Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring Success of Dental Implants

Helping ensure the success of dental implants takes effort from both the patient as well as dental implants Edmonton. And while this procedure has an extremely high success rate of 90 to 95%. There are many things that can be done that can continue to increase the chances of success of this procedure.

It is very important that the dentist is very prudent in everything that they do while placing the implant. To ensure that not only complications can be minimized. But so that they can increase the chances of this procedure succeeding for the patient.

However, it is also important that the patient understands that they play a very important role in helping ensure maximum success of getting an implant placed. One of the first things that they need to know, is that the better oral hygiene they have, will end up with the best results.

This is because people with good oral hygiene will have an extremely healthy mouth. That is going to allow the implant to heal more quickly. And more successfully. Therefore, a person can start taking good care of their teeth weeks before the procedure. They need to ensure that it is a regular part of their daily routine.

is also very important for patients to understand that it oral hygiene will also minimize the amount of bacteria they have in their mouth. Because if bacteria gets to the implant site, that can increase the chances of that implant getting infected.

This means that patients should ensure that they get a cleaning and scaling from their dental hygienist. Prior to getting their implants. To continue to minimize the amount of bacteria that they have in their mouth.


This also means that patients should continue with their oral care routine after the implant is placed. Dental implants Edmonton says that sometimes, patients get worried that regular brushing and flossing is going to irritate their implant. And that is not the case.

In fact, if a patient does not continue with their oral care routine. That will also increase chances of infection at the implant site. So it is very important that the patient brushes after every time they eat something. And they floss and use mouthwash regularly.

However, it is not all on the patient themselves. Dental implants Edmonton also needs to ensure that they are being careful in what they do to minimize potential for infection and complications.

One of the most significant things that they do, will be to use a style of implant that does not use cement. Cement can squish out of the implant itself, and because irritation and infection at the implant site.

However, if the cement squishes out and sinks below the gum line. It can go undetected. Which can actually cause damage to the surrounding bone. Therefore, they refuses to use this style of implant. So that they can eliminate that risk completely.

By working together, the patient and the dentist can ensure maximum success of the implant. Which will help ensure that the patient will have no problems with their implant for the rest of their life.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring Success of Dental Implants

There are many things that can be done that can help increase the success of dental implants Edmonton. And while there is already a very low failure rate of this procedure. It can always be improved upon, to continue to lower that risk.

One of the most important things that dental implants Edmonton does, is it use a specific style of implants and hundred percent of their patients. The style that they use is called a screw style implant. And not only does it have fewer complications. But it is also easier to fix if things do go wrong.

What is the screw style of implant looks like, is it has three different parts to it. The first part is the implant itself, the part that gets put directly into the patient’s jaw. It will have a hole in the middle of it that the abutment will screw directly onto.

Then there is the abutment, which will have a screw on the bottom and then a screw up top. Because it will screw directly into the implant. Then, the final piece is the crown itself. Which will screw directly onto the abutment.

The reason why this is so beneficial. Is because if there something that goes wrong with the implant. Such as it comes loose, and the patient is biting down too hard on the implant. Dental implants Edmonton will be able to go back to the implant.

Then unscrew everything very easily, troubleshoot the problem and fix it. And then put it back together. All without any discomfort to the patient. And without any medication being necessary.


With other styles of implants. A patient will need anaesthetic, and it is a much more invasive procedure to go in and fix any part of the implant itself.

It is also going to be very poor and that the dentist are going to make sure that they work with patients, to ensure that they are good candidates for the procedure. That they can continue to ensure that they can minimize complications.

For example, if people have significant bone density issues. They may not be the best candidate. Because the bone needs to be quite dense in order for the implant to heal properly with the bone.

However, this does not mean that they will not work with patients who have bone density problems. But they can help them increase that bone density by recommending calcium supplements. Or referring them back to their doctor to get help. So that they can become a better candidate and increase their chances of success.

Since dental implants should last for the lifetime of the patient. Ensuring maximum success, and minimizing complications. Can help achieve this objective. So that patients can have their great smile for the rest of their life.