Dental Implants Edmonton | Helping Patients Achieve Healthy Implants

While there is an extremely high potential for things going wrong during any dental implant surgery says dental implants Edmonton. It is often up to the clinician to control what they do. To minimize things going wrong. And ultimately, there is an extremely high success rate with dental implants.

However, the dentist needs to know what they can control to help ensure that the patient ends up with a healthy implants. That not only does not have infection in its. But also will not have complications.

One of the first things that a dentist can do is choose carefully the implants that they are going to use on a patient. There are two styles of implants available to dentists. One is called a cement implant. And the other one is called a screw implant.

Dental implants Edmonton prefer the screw style of implant. But a patient must understand how both of them are used. In order to see why a dentist will use the screw style over the cement style.

The screw style has three separate pieces. The implant itself, that is the part that is embedded in the patient’s bone. The next part is the crown, which is the peace that looks like a tooth. And the peace that joins the two together which is called an abutment. The abutment ends up looking like two screws, pointed into opposite directions.

The cement style of implants on the other hand only has two pieces to it. The implant, and the crown. How the dentist is going to affix the two pieces together is by using cement. However, there is a risk that some cement can squish out of the implant. And this can cause problems.


First, if the cement touches the tissue that is around the implant area that is healing. It can cause an infection to occur. And once the tissue is infected. It can create a number of complications. Including compromising the overall health of the implant.

Also, if the cement that squishes out ends up sinking below the patient’s gum line. The dentist might not notice where the cement has gone. And the patient might not feel this. And it will go undetected. Where it can stay, causing damage to the surrounding bone. Which spells even more complications for more than just the patient’s implant.

The screw style however fits together entirely different. The abutment will screw into the implant itself. And the crown can screw into the abutment. This way, dental implants Edmonton says the entire piece can be put together without the use of adhesives or cement. Completely eliminating that risk from the process.

In addition to that, if a patient needs a slight adjustment either because the dental implant has come loose slightly. Or if they have too much pressure in their bite. The dentist can then go in, make an adjustment very easily to the implant.

Because it is just screwed in. Allowing the patient to have the ability to have their implants adjusted as they need. Without having to be put under anaesthetic. Or without having a lot of discomfort or pain being caused to them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Helping Patients Achieve Healthy Implants

while a lot of control is in the hands of the dental implants Edmonton. To minimize problems during the implant process. Patients themselves should know what they can control. In order to help ensure the overall success of the implants.

For example, it is exceptionally important that the patient is engaging in regular oral care of their mouth. This does not just mean brushing once or twice a day. But it also means flossing regularly. As well as using mouthwash.

The first reason why this is extremely important says dental implants Edmonton. Is because it is going to help the healing process that happens in the mouth.

First, people who have poor dental hygiene. Often have gum disease. And people who have gum disease and up having a much slower healing time in their mouth. Therefore, when patients have great oral hygiene. They can increase their healing time. Which will minimize risk of infection and complications.

However, the second reason why this is so important. His to minimize the amount of bacteria in a patient’s mouth.

The less bacteria present, the less likely that bacteria is going to infect the implant area. Causing a wide variety of problems for the patient.


In fact, good oral hygiene is so important. That dental implants Edmonton suggests that people see their dental hygienist prior to the implant procedure. And get a full cleaning and scaling on their teeth done.

The reason why, is because plaque buildup can also hold onto a significant amount of bacteria. And when a patient can eliminate that plaque in their mouth. They eliminate bacteria, which in turn will decrease the risk of infection after the implant is placed.

However. Patients also need to ensure that they maintain good oral hygiene for the rest of the healing process. From directly after the procedure. Two until there tissue has completely finished healing. Dental implants Edmonton says that one assumption that patients mistakenly make. Is that brushing immediately after the procedure. Will cause irritation to the area.

This is false to begin with. But if a patient stops brushing their teeth. They are increasing the amount of bacteria in the area. Which is going to cause them and increase in bacteria in their mouth. Which will increase their risk of infection.

Therefore, a patient needs to ensure that when they engage in regular oral health care. That this is from immediately following the procedure. Until their mouth is completely healed up.

By being aware of what they are in control of. People can help themselves heal completely and thoroughly. While minimizing risk of infections. And minimizing risk of complications as well. Ensuring the overall health of their implant.

The better a dentist can communicate that there patient. The better off they are going to be. Because they will clearly know the expectations of what is expected from them. But also what they are in control of.