Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring The Success of Dental Implants

There are many things that both dental implants Edmonton and the patient can do. In order to ensure the success of the dental implants that the patient receives. And while the failure rate of this procedure is extremely low to begin with. It often does have a high potential for things going wrong.

This means that while the dentist must be very prudent in ensuring there doing things properly. Patients also need to know that there are things that they can also do that will help ensure the success of their implants can be improved.

The first thing that a patient should do to help ensure that they are minimizing complications and increasing the success of their implants. Is maintaining good oral hygiene.

This does not just mean for the few days or weeks leading up to the implant surgery. But that for years, as long as a person has engaged in good brushing, and flossing routines. Their mouth will be overall more healthy than patients who are not doing that.

Not only does not increase the amount of gum disease they might have in their mouth. If they have not been engaging in good oral hygiene.

But also, it is going to slow down the overall healing that a patient is going to be able to do in their mouth.

Therefore, if patients have not been taking care of their both by brushing and flossing. Then they will have increased chances of complications arising from their implant.

What good oral hygiene also does according to dental implants Edmonton. Is minimizes the amount of bacteria that are in the mouth. And if bacteria is introduced to the implant site while it is still healing. That is going to be what causes infections.


In fact, patients need to ensure that they are minimizing bacteria getting into their implants. The entire duration of their healing process. Therefore, they must keep up their good oral care routine even after the implant is placed.

Many patients make the assumption that brushing regularly might irritate the newly placed implant. And so they actually stop brushing and flossing on a regular basis. In order to stop the irritation from occurring.

However, dental implants Edmonton says this is not actually necessary. And can end up in bacteria infecting the implant site. Causing problems for the implant. And increasing the complications that can arise because of it.

In addition to good oral hygiene both before the operation and after the operation. Patients also need to ensure that they are following there dentists aftercare instructions very carefully. This includes using mouthwash to continue to eliminate bacteria in the area.

But also, they are going to need to see the patient one to two weeks after the implant is placed. To ensure it is healing properly.

Many patients think that this is just an overly cautious step. And miss this appointment. But this step is very important to go through with.

Because it allows the dentist to see if the implant is starting to have any signs of infections or complications. That can be stopped. So that the health of the implant can be kept.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Ensuring The Success of Dental Implants

It is very important for both the dentist and the patient to work together to minimize complications and increase the success rate of their implants says dental implants Edmonton. The reason why, is because both the patient and the dentist can do things that can impact the success rate.

One of the first things that dental implants Edmonton will do. Is ensure that they are using the best style of implants in all of their patients.

There are two styles of implants that dentists can use for this procedure. One is called the screw implants and the other one is called the cement implant.

The cement implant has two pieces to it. The actual implants that is put into the patient’s jaw. And the crown which is the peace that looks like the patient’s tooth, that is placed on top of the implant. These pieces are fixed together by the use of cement. In order to complete the implant.

The second style of implant has three pieces to it. The first piece being the implants that gets embedded into the jaw of the patient. And then the crown, which is the peace that looks like the tooth. The third piece is called an abutment. Which is a piece that looks like it has two screws. One sticking out the top and one sticking up the bottom. The abutment screws into a little hole in the implant itself. And then the crown screws onto the abutment.

This way, the dentist will not use cement to hold all of the pieces together. Which makes it much easier for the dentist to go in and fix problems that while rare. Can happen during the entire lifetime of that implant.


Also, the use of cement can in and of itself be a problem. For a number of different reasons. First, when the dentist is placing a cement crown. Some of the cement can either lose out or squish out of the crown. And onto the surrounding gums.

If it touches the area of the implant that is still healing. Then it can cause an infection. The infection can cause the implants to have problems that can put it at risk of rejecting. As well as causing an awful lot of pain for the patient.

Also, if any of the cement that squishes out sinks below the gum line. This can be very difficult for the patient to feel. And can be almost impossible for the dentist to see. And if it goes undetected under the gum line. This can cause damage to the surrounding bone.

Therefore, dental implants Edmonton only uses the screw style of implant. Not only because it has a much lower rate of things that could potentially go wrong.

But also because it can be much easier for the dentist to go in and fix things that may have gone wrong with an implant. Allowing that to be fixed much more easily and quickly. With much more comfort to the patient.