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Despite the fact that dental implants Edmonton is a fairly new technology in the field of dentistry. It has already experienced a lot of advancement is. That have improved the implants, making it successful. And better for the dentist and the patient.

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In fact, the continued advancements that success are not of implants continues to be around 96 to 98%. This is extremely important. Because this is an extremely serious procedure.

One of the first forms of a dental implants Edmonton. Is that it started as being an implant with two pieces. The metal piece that gets implanted into their bone. And the crown that gets cemented into the implant.

While this was effective, the problems occurred if the implant needed fixing. Such as getting chipped. Or if a person had a strong bite, and that caused a bit of damage to the implant.

This would require a dentist having to do some invasive procedures. To get the cement off, and take the crown off the implant to fix.

However, the advancement that improved this. Was adding a third piece to the implant. That third piece is called an abutment. And it has a screw on either side of it. So that it can get screwed into the implant itself that is surgically planted in the patient’s bone.


Then the crown itself, and get screwed onto the top half of the abutment. Making it very easy for the dentist to remove if problems happen. Such as persons bite is too strong, or the screw has started to loosen. Or if a patient has accidentally chipped their implants crown.

The reason why a person’s a bite might end up being too strong. Especially if the dentist was very careful in placing the implant in the first place. Is because the dentist might not want to have two strong of a bite to begin with.

And if there is not enough pressure between the top tooth and bottom tooth. The tendency will be for the teeth to want to meet their neighbour. So the bone will tend to grow just a little bit. Until the teeth do touch each other says dental implants Edmonton

If this happens, the person can end up having too much of a bite, which puts too much pressure on the implant. Which can cause this group to loosen.

Because of this, it is important that the patient meets with their dentist on a regular timeline. To ensure that the bite is not too strong.

If it is occasionally, the dentist will be able to simply unscrew the crown, fix it and screw it back all within the same appointment. This is a lot better than the previous implant. That would require a dentist having to remove the implant with cement. Potentially causing pain and discomfort to the patient.

This is why it is very important for patients to first of all engage in regular oral hygiene. Brushing their teeth three tens of day, flossing and using mouthwash. But also getting a checkup regularly. Just like they would get their teeth checked up the dentist.

Dental Implants Edmonton | More Benefits & Advancements

Many people do not want to get dentures or bridges, making dental implants Edmonton the next option. However, there are advancements happening in this technology every single day. And if people were not a good candidate before. They might be a good candidate now.

Which is why they should check with their dentist on a regular basis. To see if they could become a good candidate now for dental implants.

For example, a used to be that people that had significant bone erosion. From having a missing tooth for several years. Were not good candidates for tooth replacements at all. But by doing bone grafting. Dentists can replace the bone that is missing in the area.

So that they can place an implant once that bone graft has healed. Is that there is enough tissue to place the implant in. People who were not good candidates for dental implants before. Can now get dental implants very easily.

Another advancement in technology in dental implants Edmonton. Is that it used to take to appointments, and six honest of healing. In order to get dental implants placed.

This is because if a dentist needed to pull it to the first, they would have to pull the tooth and then wait three months for the bone to heal. Before placing the implant. Then waiting another three months before they could place the crown.

However, studies have shown that effective osteo- integration can happen very well. If a dentist plays the tooth and then immediately places the implants.


Osteo- integration refers to the bonding process of the bone healing to the implant itself. The more thorough this osteo- integration happens, the more successful the implant is going to be.

This is also why people with osteoporosis typically will not be an active candidate for dental implants. Just because their lack of bone density. Will affect the osteo- integration from happening.

With how much advances are happening in dentistry. If people had previously been told that they were not a good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. They might want to check with their dentist now. To see if anything has changed.

In 5 to 6 appointments, including the initial consultation. Patients can go from missing a tooth, having a tooth that looks, feels and most importantly functions. Just like their original tooth.

There can be even more problems that occur if a patient waits longer to get a tooth replacement. Because they could be increasing the amount of bone erosion happening in the area the longer they wait.

And because bone erosion can start to happen after three and six months. If people have already been without their two year. They talk to their dentist sooner rather than later. You

Because the dental implant Edmonton regular checkups will help ensure that they are maintaining the implant. So that they can do just that. Is designed to last for their entire life.