Dental Implants Edmonton | Determining The Best Candidate for Implants

The idea of getting a dental implant is that it is going to last for the lifetime of the patient says dental implants Edmonton. Making it extremely important that the patient as well as the dentist work together to ensure maximum success of the procedure.

This means minimizing infections through a wide variety of activities. The first thing that patients need to keep in mind is that dental implants Edmonton only uses one style of implant. Which is the screw kind. Which means it does not use cement at all.

How this implant looks, is that it has three different parts to it. The implant itself, that is placed in the patient’s jaw. This will have a hole in it, with screw threads. The next piece is the abatement, that screws directly into the implant itself. Finally, it has the crown, which screws directly into the abatement.

Because all of these pieces screw into each other. It does not require any cement to hold together. Which is very important to note. Because cement can actually increase the chances of infection at the implant site.

On the other hand, the cement style of implant has only two pieces to it. The implant itself, and the abutment and the crown are one solid piece. As the abutment and crown are placed into the implant, cement is used. If the cement squishes out of the crown, it needs to be cleaned up very thoroughly.


There is a increased chance of that cement sinking below the patient’s gum line. And once it does, a patient cannot feel it. In the dentist cannot see it. And when this happens, not only does it increase the chance of an infection occurring at the implant site. It can actually even cause damage to the surrounding bone.

Therefore, the fact that dental implants Edmonton does not use this style of implant. Immediately minimizes complications that cement can cause.

However, there is more reasons why they use this screw style of implant. The reason they use it. Is because it can be very simple and easy to fix aspects of the implant if it comes loose, or parts of it break off.

Also, if a patient is experiencing discomfort, or if there is an infection. The dentist can go in and take it apart very easily. All without having to put the patient under anaesthetic. So that they can fix the problem, and put it back together very quickly and easily.

Since patients are going to be living with their implants for the rest of their life. Not only is it important to ensure that there is a very low risk to the style of implants that they have. But also, that they are going to be able to have it checked or fixed if anything goes wrong. During the course of the rest of their life.

Therefore, if patients are looking for where they should get their dental implants. They should look at the style of implant that the dentist uses. To ensure they end up with one that can help ensure fewer complications.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Determining The Best Candidate for Implants

When people are considering getting dental implants done, they should make sure they find the right dentist, while dental implants Edmonton is going to ensure they work with the best candidates.

The reason why, is because some people may not be good candidates for the procedure. Which can not only increase the risk of infection. But also increase the risk of other complications. That can put the implant itself and even the patient themselves at risk.

For example, dental implants Edmonton typically will not work with patients who smoke. Because this means that their body is going to heal much slower than other candidates. In fact, the success rates with placing an implant in a smoker dramatically drops.

Also, if people have poorly controlled diabetes. It also is going to impact their ability to heal from the implant. Meaning increased chances of infection. And a lower success rate.

Therefore, if someone really wants to get a dental implant. They should ensure that they work to control their diabetes. So that they can have a much better chance at the implant being successful.

Another risk factor that people have when getting dental implants. Is low bone density. People with low bone density can have a higher failure rate of their implant. Because how they dental implant stays implanted. Is by allowing the bone to attach to the threads of the implant itself.


When a patient has low bone density. This healing process will have fewer contact points of bone to implant. Means there is a higher chance of the implant failing. However, dental implants Edmonton will do everything in their power to help each patient’s.

From referring them to a specialist. Or helping them with getting calcium supplements, so that they can increase their bone density. And then revisiting the implant in the future. To see if they have improved their chances of the implant succeeding.

In fact, they will consider all of the medical history of the patient, look at their x-rays, and impressions to ensure that the mouth of the patient will hold the implant well. For example, if there is not enough room to place the implant.

They may suggest another procedure that will be a better fit. To ensure that the patient can have the smile they want. Without placing an implant that is going to have a high chance of failure.

If they cannot help specific patient, they will refer them to the right specialist. Is going to be able to help them much better than they can. Because they might have a variety of different tools of their disposal to overcome the challenges that they face.

Therefore, if people are wondering about getting dental implants. By going to dental implants Edmonton. They can ensure that they will have maximum success if they decide to work together. And if the dentist refers them to another specialist. That is so that they can end up with the best chances of successful implant overall.