Dental Implants Edmonton | Advantages of Getting Them

There are many reasons why a patient might want to get dental implants Edmonton. In order to replace missing teeth. Whether there are missing one tooth or many teeth. And regardless of the reason why. This procedure is growing in popularity.

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One of the reasons why it is growing so quickly in popularity. Is because it has an incredibly high success rate. And the highest success rate of any dental procedure. That success rate is 96 to 98%.

Dentists say the reason why this procedure has such a high success rate. Is because dentists are extremely careful about ensuring that the patient’s that they choose for this procedure. Are extremely well equipped to handle the procedure.

While not everybody is going to be able to get dental implants. The more picky that dentists become. The high success rates can inspire more people to come forward to see if there a good candidate.

One of the first thing’s that many people want to know, is why are some people better candidates than others. There are several reasons why some people are better candidates for dental implants than others.

One of the first reasons, is because they have extremely slow healing bones. People with poorly controlled diabetes. And people who smoke. Our known for being very slow to heal.

Since complete healing of the bone to the implant. Also called osteo- integration. Can impact the longevity and integrity of the implant. And even if dentist goes ahead and places an implant in these patients. They might have limited success with the implant.

Another reason why a person might not be the best candidate for dental implants Edmonton. Is because they have had the tooth missing for several years.


The reason why that is impactful. Is because once person no longer has a tooth in one spot in their mouth. They stop having the blood flow stimulated to that area of the bone. And the body we purposes the calcium in the bones for other areas of the body.

Therefore, if people have been missing there tooth for several years. They may simply not have enough bone in the area in order to place an implant.

And while people can always get a bone graft done. Not all people, and not all implant sites. Are going to be able to take a bone graft. Aching it very difficult for patients to get there implant placed.

In fact, the lower jaw is more dense than the upper jaw. And therefore a person might have more problems placing a tooth on the upper jaw than they realize.

And finally, another reason why patients may not be the best candidate. Is because they have low bone density. Such as people with osteoporosis. That can negatively impact the osteo- integration. And can put the implant at risk.

By understanding who is not a good candidate. Can help people understand if they are going to be a good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. And if they should talk to their dentist.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Some of The Advantages

There are many reasons why a patient might want to get dental implants Edmonton. In order to replace missing teeth. Whether there are missing one tooth or many teeth. And regardless of the reason why. This procedure is growing in popularity.

There are many different benefits of dental implants Edmonton. And many people may think that it is just simply a way to replace a tooth that they have lost.

However, there are many benefits to the rest of their mouth. That people can enjoy once they get a dental implant placed in their mouth.

The first thing that people should know is because it is a surgical procedure to get the implant placed in the patient’s bone. Once it is healed, that implant being embedded in the bone will stimulate blood flow. Aching the bone very healthy.

The reason why it is important that the bone is healthy. Is so that it does not start to eroded the bone in the area. And so that the gums will not start to recede.

This can cause a lot of problems, if the bone is allowed to erode. Because it can affect the surrounding teeth, in a variety of different ways.

First of all, by having receding gum line, patients will notice that the roots of their teeth will start to show. Which are more susceptible to cavities. Because they have less enamel on them.


This is why it is extremely important to have the dental implants right away. The sooner people can get the implant, the healthier their mouth is going to be.

Another benefit of the implant. Is that it is going to be a placeholder, where the tooth used to be. So that they surrounding teeth do not start to shift.

It is the tooth natural tendency to want to fill in the gap. And so as the teeth shift to fill in the gap. They can become crooked. Which can cause problems and pain for the person. This can their teeth to not meet comfortably. Which can be uncomfortable or painful as they close their jaw, speak or even chew.

Also, as the teeth twist and the lean to fill in the gap. Their roots can become exposed. And as previously discussed. Dentists say that exposed roots are more susceptible to cavities. Simply because they have less of an enamel coating than the rest of a person’s tooth.

Another benefit of having dental implants Edmonton. Is that it is going to replace the tooth in a way that feels and looks identical to a patient’s missing tooth. This is going to allow people to speak and eat just like they did not before.

Unlike bridges and dentures, that slip, pop out of people’s mouth and break. As well as not allow patients to speak clearly, or eat the foods that they love. Including apples and steak.

Being able to have all functionality back to their teeth. Can make all of the difference to patients. Which is why three million people are getting this procedure done, with even more people getting this procedure done every single year.

If people want to know if they are good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. They should make an appointment for free consultation with their dentist. In order to find this out.