Dental Implants Edmonton | The Benefits

There are many reasons why dental implants Edmonton is growing in popularity. Not just because this is a procedure that allows a tooth replacement to look and function identically to their regular teeth.

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But it is actually recommended by many dentists. Because of the benefits to the patient’s mouth that it provides.

For example, bridges and dentures which is what was previously used for tooth replacement. Was not a permanent solution. And were separate appliances that could be taken out of the patient’s mouth.

This and it up with ridges and dentures slipping out, popping out. Even during patients speaking and eating, which could cause embarrassment. But also, because they were separate appliances. Could not break regularly.

While implants have a success rate of 96 to 98%. There is also some benefit to having dental implants Edmonton. Which is why many dentists are suggesting them. Instead of using dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth.

First, people should understand what a dental plan. Ultimately, it is a permanent tooth replacement solution. By mimicking how it to Vince in a patient’s mouth.

There is a screw that actually places groups of two. In the reason why it is a screw, is because all of the threads of the screw, can help increase osteo- integration. Allowing the bone to heal more solidly around the implant itself.

The effectiveness of the osteo- integration. Helps make the implant you solid in the patient’s mouth. While a crown is then screwed directly into the implant.


This is extremely beneficial because the tooth root would actually simulate blood flow to the bone. Which increases oral health in the patient’s mouth.

This increased blood flow, helps keep the bone and down is healthy. That keep the teeth healthy in the patient’s mouth.

However, this is why dentists recommend dental implants. Because the implant itself can stimulate blood flow to the bone. Just like the tooth root would.

Therefore, when people have dental implants put into their mouth. All it can help ensure the overall oral health. By maintaining bone, and overall health of the other teeth.

What without replacing a tooth at all, what is going to happen is first of all, the bone will not have the blood flow stimulated. Which will cause the body to think that the bone is no longer necessary.

Causing the body to erode the bone. While it takes the calcium from the bone, to other parts of the body that need calcium.

Also, when there is a gap between teeth. The tooth wants to fill that gap, shifting, turning and even leaning in towards the gap. Which can cause a whole host of problems.

As such as bite problems and pain when biting down while eating or resting. And with tooth roots showing, that can increase cavities.

Therefore, getting dental implants Edmonton can improve the patients oral health. Which is why many patients should opt for getting dental implants. There then getting bridges, or simply not fixing the problem. Because this can help them maintain their health, and us avoid causing that can cause pain.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Enjoy The Benefits

More and more people are getting dental implants Edmonton than ever before. In fact, in the United States of America alone. Three million people have dental implants. And five hundred thousand more are getting this procedure in each year.

And or significant than the number of people were getting implants. Asian of people who are replacing teeth is going down. Because dental implants Edmonton allow patients replace one tooth at a time. Instead of waiting until they have lost more to get dentures.

As well, advances and that in technology this and even more seizure than ever before. One of the most recent advances in this technology. Has come to minimize the amount of time it takes to feel while getting the implants done.

For example, people typically have to get to removed, and then wait three months bone to heal enough. In order for the dentist place the plant. Then, the patient would need another three months for the implant to heal. In order to allow effective osteo- integration.

Because of this healing time, implants typically take anywhere between 6 to 8 months to come late. However, men’s make this waiting time unnecessary.

What happens now if someone needs to have a tooth replaced in order to get dental implants. They go to their dentist, get the tooth removed the implant placed at exactly the same time.

Not only does this not affect the osteo- integration. But because of being able to do this in one procedure instead of two. And instead of six months, having the procedure complete in just three.


Increasing the number of people who are now interested in the procedure than ever before. In fact, when more patience realize how few appointments they can get a permanent tooth replacement done, can help them make this decision.

In just five appointments, patients can go from consultation with the first appointment. To the surgery of removing a tooth and placing the implant with the second appointment.

The third appointment is for the dentist to ensure healing is where it should be. And to verify that patients are brushing their teeth, and cleaning their implant properly.

The fourth appointment is for taking impressions of the patients mouth. So that the lab knows how to make the tooth look natural in the patients mouth. And to ensure it’s the right size to fit in the available space.

The fifth and final will appointment is for the dentist to place the crown into the dental implant. And ensure that there are no bite problems happening.

When patients realize that this is only a three month, and five appointment procedure. Can make them a lot more interested in this option. To replace their teeth permanently.

By understanding more information about dental implants Edmonton. Can help ensure they make the decision with as much factual information as possible. So that they can replace their teeth quickly and permanently.