Dental Implants Edmonton | Dental Implant Issues

Minimizing dental implant issues is extremely important for both the dental implants Edmonton as well as their patients. And while there is an extremely low failure rates of having dental implants. Which is 5 to 10%. What the clinician as well as the patient does is extremely important in maintaining that extremely low failure rate.

Because dental implants are surgically put into a patient’s mouth. There is a high potential for things going wrong. Which means that the dentist themselves needs to be very mindful of what they are doing. So that they can minimize complications themselves.

Dental implants Edmonton does this by only using one style of implant in 100% of their patients. This way, they can control minimizing implant infection and complications.

There are ultimately two different styles of implants for a dentist to choose from. A cement style and a screw style. The cement style has two different parts to it. The implant, which is the part that gets put into the patient’s mouth. And the crown. Which is the part of the implant that looks like a tooth.

After the dentist puts the implant in the patient’s mouth. They will then use cement to affix the crown onto the implant site. This can be risky in and of itself. Because cement can often squish out of the crown while the dentist is placing it on the implant.

And what this does, is it can cause an infection in the implant area. If it touches the tissue that is still healing around the implant. However, there is a worse problem that can occur as well.


If cement squishes out and sinks below the patient’s gum line. It can go undetected from both the dentist as well as the patient. And while they are, can actually cause damage to the patients surrounding bone. As well as significant pain for the patient.

The screw implants on the other hand has three different pieces to it. The implant that is put into the patient’s mouth and this has a hole in it in the direct centre. And the crown, which looks like a tooth but has a hole in the bottom.

And finally, the third piece is called an abutment. And it simply looks like two screws stacked on top of each other.

How the dentist will put these two pieces together. Is by screwing the abutment into the implant. And then screwing the crown onto the abutment.

The reason why this is so much more effective and lowers the complication of the procedure. Is because no adhesives or cement is needed to put everything together. Therefore, they do not have a risk of infecting the area.

Also, the dentist will be able to go into the implant if the patient is complaining of discomforts, or if it has come loose. So that they can fix it very easily and very quickly. Without causing discomfort or pain to the patient. This is why this style of implant is used exclusively by dental implants Edmonton.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Dental Implant Issues

It is very important that dental implants Edmonton and the patient work well together to minimize infection and complications. This means open and honest communication. And the patient being able to follow directions well.

It is extremely important that the patient is engaging in good oral hygiene leading up to the implant procedure. The reason why, is because the more that they can eliminate bacteria from their mouth. The less likely they are going to have bacteria in their mouth that will cause an infection at the implant site.

In fact, they should be taking good care of their mouth for a long time before the procedure. But then in the same week as the procedure. Dental implants Edmonton says the patient should go to their dental hygienist.

They should ask the hygienist to give them a thorough cleaning including a scaling of their teeth. The reason why, is because any plaque buildup can hold onto bacteria that brushing simply cannot get rid of.

Therefore, when a patient is able to get rid of the plaque buildup that they have, they can minimize the total amount of bacteria in their mouth. Which will help ensure they can minimize the risk of infections in their mouth.

Even directly following the procedure. It is important that the patient is continuing to engage in good oral hygiene. Some patients assume that if they continue to brush their teeth the day of, or even a week after the implant surgery. They are going to start causing discomfort, and irritation to their implant. Which is going to cause problems.


However, this is absolutely false. And it is even more important than ever that a patient maintains their good oral health routine.

In fact, it is important for the patient to brush their teeth not just two or three times a day. But to brush their teeth after every single time they put something in their mouth. As well as add mouthwash to their routine. Because the mouthwash can kill any bacteria that brushing and flossing does not kill.

It is also very important that the patient is following direction from their dentist. By coming into the office for routine checkups. The first checkup is going to happen within the first one or two weeks after the implant surgery happens. To ensure that the dentist can look at how the implant is healing. They will be able to tell if there is the beginning sign of infection or complications.

So that they can take proactive steps to ensure that those problems are mitigated so that they do not get any worse.

By following all of the advice of dental implants Edmonton. Patients can ensure that they are minimizing implant infection and complications. So that they can maintain their implants for the rest of their life. Especially if they needs to have those implants adjusted as they age.

Therefore, patients who are looking to have a dentist who is going to ensure that they can get the implants done with minimal risk and minimal complications. They should contact these dentists immediately. And get a free consultation.