Dental Implants Edmonton | What is The Process?

The technology of dental implants Edmonton is increasing every single day. And while this is still a relatively new dental practice. It has been around long enough, to have a lot of different advancements done.

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While it used to take many different appointments and procedures. And a significant amount of healing time. Such as eight months to a year. This is no longer the case.

In fact, that was may be the reason why many people were avoiding getting dental implants Edmonton in the past. Either because they were phobic of going to the dentist. Or they did not have the time to be able to go to so many procedures.

However, the amount of time that it takes to get implants placed. And heal from them is much shorter. Which is why more people than ever before are getting implants.

In fact, while there are three million Americans that have implants right now. Over half a million get implants every single year. Making this one of the fastest-growing areas in dentistry today.

Patients can expect getting dental implants in anywhere between 4 to 6 appointments. This includes the initial consultation. Where the dentist determines if a candidate is going to be able to get an implant. And figuring out a game plan around what they are going to do.

After the first and initial appointment. The second appointment will be the surgery date. Where the dentist places the implant into their bone.

However, if the patient needs a bone graft first. In order to fortify the area. Or in order to make up for any bone erosion. That will be the second procedure. With the implant being the third procedure.


The next procedure, whether it is the third or fourth. Will simply be to ensure that the healing of the implant is going well. It is at this appointment that dentists will often recommend patients continue brushing their teeth.

Because they may have stopped. Due to being worried that they would irritate the site. They also will be verifying if the stitching is healing well also.

It is at that appointment, or the next one where the dentist will take an impression of their mouth. This is so that the lab will know exactly how to make the crown look. So that blends in with the other teeth. And so that it will be able to fit in the spot where their tooth used to be.

And finally the last appointment, either appointment for or six, depending on the dentist and the number of procedures a person will have. Is inserting the crown into the implant. This is going to take a single day. Where the dentist will be able to screw the crown onto the implant, and ensure that it looks, feels, and bites down naturally.

By understanding that this is going to be a fast process, with only three months in between the surgery, and the insertion day. Can help relieve many people. For debating getting dental implants Edmonton done, so that they will be more prepared.

Dental Implants Edmonton | How Long Will It Take?

Despite the fact that half a million people in the United States are getting dental implants Edmonton done. Not everybody is a good candidate.

And while it can be a relatively fast procedure. If people are not taking care of their teeth ahead of time. They can make the healing longer. Or cause more complications.

The first thing that people need to know, is that in order for the bone to heal properly. They need to wait about three months. Therefore in between getting the implants and placing the crown. That can be a three-month healing time.

Second of all, people need to understand that if they need additional procedures. Such as a bone graft. That will add one procedure, and three months healing time to their individual dental implants timeline.

If people are smoking, or if they have uncontrolled diabetes. They will tend to heal much slower. Causing integrity issues with the healing of the implant.

The reason why that is, is because the implant is going to look like a screw. And that is in order to give it more surface area. To allow a process called osteo- integration. Which refers to the bone healing to the surface area of the implant.

Since this takes approximately three months to do, it is important that the dentist waits that long before placing dental implants Edmonton. If the dentist places the implant before healing is complete.


What will end up happening, is the bonding, or osteo- integration will be interrupted. And compromising the integrity of the implant.

That can cause the implant to be weaker, or fail, especially if a person’s bite is too strong, and they need have the dentist create more room between the implant and the tooth above or below it.

This is why many dentists will refuse to put dental implants Edmonton into patients who smoke, or have poorly controlled diabetes.

This is also the reason why it is important that patients have good bone density. Making people with osteoporosis poor candidates for this procedure as well.

Since the success rate of implants is already at 96 to 98%. The reason why it is so successful. Is because dentists will refuse to do the procedure and anyone who is not an already good candidates.

It is also very important that patients do not wait a long time such as a years before coming to their dentist after losing a tooth. Because the amount of bone erosion in the area. Can affect how a dentist will be able to place the implant.

Many patients may not even have enough material in the area to place an implant. And while bone grafts are possible. Not all people are good bone graft candidates. And not all patients can have a bone graft in the area that they are missing a tooth.

However, there are many things that patients can do to make them more attractive candidates to their dentist. Such as quitting smoking, brushing their teeth three times a day, flossing and using mouthwash.

Doing all these things can make people better candidates at receiving dental implants. That can help them permanently replace missing teeth.