Dental Implants Edmonton | How to Avoid Dental Implant Infections

The reason why it is so important for dental implants Edmonton to minimize infections in their patients. It is so that they can increase the overall success of the procedure. As well as minimize the potential for complications as well.

If a patient suffers a infection in their implant. Not only can that cause pain. And put the patient’s health at risk. But it can also compromise the implant itself. Which can cause a variety of problems including the patient rejecting the implant itself. Or causing the healing to be delayed. Or even affecting the ability for the patient to heal the implant well. Which could cause it to fail ultimately.

Therefore, minimizing infections should be one of the primary concerns of not just dental implants Edmonton. But of the patients as well.

They can do that by communicating to their patient the importance of maintaining regular oral hygiene. Because it can minimize the amount of bacteria that are in their mouth. The fewer bacteria there are, the less chances the bacteria is going to be able to get into their implant to cause an infection.

This means that leading up to the day of the surgery. A patient needs to brush, floss and use mouthwash. But it is also important that the patient also visits their dental hygienist. To receive a thorough cleaning and scaling of their teeth.

The reason why this is so important. Is because even a small amount of plaque buildup can end up carrying a lot of bacteria. So by getting rid of that plaque buildup. Patient can ensure that they have as little bacteria as possible. To minimize their chances of infection.

In fact, dental implants Edmonton will likely refuse to do the procedure on people who have not kept up their oral hygiene for years. The reason, is because if people have been neglecting the health of their mouth. Not only can that impact the ability to heal well. Causing the healing time to be slower. Increasing the chances of getting an infection.


But ultimately, if people have not taken good care of their mouth. They are likely to have gum disease. Which can cause a lot of complications to occur when a dentist tries to place the implant in their gums.

Also, a patient needs to hear from their dentist how important it is that they continue their oral health routine well after the implant procedure is done. Many patients might assume that they could cause irritation to their implant.

By brushing the same day at and several days after the procedure but this is not true. In fact it is even more important that they maintain their oral health routine including mouthwash. To continue to minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth.

Especially in the few days following the procedure. Because the tissue will be at its most compromised. Which makes it at the highest risk for infection.

Therefore, when the dentist can communicate well with the patient. They can work together to minimize potential infections.

Dental Implants Edmonton | How to Avoid Dental Implant Infections

Despite the fact that there is an extremely high potential for things going wrong with dental implants according to dental implants Edmonton. The failure rate for this procedure is extremely low at 5%.

The reason why it has such a low failure rate. Even though there is a high potential for things going wrong. Is because the dentist themselves need to be very careful about what they do. In order to ensure that they are maintaining the best conditions for minimizing infection and complications.

This starts right from choosing which implants they are going to put into their patient. As that is an extremely important consideration. There are two different styles of implants. What is called the screw implant. Because it uses screws. And the other is the cement style of implant. Because it adheres in the mouth using cement.

The cement style has two pieces to it. The implant portion which is the part that is embedded in the patient’s mouth. And the crown. Which is the peace that looks like a tooth.

Dental implants Edmonton says that these two pieces get affixed together through the use of dental cement. And the risk with that. Is that as the implant is placed, cement can whose out of the implant area.

If the cement touches the tissue surrounding the implant. It could cause an infection and complications. However, if it squishes out and sinks below the gum line. If undetected, it can actually damage the patient’s surrounding bone. And that would be painful as well as damaging.


The screw implant on the other hand has three pieces to it says dental implants Edmonton. And it contains the implant that is in the patient’s mouth. The crown, which is the peace that looks like a tooth. And then the third piece called an abutment. That looks like screws stacked on top of each other.

How these are assembled, is that the abutment screws into a hole in the implant. And then the crown screws into the abutment. Therefore, no adhesives or submit are used to put these pieces together.

This is extremely important. Because not only can it minimize the chances of infections and complications. But also, if the dentist needs to access the implant. Perhaps the patient is experiencing discomfort. Or they have have had a shift in their bites, and others too much pressure on the implant. Causing it to come loose.

The dentist can go into the implant, unscrew the components and fix them. And put them back together without causing any discomfort to the patient themselves.

Therefore, not only is this style of implant better because it minimizes complications and infections. But also because it is significantly more convenient. Allowing patients to have modifications done for the entire life of their implant. This is one of the reasons why this style of implant has an extremely high level of customer satisfaction as well.