Dental Implants Edmonton | Who Can Get Them?

While the popularity of getting dental implants Edmonton has increased significantly. With over three million people in the United States having this procedure done already. And having that number grow by half a million people every year.

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It is a beneficial procedure, especially compared to bridges and dentures. That not only caused more problems in many people. But also was not effective at replacing teeth in a way that allowed people to function before they lost there tooth.

However, despite the fact that many dentists suggest dental implants Edmonton to their patients. And how popular it is becoming. There are many people who are not a good candidate for this procedure.

They may find this out after sitting down at a free consultation with their dentist. To find out why they may not be a great candidate for dental implants.

The first thing that people need to know, is that this is a surgical procedure. And because of that, patients will need to be okay with going under anaesthetic.

The second thing that people need to know about this procedure. Is that the ability for the implant to heal well into the bone of the patient’s mouth. As a process called osteo- integration.

The implant itself will be made of metal, and will have several threads on it, similar to a screw. The design of this, is to allow as much surface area as possible. To allow as much bonding of the bone to the implant as possible.

People who have low bone density. Such as those who suffer from osteoporosis. May not have enough bone density for effective osteo- integration.


If people who do have low bone density have a desire to get dental implants Edmonton. They might be required by their dentist to start taking more calcium supplements.

To increase the bone density as much as possible. Because if the implant itself fails, there is not a lot of options for patient to go from there.

The overall oral health of the patient’s mouth is going to be extremely important. To ensure that the procedure is effective. Therefore, if people are having problems with gingivitis, or periodontal disease. They may not be a good candidate for this procedure.

This can cause infections in the implant site. That can not only threaten the implant, and potentially cause it to fail. But it can also cause the rest of the gums and bone to weaken, impacting the rest of the teeth.

And ultimately, a dentist is going to want to place an implant in a healthy mouth. One, that is not already putting the other teeth in jeopardy through gum disease and other oral problems.

Basically, it is very important that anyone who wishes to get dental implants. To set up a free consultation with their dentist. And allow the dentist to do an oral examination. To see if they would be a good candidate for the procedure. And what their next steps should be.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Replacing Teeth Is Important

One of the reasons why dental implants Edmonton is gaining popularity. Is because the success rate of the implants is around 96 to 98%.

And the reason why this implant procedure is so successful. Is because the dentist does there due diligence. And ensuring that they are implanting the teeth replacement in the best candidates possible.

And while there might be many people who needs to get their teeth replaced. They all might not be good candidates for dental implants for a wide variety of reasons.

Because this is a surgical procedure. It is important that patients should be able to withstand anaesthetic, as well as the surgery.

However, that is not the only consideration that dentists have when considering a patient for dental implants Edmonton. For example, if the patient has lost there tooth many years ago. There might be significant bone erosion in the area already.

Bone erosion will make placing an implant hard or impossible. Because once there is no longer a tooth root there to stimulate blood flow. The bone starts eroding, with the body taking the calcium from the bone, to be used elsewhere the calcium is needed.

The longer that a person is without there tooth. And the more bone erosion they are going to suffer from. In many cases, after a couple of years. The bone erosion is so significant, that the teeth around it could even be at risk.


It is best that patients get into their dentist as quickly as possible after losing a tooth. So that they do not end up with so much bone erosion, that their options are limited.

However, that does not mean that people will not be able to get dental implants. Because in many circumstances. Dentists will be able to use a bone graft. To add bone to the area. In order to get enough material in the area to place the implant.

And while this doubles the healing time. In adds an additional procedure to the entire tooth replacement. It will also ensure that people can replace there tooth in a way that looks and functions just like there tooth that is gone.

However, a bone graft is not possible for every patient. Or every tooth that is missing. And so this is not a fix that will work for everybody.

Also, it is very important that people commit to maintaining a good oral health care routine. So that they do not put their newly implanted tooth at risk. As well as, if they are not brushing their teeth regularly.

They can cause the gums and their other healthy teeth to stop being so healthy. Which can cause gum disease and periodontal disease. That can not only impact the health of the implant. But also the health of the other teeth.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to get dental implants Edmonton. Is up to the patient and the dentist. And a free consultation can help the patient and the dentist to decide what the best way to move forward is.