Dental Implants Edmonton | What Are The Benefits?

There are many reasons why people might end up without a tooth, requiring dental implants Edmonton. They could have had an accident, or had a cavity, or lost a tooth in a sporting incident.

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Regardless of the reason, people more than ever before. Our getting teeth replaced permanently with dental implants Edmonton.

Before this technology was developed. People were getting to dentures and bridges in a way to replace the missing teeth that they had.

And while this was cosmetic, looking like a person’s own tooth. It lacked a significant amount in comfort as well as functionality. For example, dentures and bridges had a tendency to slip or even pop right out.

In this could be incredibly embarrassing, especially for people doing something like giving a speech. Or interacting at a dinner party.

Because of this, many younger people who required tooth replacements. Were unable to get their needs met. Because they did not want dentures or bridges.

Not only that, but patients would often choose not to do anything instead of getting dentures and bridges. Because it can also impact their ability to chew the foods that there used to eating. Such as steak, apples, corn on the cob just name a few.

However, now that dental implants Edmonton is available with most dentists. Many people are getting this procedure done. In fact, three million Americans already have had this procedure. With half a million Americans every year joining the ranks of those who have dental implants.


However, there are many things that people need to understand about dental implants. That might impact their decision to get this procedure done.

One of the first things that most people should know immediately. Is that this is a surgical procedure. The dentist is going to surgically insert the implant directly into the bone of the patient. Where they are missing there tooth.

Because of this, patients who are adverse to going into surgery, or are scared of going under anaesthetic. Should be aware of this before they make their decision.

The implant will be metal, and will look like a screw. And it will need to heal completely. Before the implant is placed. The next thing that people will need to know. Is that they will have the implant site, for three months before they get their crown placed.

The third thing that people need to know before making the decision to go to their dentist to get dental implants. They need to be brushing their teeth extremely well before, and after the procedure. In fact, failure to do this can cause infections at the implant site.

The reason why, is because tartar buildup and plaque actually hold bacteria. That can make their way over to the site of the implant. And cause an infection.

This is why dentists recommend patients getting a cleaning by dental hygienist. Before getting dental implants inserted into their mouth.

By understanding all of the different dental implants procedures. Can help prepare people for getting this procedure done.

Dental Implants Edmonton | The Benefits of Replacing Teeth

Regardless of the reason why people need to replace a tooth, there are several benefits associated with getting dental implants Edmonton. In order to get all of these benefits.

Dentists recommend patients coming in soon after losing there tooth. Or before they get pulled. To get the best benefits from the dental implant.

The first benefit of an implant. Is that is going to actually replace the root of the tooth that used to be there. Many people may not know, but what helps keep their bones and gums inside their mouth happy. Is the blood flow that is stimulated by their teeth.

The active talking and chewing food. Can help stimulate the blood flow to the area. Allowing the bone to be healthy, as well as the surrounding gums and teeth.

If a patient has lost a tooth, the lack of the tooth root in the area. Will lead to the blood flow being disrupted. Which will cause the body to assume the bone is no longer required in that area.

As the body uses the calcium in the bones. The bone will erode away, leaving a space where the tooth used to be. The longer the tooth has been gone, the more bone erosion a person is going to have.

This is why it is very important to get to the dentist after losing a tooth. So they can place the dental implants before this bone erosion stops.


However, a great benefit of the implant is that that implant will act just like the tooth root will. Stopping bone erosion from happening in the future.

Another benefit of dental implants Edmonton. Is that it will keep the space where the tooth used to be. So that the other teeth do not start crowding the gap.

It is very usual, for the teeth to start leaning in towards the missing tooth. Which can cause teeth to become crooked, which can negatively impact a patient’s bite. Causing problems when they close their mouth, chew and even causing pain.

Also, when the teeth start leaning, is very likely that their roots are going to start to show. Which will increase the amount of cavities that patients can get. Because the roots will have less enamel than the rest of a patient’s tooth.

In addition to that, when there is not a tooth in a spot where there should be a tooth. It can also cause the gums to recede, especially where there is bone erosion. That can also cause the teeth that remain to start to become loose.

Therefore, many dentists recommend dental implants Edmonton. As a way of preserving the health of their mouth. Both now and in the future.

It is for all of these reasons that it is very important for people to replace their teeth. But rather than placing them with dentures and bridges. The dentist will recommend a permanent solution.

That permanent solution is dental implants. And the sooner they can replace teeth with this method. The healthier the patient’s mouth is going to end up being.