Dental Implants Edmonton | Improving Your Oral Health

There are several reasons why dental implants Edmonton are becoming more popular than ever. And it is not just because this procedure replaces teeth permanently.

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The number of people that are getting dental implants in the states is currently three million people. With that number growing by half a million every single year.

While it is true, that dental implants Edmonton replaces teeth in a permanent way. It also is a very beneficial to the overall oral health of a patient’s mouth. Which is why many dentists are recommending this, over bridges and dentures. For a tooth replacement solution.

Patients should understand completely what a dental implant is. So that they can start deciding if this is a procedure that they are comfortable having.

The dentist will surgically insert an implant, which is metal and has threads like a screw on it. Directly into the bone of a patient’s mouth. In the same location where there tooth used to be.

Once this implant has healed, in a process called osteo- integration. The dentist will then be able to place the crown onto the implant. And this will permanently replace a patient’s tooth.

Because it is permanent, a patient does not have to worry about taking it out to clean it, or having it fixed and replaced from time to time. And it will feel, look and function just like their regular teeth.


Not just because this is a more comfortable solution than bridges and dentures. And not just because this allows the same functionality. Where bridges and dentures could often slip, or not allow patients to eat some of their favourite foods like steak.

But there is also many reasons why dentists feel dental implants are even beneficial to a patient’s mouth. Which is why they highly recommend this procedure.

What happens when a patient loses a two. The first thing that happens, is there is a gap where the tooth used to be. The existing teeth will want to fill in that gap. And can start to shift, lean, and become crooked as they try to fill in that space.

This can change the way a patient’s bite is. Causing problems when they eat, or even causing them pain when they close their jaw, or when they bite or chew their food.

Not only can this impact their bite. But this can cause their teeth to start to show the roots. Which increases the instances of cavities. Simply because there is less enamel on a patient’s root than the rest of their tooth.

Therefore, many dentists recommend getting dental implants Edmonton placed. So that they can avoid problems happening when their teeth shift to fill in the gap.

If patients are wondering if they are a good candidate for dental implants. They should make an appointment with their dentist. In order to ask all their questions, and allow a dentist to see if implants would fit, and what the procedure would look like for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Improve Your Oral Health

Regardless of the reason why people have missing teeth, dental implants Edmonton can help them. Dental implants is a way to permanently replace teeth. In a way that can help maintain their overall oral health.

In fact, this procedure not only has a 98% success rate. But the younger patients are getting it done. Simply because it is a way to replace the tooth. And help ensure that they are keeping the rest of their mouth healthy.

How dental implants Edmonton contributes to the overall health of their mouth. Is because the implant itself functions just like a tooth root. Which stimulates blood flow to the bone, as the patient speaks, and choose their food.

Without that route there, there is nothing stimulating the blood flow. Which can cause that bone to erode away. What happens, is when blood flow is not stimulated. The body starts taking the calcium away from that area, to use in the rest of their body.

What happens when the bone starts to erode. Is that it can cause a patient’s gums to start reseeding. Causing the surrounding teeth to start showing their roots. And even becoming loose.

Since the roots of a person’s teeth do not have as much enamel as the rest of their teeth. This will increase the instances of cavities. But more distressing, the bone erosion can cause the teeth to become loose, risking them falling out eventually.

By getting an implant placed. This problem can be completely eliminated. Allowing the implant to stimulate blood flow, maintaining the health of the bones, and gums in a patient’s mouth.


However, dentists will caution people when they are considering dental implants Edmonton. In maintaining good oral health both before and after the procedure.

The overall health of the patient’s mouth needs to be good in order to be a good candidate for the procedure in the first place.

But maintaining their oral hygiene is important. Not to avoid getting cavities on their implant. Because a good oral routine. Will ensure the gums and bone will continue to be healthy.

If a patient develops a problem such as gingivitis for example. This can cause the gums to recede, and problems not only for the existing teeth. But for the implant itself.

Therefore, when a patient is thinking about replacing one or more of their teeth. Or if they already have a tooth gone. A should be ensuring that they are regularly brushing and flossing their teeth.

So that when they have their initial consultation with their dentist. They will already be a good candidate for the procedure.

And despite what many patients might assume. They do not have to have the tooth already gone. In order to get this procedure done. Their dentist can remove a tooth. And place an implant within the same day.

Patients should make a list of all the questions that they want to ask their dentist. And set up an appointment for consultation. So that they can find out what information they need to know. And to find out if they are good candidates, and what the next step will be.