Dental Implants Edmonton | Are Implant Complications Common

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures and bridges says dental implants Edmonton. And not only does it have an extremely high success rate at 90 to 95%. It has an even higher satisfaction rate in patients. At ninety-seven and 98%.

That is because, the way the implants replace the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Is through a permanent replacement. With the implant embedded directly in the bone of the patient’s mouth. So that not only does it look and feel like their regular teeth. It acts like it as well.

When people have dentures or bridges. Not only can it impede their speech. But it can also come loose at the most inopportune times. Causing people to be embarrassed if their bridge or dentures pop out of their mouth while they are talking.

Therefore, many people prefer dental implants. And while this has an extremely high success rates. Even a failure rate of 10% can be too high. Especially for the patients who are afflicted in those failures.

Therefore, dental implants Edmonton needs to do what is in their control. To continue to make that failure rate drop lower and lower. So that patients who receive implants can be assured that it is most likely going to work well in their mouth.

The first thing that is in a dentist’s control. Is what implants they use. There are two different styles of implants. a screw style, and a cement style. The final outcome of the implant looks the same. But the two are very different for a variety of reasons.


The cement style has two pieces to it. The implant itself, that is embedded in the patient’s bone. And then the crown. The crown is the section of the implant that looks like a person’s tooth. And the dentist will affix the crown to the implant with the use of dental cement.

This can be a problem for many reasons. The first of which is if a patient ends up having a problem or needing an adjustment. Going back into that implant to break the bond of the cement and fix it not only can be painful. But it can also be very difficult.

The second style of implants is the screw style implant. And this is contained in three different pieces. The first piece is the implant that is embedded directly into the patient’s jaw. and the crown as well. Which is the part that looks like a tooth. However with the screw style.

There is an additional piece. That is called an abutment. Which is how the two pieces affix together. The abutment will look like two screws, each one facing in the opposite direction. And the dentist will simply screw the abutment into the implant. And then screw the crown on top of the abutment.

In doing this. The dentist can put together the entire implant. Without the use of any it he sieves whatsoever. The benefit of this period is that if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Such as a minor repair. Or if the patient’s bite has changed. All a dentist needs to do. Is unscrew the implant, make the fix and screw it back together.

This does not need to cause any discomfort to the patient and can be done in a mere few minutes. This is why dental implants Edmonton prefer this style of implant. Because it is going to be most beneficial to the patient. And cause much fewer complications and infections.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Are Implant Complications Common

Most patients are extremely happy with the way there implant has turned out says dental implants Edmonton. However, a patient as well as the dentist need to know what they both can do to help ensure they are maximizing their chances of success with the implant.

One of the most common problems that can happen. Is that infections can settle into the area of the implant. Which can cause a whole variety of problems. Including pain and rejection of the implant itself.

Therefore, it is imperative that the dentist communicates with the patient about what they can do to increase the success of their implant. Essentially, it is ensuring that the patient will engage in good and regular oral hygiene says dental implants Edmonton.

There are several reasons why. First, if people have not been engaging in routine oral hygiene. They could have an overall poor health in their mouth. They may or may not have gum disease. Which can cause implant infections as well as complications.

But ultimately, patients need to understand that if they have not been looking after their mouth very well. Their mouth could be very slow to heal the implant after it has been surgically embedded into their mouth.

Not only will that in and of itself have the potential to cause problems. But the longer it takes a person to heal. The longer they are susceptible to infections.

Second, by properly brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. A patient will be able to minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth. And that bacteria is specifically what causes infections in the injection site.


In addition to that, patients should understand that they should get a cleaning of their teeth done from their dental hygienist prior to getting the implants inserted into their mouth.

A buildup of plaque can also cause an increase of bacteria. And by getting rid of the plaque. The patient is ensuring that they have minimal amount of bacteria in their mouth. To minimize their chances of getting an infection.

And finally, dental implants Edmonton says that patients also need to continue to brush and floss their teeth after the procedure. And while some patients assume this means a few days after the procedure. So they do not irritate the implant area. This is not true.

Right from the very first day. Patients need to be brushing and flossing their teeth. As well as using mouthwash. To minimize bacteria. Because as long as there tissue is healing. The risk for getting an infection exists. And that means they must be diligent at all times in minimizing the amount of bacteria that is in their mouth. To ensure overall success of their dental implants.