Dental Implants Edmonton | Does The Style of Implant Make a Difference

Many people may not consider that the success of a dental implant might come down to the style that is used says dental implants Edmonton. But dentists who perform this procedure understand how extremely important that is to ensuring the overall health of the implant itself.

By choosing the right implant. The dentist can overcome certain complications. As well as reasons why there might be an infection.

In addition to that, ensuring that the patient that would like an implant can withstand the implant itself. It is very important. For example, if a patient has had significant bone loss, they may not be able to place an implant in the area.

How this works, is when a patient has lost a tooth. But they do not get it replaced immediately. The lack of tooth in that bone. Does not continue to keep the blood flowing in the area. When that happens, the body will begin to erode the bone away. Using the calcium for other areas of the body that need it.

This results in the gums in that area start to shrink. For placing an implant. Dental implants Edmonton need to ensure that there is significant amount of bone. So that there is enough material to heal into the implant itself.

If a person has significant bone loss. They may not be the right candidate for the procedure. Unless, the dentist can use a bone graft to add material to the area to implant into. However, this can increase the length of time it takes to make the implant happen. Because they must do the bone graft, and then wait for it to heal. Before placing the implant.


Also, if a patient has lack of bone density. Such as if a woman is suffering from osteoporosis. This lack of bone density can impact the ability to completely heal the implant. The reason why. Is because the implants that is used will look like there are threads on the outside of the implant. Making it look like a screw.

The tissue of the bone should heal into the threads on the outside of the implant. Ensuring that integration of bone and implants can be achieved. Strengthening the bond. And making the implant very solid in the patient’s mouth.

When the a patient lacks bone density however. What happens, is that there is not enough material that can heal into the threads of the implant. Making of the bond week. And putting that implant at risk of failing.

Patients may not be great candidates due to the way their mouth and jaw are shaped. They might not have an adequate bite. That could put pressure on an implant. Or, when they close their mouth together, might not be enough room to place an implant.

Therefore, patients should go to dental implants Edmonton to get a free consultation. To find out if they would be the best candidate for this procedure. And what next steps would be to help them get the implants they want.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Does The Style of Implant Make a Difference

While many dental implants Edmonton can use either style of implants with a large degree of success. And in fact, overall failure rate of all dental implants is extremely low at 5 to 10%. There is an implant that is better than the others. At not only better placement. But ensuring minimum complications with the implant itself.

There are two main types of dental implants available for dentists to use. One is called the screw style implant. And the other is called the cement style implant. While the end result might look at the same. How the two are put together, and can be maintained are extremely different.

The first style, cement implants. Have two pieces to them. The first piece is the implant itself. That the dentist will surgically embed into the patient’s jaw.

The second piece of the implant is the crown. This is the part of the implant that looks like a patient’s tooth. How the crown is attached the implant is through the use of dental cement.

When the dentist is placing a cement crown, some of the cement can end up losing out of the crown. And will need to be cleaned up very quickly and very thoroughly by the dentist.

If any of the cement touches the tissue that is still healing around the implant. It can cause an infection. Which will impact the integrity of the implant.


However, if the cement sinks below the patient’s gum line. It will go undetected, causing damage to the surrounding bone. Which can cause more than just infection. And end up causing pain and complications for the patient in more than just their implant area.

The screw style on the other hand looks very different. It has three parts to it. The first part being the implant. And the implant will have a little tiny hole in the top of it.

The second part of the implant is the crown, which will have a hole in the bottom. And the third part is called an abutment. Which will have a screw on the bottom as well as a screw on the top.

Dentists will screw the abutment into the hole in the implant. While the screw the crown onto the top of the abutment. Therefore, no adhesives or cement at all are needed to affix the implants together.

And the best part about this says dental implants Edmonton is the fact that if a dentist needs to do a minor fix or adjustment. They can do so very easily without causing any discomfort or pain to the patient.

Dental implants Edmonton only uses the screw style implant. Which not only is an implant that has fewer complications and less potential for infection.

But also, can give the dentist a lot more options in helping ensure it is a good fit with the patient themselves.