Dental Implants Edmonton | Common Troubles With Dental Implants

Even though there is an extremely high success rate with dental implants Edmonton. There are many things that can still cause problems such as infections and complications. It is important that the dentist as well as the patient work together to ensure that they are minimizing problems arising from the procedure.

Starting with dental implants Edmonton. They are very much in charge of what they can do to increase maximum success of the procedure. Starting with choosing which patients they are going to work with very wisely. The reason for this is because many patients are not great candidates.

And by taking the risk on putting implants into their mouth. Can end up causing a problem. That could have been easily avoided by not doing the procedure.

For example, people with significant bone loss should avoid getting dental implants put in. The reason why, is because they might not have enough tissue that can adequately hold the implant securely in place.

If dentists try to put in an implant in patients with this problem. They might put the implant at risk of falling out. And a wide variety of other complications.

A dentist may choose to put a bone graft in the area in order to give the patient enough material to adhere to the implant. But that can lengthen the amount of time it takes to get the implant placed. Which can in and of itself be risky as well.


Another type of patient that should not get dental implants is a patient suffering from bone density problems such as osteoporosis. The reason why, is because people with bone density problems may not have enough bone density to adhere to the implant. Which would cause it to be at risk for coming loose.

Other patients that are not good candidates for dental implants Edmonton. Our those who are smokers. The reason why, is because smoking impedes the body’s ability to heal effectively. Which means that if an implant is put into a smoker’s mouth. They will be healing for a long period of time. Which increases their risk of infection.

The same is true for people who have poorly controlled diabetes. Because they also will have a problem healing effectively. Which puts them at increased risk as well.

It will be extremely unethical of dentists to put implants in patients that would not make good candidates. Or where they know there is going to be an increased chance of infection as well as complications.

Therefore, if the dentist truly wants to ensure that they are not causing their patient to suffer with it infection. Or putting them at risk with several complications. They need to ensure they are screening their patients adequately.

By making sure there patients are healthy. And that their mouth is going to be able to withstand undergoing the implant surgery. They can ensure that they are minimizing complications and infections. And ensuring the effectiveness of the patient’s implant for many years to come.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Common Troubles With Dental Implants

There are many things that dental implants Edmonton and patients can do that can help increase the health of the implants that they put into the patient’s mouth. And while many people believe that it depends solely on the clinician. There is many things that patient can do themselves. That are going to help improve those chances.

The first thing that patient needs to ensure that they are doing. Is maintaining good oral health. This means regular brushing and flossing of their teeth. Because that is going to be how impatient can minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth.

The fewer bacteria they have, the lower their chances are of getting an infection. This is important to do not just in the few days before the surgery. But in fact for several years for as well. If a patient does not have girl oral hygiene. They could have a decreased ability to heal effectively. Which would increase their chances of having an infection.

But also, if they do not have good oral hygiene. They may also suffer from gum disease. Which puts the implant at risk of being rejected or coming loose. Which is why they are not a good candidate for this procedure.

Also, a patient needs to realize that prior to their dental implants Edmonton that they need to get their teeth cleaned and scaled by their dental hygienist.


The reason why that is so important. Is because a buildup of plaque no matter how little plaque there is. Can hold onto a significant number of bacteria. By getting a cleaning done prior to getting the implant. A patient can continue to minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth. So that the implant will have a lower instance of risk of infection.

Even directly after the implant procedure. Patients need to continue to engage in a good oral hygiene routine. And include both wash in that routine as well.

Even the day of the procedure. It is important that patients adhere to this routine. So that they can continue to keep bacteria away from the implant area.

Many patients assume that they must give their mouth a few days rest. Because brushing and flossing directly after having the implant put into their mouth. Can irritates the area. But this is simply not true. Therefore, by engaging in this good oral routine immediately after the procedure.

Can help keep a patient’s mouth infection free. And therefore, minimize the amount of complications that a patient will have due to infection.

Therefore, dental implants Edmonton need to communicate effectively and regularly with their patient. To ensure they not only have heard the message once. But they are constantly reminded of this message. So that they can continue to ensure that they are maintaining good oral health. That is going to allow them to heal properly and effectively. So that they can have their implant, problem free for many years to come.