What Happens After Dental Implant Surgery?

In terms of implants, people have asked about the care or maintenance for patients when we place the dental implants Edmonton in our office.

When we place an implant you usually wait about three months before we can go in and take impressions.

Now, for my patients I usually like to ask them to come in a week or a month after and then another month after.

Just because I want to make sure everything is looking well; the gum tissue is healing nicely, and our patients are taking care of them keeping them clean.

All the stitching won’t come out too early. That’s what I do for my patients without any extra charge.


Teeth & Tooth Implants Are Very Different | Dental Implants Edmonton

If you’re a patient that has had an implant or you have both implants and your own teeth, the things to keep in mind are that your teeth and your implants are very different. As much as they may look the same, you know you can brush them you can floss around them.

The difference with your teeth is that when you bite they move a little bit. You bite down nice and hard you know that’s how you can tell if you have like an egg shell when you eat eggs or if there’s a fish bone.

Because your teeth can sense those things whereas an implant is nice and solid it stays, doesn’t move. You bite hard, the implants are not going to move up and down.

You want your implants to be a little bit lower or a little bit lighter because when you bite down hard that’s when implants on your tooth should be about the same height.

What can end up happening is you can either break the screw, you can break the porcelain on the tooth, and on the rare occasion I’ve heard of patients fracturing the implant itself. I was shocked to see what I’ve seen some specialists that have shown in those cases.


Always Ask Your Tooth Doctor

The concern I tell my patients that maintenance-wise it’s very important to come in each year to get your implants assessed. So, your teeth are moving up and down your implants don’t move. You don’t want your teeth and your implants to be at the same height.

Proper maintenance and care are very important. Coming in yearly to your regular dentist is something that will save you a lot of headache with some of these procedures.

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