Dental Implants Edmonton | How Beneficial Are They?

The reason why many people want to get dental implants Edmonton. Is because they want a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. That not only looks just like their missing tooth. But feels and functions the same as well.

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However, the reason why dentists often recommend this procedure. Is because there are many benefits of dental implants. That people do not get from bridges and dentures. That can help ensure the overall health of the patient’s mouth.

First, a patient should understand exactly what a dental implant is. And how the dentist places it in their mouth.

The implant itself, is metal, and it has threads on it like a screw. That is surgically placed inside the bone of the patient’s mouth. This functionally replaces they tooth root. And then the dentist creates a crown that looks just like the patient’s tooth.

The crown and the implant get attached together with a piece called an abutment, that screws into the implant. And then allows the crown to be screwed directly onto the implant.

The benefit of this system, is while it is permanent. If there are problems with the implant. Such as it has become chipped. Or the bite is too strong.

The dentist can go back in, fix the implant. By unscrewing it from the abutment. And then putting it back. All without requiring anaesthetic for the patient.

And while it is popular with people because of how it looks, feels and functions. And that it is very convenient to fix. There are more reasons why dentists suggest dental implants Edmonton to patients than anything else.

One of the most significant reasons why dentists will recommend this procedure. Is because it helps preserve the bone in the patient’s mouth.


When people speak and eat. They cause the tooth’s root to stimulate blood flow in the bone. Which helps keep the bone healthy. Without that blood flow being stimulated, the blood flow in the area stops, and that causes the bone to erode in the area where a tooth is missing.

This can cause other problems in the mouth. That can include gum line recession, that can lead to the roots of a patient’s teeth being exposed.

When the roots of the teeth are exposed, that increases the instances of cavities. Because roots of teeth have less enamel on them than the rest of person’s tooth.

But also, as the bone erodes, and the gum line receipts. The other teeth can be effected, by getting looser as well. Putting them at risk for having to be pulled.

Therefore, when dentists place an implant in a patient’s mouth. They are protecting the bone, the gums and the remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth.

With how beneficial it is to permanently replace the tooth. With a system that mimics the tooth root. Can help ensure that if a patient has only lost one tooth. That should likely be the only tooth that they ever have to lose.

By understanding how beneficial dental implants Edmonton is. Patients can make the decision along with their dentist. About what tooth replacement option they are going to go with.

Dental Implants Edmonton | It’s For Your Health

Ever since dental implants Edmonton started being done. It has gained popularity year after year. With three million people in the United States alone having implants. However half a million more people each year are getting the procedure done.

And while the popularity is partially due to the success rate of the implants. Which is 96 to 98% successful. It is also partially due to the fact that dental implants look, feel and function just like a regular tooth.

But also, they are so successful. With how beneficial they are for patients. Helping them preserve the rest of their teeth. Helping ensure that their gums and bone is healthy.

Happens if patients do not get a tooth placed right away. Especially if it is a tooth that has other teeth on either side of it. Is that the teeth will naturally want to fill in that gap.

They will start to lean, or turn. Causing the patient’s teeth to become crooked. And it can even lead to the tooth showing its roots, which can increase cavities. Since the root will have less enamel on it.

Another problem when a patient starts having their teeth move on them. Is that they can have bite problems, that can cause pain when they close their jaw or bite into their food.

It is not just the teeth that can be at risk. But also the bone and gums. Causing many dentists to recommend dental implants Edmonton to their patients.


And while it is a surgical procedure. That has dentists surgically placing the implant directly into the patient’s bone. While it used to take to procedures, and six months of total healing time.

New technological advances in the procedure. Means that the procedure only takes one surgical appointment, and only three months of healing time.

The fewer surgeries, and increased healing time. Can help make more patients feel comfortable with this procedure. So that they can get this procedure done, to help replace there tooth. In a way that maintains their oral health.

Patients should be ensuring that if they think they might want to get a tooth replaced this way. They should start ensuring that they are maintaining good oral hygiene from the beginning.

The reason why, is because the health of their existing teeth. And the health of their bone and gums. Can impact whether a dentist will be able to do the procedure successfully or not.

If the gums are already read, or if a patient already has gingivitis. It might not be a good candidate to have something surgically implanted into their bone.

As well, patients need to ensure that they will engage in good oral hygiene after receiving dental implants. So that they do not end up causing problems such as infection. Because the implant site had food buildup on it.

By understanding how important it is to prepare for dental implants Edmonton. Can help patients who suspect they need a tooth replaced. Ensure that they are doing all the right things to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.