Dental Implants Edmonton | How to Maximize Implant Success

The failure rate of dental implants is around 5 to 10% says dental implants Edmonton. But the more that clinicians can keep driving that failure rate down, the better it is going to be for the patient.

Therefore, dental implants Edmonton has not several things that they do to ensure they have as high success rate as possible during this procedure.

There are two different styles of dental implants that can be used. And those two styles are a screw implants and a cement implant. These implants function the same way. But how they are put together is very different.

The screw implants has three separate parts. First, the implant itself which is embedded in the patient’s bone. And it will have a hole in the centre for the rest of the implant to fit into.

The second part of this style of implants is the abutment. It will have a portion on the bottom which looks like a screw, and will screw directly into the implant. While the top of the abutment also will look like a screw.

The third part is the crown, which is the part that actually looks like the patient’s tooth. And it will screw directly onto the top of the abutment.

Because all of the parts fit together without the use of cement. Not only is it easy to put together. But it is easy for dental implants Edmonton to adjust or troubleshoot. If a patient has a change in their bite. Or our reporting feelings of discomfort.


They will be able to make all of these adjustments without causing any discomfort at all to the patient. Which is one of the most important reasons why they would use a screw style implant.

The other kind of implants is a cement style. This only has two pieces to it. The implant itself. And the abutment and crown are the one solid piece.

And instead of screwing in to the implant. A dentist will use cement to put the two pieces together. As the crown is cemented into place. There is a potential for the cement to squish out, and settle onto the implant site.

If this happens it is very important that it gets cleaned up immediately because it can cause problems in the patient’s mouth.

If the cement comes into contact with the implant, it can cause infections. That can put the implant at risk.

But also, if the cement sinks below the patient’s gum line. Not only can it be undetected by the dentist. But it also can be undetected by the patient, who may not feel that anything is wrong.

When this happens, it can actually cause damage to the surrounding bone in the patient’s mouth. This can have serious consequences. And is the reason why they do not use this style of implants.

It is very important for patients to realize everything they do to help increase the chances of success of the implant. Can give them a lot of reassurance that they will be able to get there implant, without any problems. So that they can ensure that the implant lasts for their life.

Dental Implants Edmonton | How to Maximize Implant Success

While it is very important for dental implants Edmonton to take great care in minimizing complications when placing implants in patients. Patients also need to understand that they themselves can help ensure that they are minimizing complications such as infections.

It is very important that a patient is engaging in good oral hygiene even prior to talking about getting dental implants done. Because the longer their practising good oral hygiene. Can help ensure that they will be able to heal from getting the implants well.

If people have not had good oral hygiene for long, it actually impacts the ability of their body to heal from that, of getting an implant put in.

Therefore, it is very important that patients are brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. However, it is important to take extremely good care leading up to the date of the implant procedure. The reason why, is because bacteria that is left in the mouth can cause infections at the implant site.

In the few days before the implants, patients should see a dental hygienist. So that they can get a cleaning and scaling done. To eliminate plaque buildup as much as possible.

Plaque can hold a lot of bacteria, which can end up affecting the implant. An increasing the chances of getting an infection. Therefore, patients should be very prudent in not only taking care of their oral hygiene. But getting their teeth cleaned prior to this procedure.

It is also very important that a patient continues to take care of their oral hygiene after the implant is put in. So that they can continue to ensure that bacteria does not get into the implant itself.


This means regular brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash. Because many patients make the mistake of assuming that brushing is going to cause irritation to the implant. And should be avoided.

Brushing is not going to irritates the area. And must continue to be done on a regular basis. Especially after every time they eat.

When patients understand exactly what they need to do both before and after getting an implant. Can help ensure that not only are they minimizing the chance of getting an infection. But minimizing all other complications that could occur as well.

Dental implants Edmonton will also let the patient know how often they should come back in for a checkup. To ensure note only proper healing of the implant. But that there is nothing else that is concerning.

This typically means that they will want to see the patient within two weeks after the initial implant is put in. And even after that, a patient will need to ensure that they are seeing dental implants Edmonton every six months. To ensure that the implant continues to be healthy.

if the implant has come loose, if the patient has a change in their bite, or if there is any discomfort. The dentist will be able to make adjustments to the implant, to ensure that it is being kept in proper working order.