Dental Implants Edmonton | Improvements In The Tech

Although dental implants Edmonton is a fairly new technology in dentistry. There have already been so many improvements with this procedure. Making it even more popular than ever.

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While three million people in America currently have implants. That number is growing by over fifty thousand people who get implants each year.

One of the first improvements in dental implants Edmonton. Is the screw type of implant. Previously, the crown was cemented into the implant.

Making it difficult to fix if anything went wrong. And often required a patient going under general anaesthetic. In order to fix anything.

However, now more and more dentists are using a three-part system. The implant itself, which has a hole in the centre. An abutment that has a screw on each end. And the crown. Which is screwed onto the abutment, which is then screwed into the hole in the implant itself.

The benefits of this style of dental implants. Is that if the crown is chipped, if the screw starts to loosen, or anything else needs fixing.

The dentist can go in, unscrew the crown and abutment. Fix it, and put it back together. Not only in the same day. But without requiring the patient to go under any anaesthetic. No matter if it is general or local.

Not only has this helped increase the procedures popularity. By people who do not want to have to go under anaesthetic if something goes wrong with their implant.


And this has also become an extremely popular way of replacing teeth in young people. Part of the reason why it is so popular in the younger generation.

Is because they no longer have to wait for several teeth to be missing in order to get bridges and dentures. And by being able to replace one tooth very seamlessly and easily. In a way that looks and functions like the rest of their teeth.

They may not need to get dentures and bridges. Because they are maintaining the health of their gums. And the replaced tooth can maintain the integrity of the other teeth in their mouth as well.

The reason why dental implants Edmonton can help keep the rest of the patient’s mouth healthy. Is first of all, because the function of the tooth root. Is to stimulate blood flow in the bone. Causing the bone to be healthy. And guarding against bone erosion.

Without the tooth root in place, the bone erosion can start to put the other teeth at risk. Causing them to shift, lean, and the erosion can even expose some of their roots. And since roots have less enamel on them than the rest of their teeth. This can increase the amount of cavities that people can get.

It is even possible for people to lose teeth after they have had only one lost tooth. Therefore, the implant itself can act like the tooth root. Stimulating blood flow to the bone. And eliminating all of those problems from happening.

With how beneficial this procedure is. Anyone who is debating getting dental implants. Should make a consultation with their dentist to find out all of the facts.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Technology Improvements

Many people are opting to get dental implants Edmonton. Instead of bridges and dentures. Not only because it is more comfortable and functional. But because it is permanent, and fails less often.

Bridges and dentures are a separate appliance that will go into the patient’s mouth. And because of that. They can slip, pop out and break. With more regularity than the implants themselves. Which look and act just like a patient’s regular teeth.

And while the procedure has not been around that long. The success rates of implants is actually around 96 to 98%. Making this not only as successful procedure. One that is growing in popularity.

Not only does it have a high success rate. But there are also advancements happening in this field on a regular basis. One of the most recent improvements to the dental implants Edmonton procedure. Is that they have found a way to cut the healing time in half.

Typically, if the patient needed to have a tooth removed. The dentist would have to wait three months for the bone to heal properly. Before placing the implant.

After the implant was placed, they would need to wait another three months before the implants to heal enough. To put the crown onto it.

This could end up with the procedure taking 3 to 8 months from start to finish. Because of the healing time. However, that has been discovered that it is no longer necessary.


Instead, dentists can now pull the tooth. And in the same day, place the implant. Because the studies have found that the implant can heal with the bone just as effectively by placing the implant immediately.

This healing is called osteo- integration. And because no problems have been discovered doing it this way. Not only can patients get there tooth replaced faster. But the procedure from start to finish used to be 3 to 8 months.

But now, patients can go from consultation, to insertion in just three or four months. Making this an even faster procedure than ever before. And minimizing the number of appointments that a patient has to go through in order to get there tooth placed.

Since most patients will want to have their tooth replaced as quickly as possible. This has been a great advancement in this procedure. And is sure to make it even more popular was before.

Once patients have their implant. They need to ensure that they are regularly brushing their teeth. And engaging in routine oral hygiene. Not just to ensure the health of the implant. But to ensure the health of the surrounding teeth.

And the health of their implants, depends on the health of their remaining teeth. Making it extremely important that even though the implants cannot get cavities. But that a patient is doing everything they can to ensure the health of their mouth.

No matter why a patient has lost one or more teeth. Dental implants Edmonton can significantly help them. They should set up a consultation with their dentist today.