Dental Implants Edmonton | Implant Success Is Important

While dental implants have an extremely low failure rate of 5 to 10% according to dental implants Edmonton. There are things that both the dentist and the patient can do that can help continue to lower those rates. In order to ensure maximum success of the implant.

While the the dentist is going to ensure that they work with the best candidates possible. That have the highest chances of success. Patients themselves need to know what they can do to help increase those chances.

For example, engaging in good oral hygiene is extremely important. This does not mean immediately prior to the implant itself necessarily. But that good oral hygiene in general means that the implant success is going to be increased.

The reason why, is because when people have been practising proper oral hygiene for years. Including brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. There gums and teeth are going to be extremely healthy. Helping ensure quick healing of the implant.

However, it is also important for patients to know that good oral hygiene leading up to the implant itself will minimize the bacteria in their mouth. That is going to help prevent infection.

In fact, getting their dental hygienist to clean and scale their teeth prior to their implant procedure. Is going to further reduce the amount of bacteria that they have in their mouth at the time of the procedure. That will lower the chances of infection.


However, patients also need to ensure that they are continuing to brush, floss and use mouthwash directly after the implant itself. Many patients assume that if they brush and floss directly after the procedure. They will irritate the area and this is not true.

In fact, if people do not continue to brush and floss as well as use mouthwash. The increased bacteria in their mouth will cause a higher potential for infections at the implant site. Therefore, they need to ensure that they are continuing to do this. As they heal from the implant procedure.

They should also ensure that they are following all directions from dental implants Edmonton. Including coming back for follow-up visits as often as they specify. This often means coming back after two weeks. So that the dentist can look at how the healing process is going.

From there, they can make more recommendations. And that the patient know how often they would like to see them. However, it is good practice that the dentist will ask the patient to come back every six months.

So that they can continue to ensure that the implant is healthy. And to make sure that the patient’s bite is still working with the implant. If any adjustments need to be made.

Even an improper bite can cause the dental implant to come loose. Which is why it is very important to check the overall health of the implant twice a year.

By doing all of these things, patients can ensure that they are going to have the maximum success that they can with their implant. So that it can last for their entire lifetime.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Implant Success Is Important

While the failure rate of implants is very low says dental implants Edmonton. It can often depend on the clinician. Especially because this is a procedure that can carry a high potential for things going wrong.

This means that they need to be very careful in what they do. And how the dentists themselves can minimize complications. By doing things well, problems can easily be avoided.

One important thing that they do differently. Is the style of implants that they use. While there are two different styles of implants. A screw implant, and a cement implant. They will only use the screw implant. Because of how it minimizes complications.

What the screw implant looks like is first it has three parts to it. The implant itself, which has threads on the outside of it. That will heal with the bone. The implant will have in the middle, that will have internal threads.

The second part is the abutment, which will have a screw portion on the bottom as well as a screw portion on the top. It will screw directly into the hole in the implants.

The third part of the screw type implant is the crown itself. This will grew directly onto the top section of the abutment. Meaning that it can all be put together, without the use of cement.

Not only is this the easiest implant to place, and put together. But also this is the easiest for dental implants Edmonton to fix or troubleshoot if something goes wrong.


The second type of implant that is available. Is the cement implant. And it is in two separate sections. The implant itself, and the crown and abutment are one separate piece. When placing the crown and abutment into the implant itself. Cement is used.

The cement can tend to lose or squish out of the implant. And will need to be cleaned up immediately. It can cause infection at the implant site if it is not cleaned up. However, if the cement sinks below the gum line. Not only is it undetectable by the dentist as well as the patient. But it can actually end up coming damage to the bone itself.

This is why dental implants Edmonton will never use the cement style of implant. Because it can increase the potential for things going wrong. As well, when this style of implant is used.

If there are any problems or complications. It can be very difficult to go back to and fix. And will require the use of sedation on the patient to repair.

By using the best kinds of dental implants. Dental implants Edmonton can continue to increase the chances of success with their patients. Because they are minimizing the risk of things going wrong.

This is especially important in case any complications arise. It will ensure that the dentist can go back and troubleshoot, fix and put the implant back together quickly and easily.