Dental Implants Edmonton | Some of The Benefits

While many patients might see dental implants Edmonton as a way of permanently replacing their teeth. Dentists often see this as a beneficial way of helping patients maintain their entire oral health.

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The reason why, is because implants can help keep the bone incomes healthy. As well as help keep the teeth that are left healthy and straight.

This is very important to know, because the previous teeth replacement solutions. Such as bridges and dentures. Were cosmetic more than anything. Allowing people to have the look of teeth. But cause problems often in comfort, function, and could break as well.

This is why as dental implants Edmonton increasing popularity. More people are getting them, as a way to permanently replace any of their missing teeth.

Patients should understand what a dental implant is, and how they are inserted and work. The first thing that they should understand, is that a dental implant will look like a screw. It is metal, and will have the threading on it just like a screw would have.

The dentist will then it surgically implant that device directly into the bone of the patient’s mouth. Where their teeth used to be. The threads on the screw will allow the bone to heal very thoroughly with the implant.

How thoroughly this healing happens. Will protect the integrity of the implant. And the stronger a patient’s bone is, the better it is going to heal in a process called osteo- integration.

This healing process will take about three months. At which point the dentist will take a crown that looks just like a patient’s own tooth. And screw that into the implant. Which will permanently replace the tooth.


The benefit of this. Is that it is going to look as well as function just like a regular tooth. And will not require any replacements, or any maintenance other than regular checkups.

In fact, the reason why dentists recommend this. Is because since the implant is placed into the bone of the patient’s mouth. It will actually act just like the root of a typical tooth. And will help keep the bone healthy.

The reason why an implant keeps the bone healthy. Is because when people eat, and talk. The vibration of the tooth root in the bone stimulates blood flow to the area.

This keeps the bone as well as the gums healthy. So that teeth do not become loose, and so that the gum line does not starts to recede.

When patients do not replace their teeth. Not only will that because the blood flow to be decreased in the area. But that will allow the bone to start eroding, which can impact the health of the remaining teeth.

They can become loose, start showing their roots which will make them more susceptible to cavities. And can make the teeth start to lean, and become crooked.

Therefore, patients should understand that dentists typically recommend dental implants Edmonton. Because it can help ensure the overall health of their mouth. Once they replace that tooth permanently.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Are The Benefits?

Part of the reason that dental implants Edmonton is gaining popularity. Is because the success rate of the procedure is around 96 to 98%.

But also, the satisfaction rate of the procedure is between 98% to 99%. Because of how it can look, feel, and function just like a person’s tooth.

While dental implants Edmonton requires a surgery to place the implant into the patient’s bone. Once this happens, and the patient heals. It is very fast to place the crown, and permanently replace the tooth.

And because of that surgery, people will be able to maintain their oral health even better. Then if they got dentures or bridge, or if they chose to not replace there tooth at all.

The reason why, is because the teeth start to shift, filling in the gap of where tooth used to be. This can cause teeth to become crooked. Which causes bite problems, and even pain when people bite down or two.

But also, it can cause patients roots to start showing. Which puts them at risk of developing cavities. Because there is less an animal on that part of their tooth.

However, it can also cause the teeth to start getting loose, putting the teeth that are still there at risk of falling out, or needing replacing themselves.


By replacing one tooth, patients can ensure that they are maintaining the health of the other teeth. So they do not become at risk for needing to be pulled as well.

Patients can expect this procedure to be done in just five appointments. Including the initial consultation. Where the patient finds out the answers to all of their questions. And whether they are a good candidate or not.

The first appointment, will dictate what happens in the rest of the appointments. And the second appointment will be the actual surgery date. Where the dentist either goals the patient’s tooth and places the implant. Or just places the implant where the tooth used to be.

The third appointment, will be for the dentist to ensure that the healing is going well. That the stitches are holding, and that the patient is taking care of their teeth, and implant.

Many patients make the assumption that they should stop brushing their teeth. Because they think it might irritate the implant area. But this is simply not true. In fact, it is more important than ever for patients to take care of their mouth. So that they do not cause healing problems with their implant.

The fourth appointment will be for the dentist to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab can make a crown that looks like the rest of their teeth, and fits the space properly.

And finally, the fifth appointment is the insertion date. Where patients will get there crown put onto the implant.

By understanding the procedure, can help patients feel comfortable with dental implants Edmonton and the procedure. So that they can make the decision about getting their teeth replaced in a way that is best for them.