they would like to go ahead with this procedure. Or if they are not a good candidate.

Since it is a surgical procedure. For the dentist to place the implant in the patient’s mouth. A patient needs to be able to undergo surgery.

Or if they are slow healers, such as a diabetic who does not have their disease under control. Or a smoker, because smoking slows down their ability to heal.

They may not be the best candidates. Especially because the ability to heal the bone to the implant thoroughly. In a process called osteo- integration. Is vital to the success of the overall procedure.

If a person has not healed thoroughly. But the dentist has place the implant anyway. That can put the implant at risk. Causing them to weaken that bond, eventually leading to the implant to fail at some point in the future.

Because of how serious this is, this is the reason why dentists will not put the implants in patients that are not excellent candidates. Because of that, success rate remains at 98%

For the patients who are good candidates, getting dental implants can help them not only regain their self-esteem, by replacing their teeth with something that looks identical to their teeth. But can help ensure that they can do everything that they did before as well.

Dental implants Edmonton | The Benefits

More people than ever before are getting dental implants Edmonton. Even though it is a fairly new procedure to the world of dentistry.

And while the previous method of tooth replacement, such as bridges and dentures. Made people look like they were not missing teeth. It was far from being able to be completely functional, identical to their tooth that they lost.

However, dentists are discovering that there are many benefits of dental implants Edmonton. That did not exist with other method of tooth replacements. Mainly because the implant actually places an implant into the bone of the patient’s mouth. But this does, is completely mimic the tooth’s root.

Which stimulates blood flow in a patient’s bone. This can help ensure the overall health of the patient’s mouth. Helping the gums stay healthy, and helping the other teeth that made in the patient’s mouth stay healthy as well.

Without placing an implant, what happens is without that route to stimulate blood flow. The bone can start to erode away. With the body taking the calcium from the bone. Using it elsewhere that calcium is needed.

In fact, the longer a patient goes without replacing that tooth. The more the bone is going to erode. The more it is going to be difficult for a dentist to replace that tooth.

In addition to that bone erosion. It is going to cause the remaining teeth to be affected. As the gums start to recede, the teeth will start showing their roots. Which will increase cavities. Because of the lack of enamel on the root of the tooth.


As well, the teeth will begin to lean in, trying to fill in the gap of where the tooth used to be. This can cause teeth become crooked. Show their roots, and even cause problems with a patient’s bite, including pain while closing their jaw or chewing food.

Therefore, when people get dental implants Edmonton. They will be able to fill in that space, so that teeth will not start to shift. And so that the blood flow to their bone can be stimulated. So that the bone will not start to erode, so that the gum line will not start to recede.

It is very important that if patients want to minimize any other problems that could occur from having one tooth missing. They should talk to their dentist about if they would be a good candidate.

And if not, what the next step is. Either to make them a better candidate. So that they can get this procedure in the future. And place their teeth effectively.

The reason why the success rate for dental implants is at 98%. Is because dentists will not put dental implants and candidates that are high risk. So that they do not cause problems, and infections in people who should not have had surgery in the first place.