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There are many things that people should know about dental implants Edmonton. Especially with the number of people that are wanting to have this procedure done.

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If people do not get their teeth replaced using implants. They will either have the option of getting bridges or dentures. Or simply not replacing their missing teeth at all. Which can create another set of problems for patient.

One of the first facts that people often want to know about dental implants Edmonton. Is how high the success rate is.

The success rate in dental implants is currently at 96 to 98%. However, the reason why this has such a high success rate. Is because of the dentist’s ability to be very prudent in choosing which the put implants in two.

The reason why they need to be so careful in choosing patients. Is because not every patient is a good candidate. And by putting implants in the candidates. Can cause them to have even more problems than before.

For example, candidates who diabetic, and who do not have good control of their diabetes. As well as people who are smokers. Actually have a lower ability to heal. Than people who do not have these problems.

Another question that many people have when it comes to dental implants. Is what steps are taken to prevent infection preoperatively?

Because this is a surgical procedure to place the implant. The most important piece of advice that dentists will give people. Is to practice good oral hygiene.

Brushing often end well can eliminate the amount of bacteria in their mouth. On the last bacteria there is, the less likely they will get an infection at their implant site.


In addition to that, they will be recommended to go to a dentist for a thorough cleaning. In order to continue to eliminate bacteria on tartar buildup. That can also cause the surgical site to become infected.

After that, it is going to be up to the patient to brush their teeth often, and floss as well as use mouthwash. This will ensure that infections do not settle into the surgical site.

Of the less likely a patient is at developing infections. Can help ensure that the implant will be healthy, so that it can heal well and be less likely to fail.

Another question about dental implants Edmonton that many people want to know. Is if the dental implants are noticeable?

The design of dental implants will be to completely blend in to a patient’s regular teeth. Unless that is not what they want. One dentist had a request from a patient to have their implant gold, which they were able to easily.

Ideally, the implants will be indistinguishable from the rest of their teeth. In addition to that, the implants will feel and function just like original teeth. So that people do not have problems speaking, eating, or doing anything else that they are used to.

If patients want anymore other questions answered about dental implants. They should contact their dentist right away. For consultation, in order to determine if they can get this done or not.

Dental Implants Edmonton | More Great Facts

There are many people who wonder if they are good candidates for dental implants Edmonton. But they lack a bit of understanding about the entire procedure.

When patients can understand more about dental implants. They can make the decision alongside their dentist. On whether this is a great procedure for them or not.

Ultimately, the reason why dentists recommend implants. Especially over dentures and bridges. Is because they permanently replace a tooth. And while it is great that this permanent tooth replacement can look, function and feel just like an original tooth.

That is not the reason why a dentist recommends dental implants Edmonton. The reason why they recommend this period is ultimately, because it is healthier for the mouth of a patient. To have that tooth replaced. With something permanent.

How the dental implants is put into the patient’s mouth. Is by putting a metal screw, surgically into the bone of the patient. Where the tooth should be. When the crown is placed onto that implant. It is going to end up stimulating blood flow to the bone.

Without that blood stimulation. The body will eventually erode to the bone away. Causing the bone and the teeth to be affected.

The longer a person is without a tooth in the spots. The more bone erosion is going to happen. This will make it more difficult for a dentist to place dental implants. Because of the large hole that will exist.


However, another reason why it is important to put an implant their right away. Is because it can also affect the health of the surrounding teeth.
When teeth have a tooth beside the missing, they are going to want to shift, and lean in. In order to fill that gap. This can cause teeth to become crooked. Causing bite problems and pain while eating.

But also, that can cause the teeth to become crooked, showing the roots of their teeth. Which will put them at risk of cavities. Because roots have less enamel on them. Then the rest of a person’s tooth.

All of these reasons compound together. Into making a person that is missing a tooth. Have some problems within their mouth. That are completely avoidable by getting dental implants Edmonton.

However, even people who have had significant bone erosion. Can end up getting a dental implant. As long as they get a bone graft first. Most people are good candidates for this, as long as they are good candidates for surgery.

Allowing that dentists to place the bone graft. And then after it heals, they can surgically insert the implant into the bone.

Once a patient understands more about dental implants. They will be able to make an appointment with their dentist. In order to find out if they are good candidate for this procedure. And what the next steps will be to ensure that they can replace the teeth they need.