Dental Implants Edmonton | Improvements to Dental Implants

There are many reasons why patients who have lost teeth might opt for dental implants Edmonton. Instead of getting a bridge or denture put in.

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Not only is a dental implant a way of replacing there tooth easily. But it is a lot more comfortable than bridges and dentures. Which can break, pop out while people are eating or speaking. And is not a permanent solution.

In order to understand why many people prefer dental implants Edmonton over bridges and dentures. They need to understand exactly what a dental implant is. Ultimately, it is a screw that replaces the root of a tooth.

The dentist then places a crown that is shaped like the tooth is put directly onto the implant, and screwed in place. And permanently replaces a missing tooth.

Because it is permanent, and not only looks but functions identically to a person’s natural teeth. This is the more preferred method. That it is the preferred method of replacing teeth.

Much how people went from using eyeglasses, to contact lenses. And eventually laser surgery to correct their vision. People more and more want natural solutions. That look and feel just like the rest of their body.

However, there are more reasons than just look, and naturalness. On why a person should get a dental implant. When speaking to a dentist, they also said that it was preferred. Because not only does it help preserve the teeth that are still in a patient’s mouth.

But also, by putting the implant into a patient’s mouth. Preserves the blood flow, and prevents the body from eroding that bone. That can cause problems for the remaining healthy teeth in their mouth.


In addition to that, not only is an implant a permanent solution. But that this permanent solution will also cause fewer problems than the traditional dentures and bridges eventually cause.

And while many people might opt to not replace missing teeth. And they can function fairly well without placing those teeth.

If teeth are missing, other teeth can start to shift to start filling in the gaps. Causing teeth to lean towards each other.

Which can negatively affect a patient’s bite. And can cause their roots to show, increasing their chances of cavities and pain when they bite down.

This is why the recommendation is to get patients to replace teeth with dental implants Edmonton. Not only so they can avoid having bite problems. But so that they can maintain the health of the other teeth in their mouth as well.

Ultimately, many patients are concerned about wanting to look as natural as possible. And have had experiences with dentures and bridges. That have come out of their mouth will they are talking or chewing. And can be quite embarrassing for many people.

However, implants are not noticeable. They look as much like a patient’s regular tooth as they want. However, if a patient wants to replace there tooth with a silver or gold version. That is also possible. As long as the patient is communicating with the dentist about what they want.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Improvements in Dental Implants

While many people have been replacing teeth with dental implants Edmonton for many years. It is a procedure that is quickly gaining popularity. With three million people in the United States with implants. And five hundred thousand more people getting them each year.

This is all because dental implants look, feel, and function just like a patient’s regular tooth. Not only that, but dental implants have a success rates between ninety-six and 98%.

Therefore, if people want to have the most popular replacing teeth. Dental implants is what more and more people are getting.

In addition to that, more people are taking better care of their teeth. And when they realize that they needs to have some teeth removed. They might be younger, and they do not want to have dentures or bridges just yet.

And the longer dental implants Edmonton are around. The more technological advances keep making them better and better.

One of the most significant improvements that has been discovered for dental implants recently. Is that dentists can place an implant much sooner then they previously had been.

If a person needed to get an implant, because there tooth needed to be pulled. What dentists used to have to do. Is pull the tooth, and wait about three months for the bone to heal. Before going back in and placing the dental implant.


Then, another three months would need to pass in order to heal that dental implant enough to place a crown. This can be anywhere between 6 to 8 months of healing time. In order to get a dental implant placed.

However, more studies are showing that a dental implant can actually be placed at the exact same time that a dentist removes the tooth. Effectively speeding up the healing time from 6 to 8 months to just 3 to 4 months.

By shortening the amount of time it takes to get a dental implant. And eliminating one procedure. Not only can make this a much more viable option for many people. But it can increase the number of people willing to go through the procedure. Since there are fewer steps to place an implant nowadays.

However, people need to understand that just because their implants are going to look, feel and function just like normal teeth. They also need to see the doctor that implanted them on a regular basis. Just like their natural teeth need to see a dentist.

This can help ensure that maintenance is getting done on the implant. To avoid problems. Such as tooth chips, the screw becoming loose, or developing a bite problem.

The best thing about dental implants. Is if a person develops a problem with them. It is extremely easy to unscrew the implant, fix the problem. And then put the implant back together. All without a patient needing to go under general or local anaesthetic.

With how significant the advancements are in dental implants Edmonton. Can help ease the mind of many people who are debating between getting implants, or getting dentures and bridges. But want the best look and feel possible.