Dental implants Edmonton | Avoiding Complications With Dental Implants

While there is an extremely high success rate with dental implants according to dental implants Edmonton. With the failure rate being 5 to 10%.

There are many things that a patient can do that can increase the success of their implant. So that they can help ensure their implant lasts for a long time.

One of the most important things that a patient can do is ensure that they have good oral hygiene prior to getting their implants put in. This does not just mean brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Although those things are important.

This means that a patient should also have had a recent cleaning and descaling of their teeth. To minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth. As well as the amount of bacteria that are at the sight of the implant.

The more bacteria there is in the mouth, and the more likely it is that a patient is going to have an infection in their mouth.

While people should not be smoking. Smoking prior to the implant, can cause the body to heal much more slowly. Which can increase the amount of complications a patient has.

After the implant heals, smoking is not going to cause it any damage. However, if a person was smoking prior to having the dental implant then. It can negatively affect the success rate.


The same is true for people who have poorly controlled diabetes. Because people poorly controlled diabetes have a much slower ability to heal their body than normal. Which can affect the healing process of the implant.

By keeping these things in mind, a patient can ensure that they are keeping their mouth in good hygiene. So that they can increase their chances of having a successful implant.

They also need to ensure that they are following all of the dentists instructions. Including brushing, especially soon after the crown is placed in the implant site.

Dental implants Edmonton typically requests that they see their implant patients every six months. But immediately following the implant, they may request to see the patient every two weeks. Just to ensure that it is healing as it should.

After the implant is placed. People should ensure that they are continuing to brush their teeth, floss and use mouthwash. To reduce the bacterial content in their mouth. Brushing regularly will ensure the healing goes well, and is not just important before the a mental.

By properly preparing their mouth before they get the dental implant. As well as proper oral hygiene. And following the dentist instructions after the implant is placed. Can help ensure that people are increasing their chances of having a successful implant. That does not have any of the complications that can put it at risk of failing.

Therefore, they need to have a consultation with dental implants Edmonton prior to having the implant placed. And then listen to all of their directions, to follow them carefully. To ensure they heal well.

Dental implants Edmonton | Avoiding Complications With Dental Implants

Many people prefer having a dental implant instead of dentures or bridges says dental implants Edmonton. However, there can be several things that can impact the success of this procedure. Therefore, people and there dentists need to be aware of what can go wrong. To help ensure this does not happen.

The first thing that the dentist does to minimize chances of problems including infections. Will be the type of implant that they use.

There are two different styles of implants that can be used. One is called a screw type and the other is cement.

The reason why dental implants Edmonton prefers this grew in-kind. Is because it can be much easier to fix if things go wrong. And has a lower risk of infection.

How it works, is that there is three pieces to it. The implant itself, that is implanted in the patient’s jaw. As well as the abutment, which screws directly into the implant itself. And finally, the crown that gets put on top.

These three pieces screw together, so that if there is a problem, the dentist can unscrew the implant, fix it and put it back together. No freezing or medication is going to be necessary to fix the problem for the patient.

The cement style has the entire implant in one piece. And cements into place. When the dentist places a cement crown, some of the cement can either use or squish out of the crown. And can get under the gum line.


When cement gets under the gum line. Not only can it not be detected. But it can actually cause damage to the surrounding bone. Which impacts the success of the implant.

This is why dental implants Edmonton refuses to use the cement style of implant. And will only use the screw style. By doing this, they increase their success rate significantly.

The next thing that they will do to ensure the success of their implant. Is to ensure that they heal the implant before placing the crown.

People who might have bone density problems, such as women with osteoporosis. It can be at higher risk for having the implants not be successful.

While sending these patients to a medical doctor to get assessed. And taking calcium supplements can help significantly.

By allowing the implant to heal more thoroughly. Can be enough to increase the success of that implant. And ensure that patients who are suffering from bone density problems. Can be good candidates for getting there tooth replaced in this manner.

If a patient finds that there dental implant has come loose for a variety of reasons. The fact that they use the screw kind of implant. Means that fixing the problem is very simple. All the dentist has to do, is unscrew the crown, and then unscrew the abutment from the implant site. Fix the problem, and put everything back together.

This is why dental implants Edmonton is the best place to go for dental implants. And can minimize complications for all patients.