Dental Implants Edmonton | Eliminating Implant Complications

Getting dental implants can be an invasive procedure, because the implant will be put directly into the patient’s bone says dental implants Edmonton. And while this procedure carries a very high success rate. There is always things that can be done to help increase the success of any procedure.

When it comes to this procedure, there are many things that both the dentist and the patient can do. That will help increase the chances of success. In patients should ensure that they are following all advice of their dentist. To ensure that they have the best chances of success.

The first thing that a patient should be doing, is engaging in regular oral hygiene practices. This means brushing after every time they eat. As well as flossing and using mouthwash.

The reason why it is very important to do this regularly. Not only is because it will minimize the amount of bacteria in the patient’s mouth. Which will lead to a lower risk of infection at the implant site.

But also, the better oral hygiene a patient has. The better and faster they are going to be at healing from the implant. Those who do not have proper oral hygiene practices. Can be much slower to heal. Making them a less than ideal candidate for the procedure.


It is also important that patients are doing what they can to ensure that there is as little bacteria in their mouth immediately prior to the procedure. And this means getting a cleaning and scaling of their teeth. By their dental hygienist, to minimize the amount of bacteria.

And while many patients make the assumption that following the implant procedure. They need to stop brushing their teeth. Because it can irritate the area this is not true. It is important that a patient continues to keep up with their oral hygiene routine.

So that they can continue to ensure that bacteria does not get to the implant site. Where it will be able to easily cause an infection to take hold.

As well, after the procedure patients need to follow the aftercare directions given to them by dental implants Edmonton very carefully.

This includes coming back for a checkup as often as the dentist recommends. Which can start with two weeks directly after the procedure.

The reason why this is important. It so that they can assess how well the patient is healing. And they can tell if there is an increased risk of complications. If there is, they can help the patient avoid that. So that they can ensure the overall thorough healing of their implant.

After they have completely healed. It is going to be important for the patient to continue to have regular checkups every six months. Not necessarily to look at the implant site. But to ensure that the implant itself is doing well. And does not need any adjusting.

By following the before and after care instructions of dental implants Edmonton. Patients can ensure that they are going to help minimize the potential for any complications.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Eliminating Implant Complications

It is important to note that the failure rate of dental implants is typically around 5 to 10% according to dental implants Edmonton. While there is a very low failure rate, it often depends on the clinician.

This means that the more careful and prudent the dentist can be at what they do. Complications can continue to be minimized even for this low failure rate procedure.

What dental implants does specifically to help keep those failure rates low. And ensure maximum success. Is that they use an extremely low complication style of dental implant.

There are two different types of dental implants that a dentist can use. One is the cement style of implant. And the other is a screw style of implant.

The cement style of implant has two different parts to it. The implant itself, that is placed into the bone of the patient. And the crown and abutment. When affixing the crown and abutment onto the implant. The dentist must use cement.

When placing this, there is a chance that the cement can lose or squish out of the crown. And will need to be cleaned up right away.

If not cleaned up immediately, the cement can cause infections to occur at the sight of the implant. However, if any cement sinks below the gum line in the patient.


Not only can it go undetected by the dentist. But the patient may not feel it either. And when this happens, the cement can cause damage to the surrounding bone.

The screw style of dental implants comes in three different parts. The implant itself, which has a hole in the centre. And the abutment, which will screw into the implant. The crown is the third part, which will screw directly onto the abutment.

Because they all screw together. There is no need for cement. That can cause problems. But also, this style can be very easy to adjust or fix. As may be required based on a number of factors.

For example, if the patient’s bite changes. They might end up putting too much pressure on the implant. Which can cause it to come loose. With this group style of implant. The dentist can unscrew all components. Make any necessary adjustments. And put it back together.

Dental implants Edmonton will be able to do this without requiring the patient to go under any anaesthetic. Which will allow them to fix the issue quickly and easily.

By avoiding the cement style of implant. Not only will the dentist be able to help ensure it is not going to cause additional complications. But also, if things need adjusting or if things go wrong with the cement style of implant. It can be considerably more invasive for the dentist to go back in and fix or make adjustments to.

Therefore, patients should feel confident when going to dental implants Edmonton. Not only is there a very low failure rates. But they continue to work to ensure that they are minimizing complications as well.