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When patients require replacing teeth, more people are choosing dental implants Edmonton. Then bridges and dentures. But also, people are getting this procedure done younger and younger.

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The reason why more young people are getting this procedure. Is because it is a more beneficial option to placing teeth. Then bridges and dentures. And with this technological advancement.

People are feeling like they want an option. That will replace there tooth, in a way that looks and feels just like their regular teeth.

While bridges and dentures can help make a person’s mouth look like they have all of their teeth. There can be problems when people speak, either with their dentures or bridges slipping, or even popping out. And eating certain foods can be a challenge.

Not only do dental implants not slip or pop out. Because they function just like a patient’s regular tooth. Patients are not limited on what foods they can enjoy.

However, not only is this a preferred method of tooth replacement for people. But also, dental implants Edmonton is actually recommended. Because of how it keeps the patient’s bone, and other teeth healthy as well.

If a person has lost a tooth, if there is not a replacement tooth. Other teeth can over time, starts to shift in the patient’s mouth. Sometimes leaning in towards the gap.

This causes teeth to become crooked, or causes people’s roots to show. Which can cause bite problems, pain and even increased cavities. Simply because the roots of the tooth has less enamel than other parts of the patient’s tooth.

Not only that, but if a tooth is not replaced soon within about six months to a year. Patients will start to see that the bone in the area is starting to erode away.


This erosion happens when there is not a tooth root in the area to stimulate the blood flow. The body thinks that the bone is no longer needed. And starts using the calcium in the bone in other parts of the body.

Therefore, getting dental implants can help stimulate that blood flow in the bone. So that the bone does not erode.

With the health to the bone, and the impact positively on the other teeth. This is why most dentists recommend dental implants Edmonton as a way to replace teeth. The fact that they are more comfortable, more functional and have fewer problems is simply a bonus.

In fact, there have been studies done, that have spurred improvements in this procedure. Such as no longer needing to wait three months after a tooth is pulled.

Before a dentist places the implant. Which means not only can it cut down on the number of appointments.

But also, it can increase speeding time, cutting it down to half of what used to be. Making this an even faster procedure than it was before. So that people can have that tooth replaced as quickly as possible.

If people are debating getting dental implants. They should make an appointment with their dentist. And find out if they are good candidates, and what the next steps would be.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Getting Dental Surgery

Before dental implants Edmonton was around. People who needed to replace teeth had options of dentures and bridges. However this was not a perfect solution.

Because as a patient’s gums shrink, dentures could be more likely to slip and pop out. And the shrinking would cause denture wearers to needs to go back to their dentist. And get new dentures made every few years.

Dentures can also cause people to speak less clearly. And the dentures can slip or pop out while they are speaking and even eating.

Because of this, any people would not want to get dentures unless was absolutely necessary. However, with the improvements in dental implants. More and more people are opting for this way of permanently replacing teeth.

Not only because it is more comfortable. But it is more functional, fails less often. And looks and and feels just like a person’s regular teeth.

In fact, dental implants Edmonton has a success rate of 96 to 98%. Which is one of the highest success rates of any dental procedure.

Because of the success rate being so high, and the comfort being just as high. Dental implants popularity is growing, with three million people in America having implants. And five hundred thousand more people each year getting this tooth replacement procedure.

When way that patients can increase the success rate. Is by maintaining their teeth regularly. Just like they need to go see a dentist for their teeth each year. They need to do the same thing with their implant.


They will check to make sure the implants are healing well. That the crown is still screwed on tightly to the implant. And that a person’s bite is still what it should be.

It is very important that the dentist ensures that the dental implants Edmonton is not being bitten down on to hard. Because this can cause damage to the crown, or even cause the crowns screwed to loosen, which can cause other problems in the patient’s mouth.

Going back to the dentist regularly to ensure that the implants are not starting to show signs of dating fixing. Can increase the success rate significantly.

It is also very important that patients are continuing to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing regularly, and flossing is important. Even though the teeth are not able to get cavities.

It is an important way that people can ensure their gums are healthy. So that the implants will be at risk if there is gum erosion, or gingivitis.

Another reason why good dental hygiene is important once a person has dental implants. Is because without maintaining the good health of the existing teeth. They can cause problems, that can impact the implant itself.

Many patients are opting for getting dental implants. And while this can be an extremely effective solution in permanent tooth replacement. Patients should understand the facts first. By having a consultation with their dentist. To find out what they need to know.