Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring Dental Implant Success

Many people may not think it is very important for dentists to continue to work to increase the success rate of a procedure with a 95% success rate says dental implants Edmonton. But everything that they can do that can help not only minimize complications. But increase the success of the implant for their patient is very important.

Especially because in dental implants, even though there is a high success rate. There is also a high potential for things to go wrong. Making it very important for the dentist to be exceptionally prudent in doing things well. That complications can be minimized and avoided.

One complication that is very common is that there is an infection at the implant site. And while the dentist can work to minimize infections. It requires cooperation with the patient to ensure this can happen.

Patients can do several things to minimize the chances of infection both pre-op and post the first thing that they need to do, is once they have been approved for the dental implant. Is to engage in exceptional oral hygiene.

Not only can this minimize the amount of bacteria that the patient has in their mouth. But it can also help ensure that their mouth is being kept in good health. So that it can heal from the procedure very easily.

The less people take care of their teeth, and they slower they are going to be able to heal. Aching it extremely important that they keep up brushing their teeth after every time they eat. Flossing their teeth and using mouthwash.


Also, a patient can also go to their dental hygienist and get a cleaning and scaling done. Because plaque buildup can contain bacteria. That can endanger the implant and increase the potential for infection.

All of these things can be very positive in helping ensure that a patient has as little bacteria in their mouth before the procedure. But it is important that they continue to do these things to minimize potential for infection after the procedure as well.

Many patients make the assumption that if they continue to brush their teeth after they get the implant. It could cause irritation to the area. So they stop brushing. This is not true says dental implants Edmonton. And in fact it is even more important for the patient to brush their teeth after the procedure. So they can continue keeping the bacteria count in their mouth low.

Not only do they need to brush their teeth. But getting in between those teeth with loss. In finishing up with mouthwash, to kill what left of any bacteria is extremely important.

It is also important that the patients go back to see dental implants Edmonton within two weeks of getting the implants put in. So that they can verify that there is no complications. Or if there are any problems developing, they can fix it immediately.

By working together, both patient and dentist can ensure they are minimizing the chances of complications. So that the overall success of their implant can be achieved.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring Dental Implant Success

Dental implants have been improving for years says dental implants Edmonton. But there is still a lot that could potentially go wrong. Making it very important that the dentist is doing what they can in a careful and prudent way. To minimize those chances.

One thing that they will do, is ensure that every candidate that they take on is a good candidate for the procedure. Because that can increase complications it self.

For example, if someone has significant bone loss, that can negatively affect a dental implant. Bone loss happens when there is not a tooth in the bone to stimulate blood flow. And the bone starts to erode away.

When this happens, a patient does not come a good candidate for a dental implant. Because there is not enough material to place the implant into. This can put the implant at risk for failing. Therefore, they may choose to not work with the patient that they cannot guarantee success.

However, patients may also undergo a bone graft in order to replace the bone that is lost in the area. So that they may be able to get an implant in that area. It is important to note that if a patient undergoes a bone graft. It is going to significantly lengthen the amount of time it takes to heal, and to get the implant put in.

Also, people who have very low bone density might not be the best candidates for this procedure. Because that is going to affect how well the implant is going to heal.


This is because the implant itself will have external threads on it that looks like a screw. The bone should heal into those threads, to help ensure complete healing. And allow a very solid bond to form.

When people have low bone density, they may not be able to ensure a solid bond to form. And can put the implant at risk. It is not fair to the patient to implant something that has a chance of failing.

However, they may be able to refer them to another specialist who may be able to help. Or help them see a doctor to help strengthen the bone. So that they can be a good candidate for the implant in the future.

Dental implants Edmonton may also decline to work with people who are smokers, or have poorly controlled diabetes. Because these people can have problems with slow healing.

Because these people can have difficulty in healing from the implant being put in. It increases the chance of a complication happening, infection, or failing. Therefore, they might not be the best candidates. And they might need to get a referral to a specialist. Who will be able to help them.

By being as careful as possible. Dental implants Edmonton will be able to ensure maximum success for all of the dental implants they work on. So that their patients can end up with an extremely good implant.