Dental Implants Edmonton | Increasing The Success of Dental Implants

There are many things that both the patient and the dentist can do to increase the chances of success for dental implants Edmonton. Despite the fact that this procedure has an extremely high success rates.

The reason why, is because there is a high potential for things going wrong. Meaning the dentist not only must be very prudent in doing things well. To minimize any complications that may happen. But also, the patient should also know what they need to do to help ensure maximum success.

For example, it is very important that patient is engaging in good oral hygiene so that they can even be considered a good candidate for a dental implant. The reason why, is because help your the mouth is, the more successful the dental implant is going to be. Especially because good oral hygiene also means healthy gums and bone.

Also, good oral hygiene means that there is going to be minimum bacteria in the patient’s mouth. And since bacteria can cause infections at the implant site. This is extremely important to keep in mind.

Another way to ensure that a patient minimizes the bacteria in their mouth leading up to going to dental implants Edmonton. Is by getting a cleaning and scaling done at their dentist. This can continue to minimize the amount of bacteria in their mouth. And increasing the success of the implant. Because there will be a much lower chance of getting an infection.


There are also two different types of dental implants. And one has a much higher rate of complications. There is the screw type of implant and the cement type of implant. With the cement style, the crown an abutment are one solid piece. And connects with cement.

When placing a cement crown, some of the cement can squish out of the crown. And can sink below the gum line quite easily. If it goes undetected. Which is there he likely because it cannot be felt. It can actually cause damage to the patients surrounding bone.

However, dental implants Edmonton does not use this style of implant. They use the screw type of implant. Which consists of three parts. The implant itself, the abatement that screws into the implant. And the crown that screws onto the abutment.

Not only is this style much easier to fix if something gets broken. But also, since no cement is used, it eliminates the potential for infection or bone damage that may caused by cement leakage.

Not only are screw implants less problematic to implant into the patient. It is also easier to make modifications or changes to. Especially if a patient’s bite changes, or if the implant is having any kind of problems.

So while there is an extremely low failure rate of dental implants. Dental implants Edmonton makes that lower by ensuring their patients know exactly what they need to do. To minimize the chances of infection. As well as use the style of implant that will minimize the chances of anything going wrong.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Increasing The Success of Dental Implants

Even though there is a very high success rate for dental implants Edmonton. There are many things that can be done that will increase the chances of success. Which is extremely important.

The failure rate of dental implants is typically around 5 to 10%. But by following due care and important cleaning directions. Can drop that number even lower.

One of the most important things that a patient should do, is not smoke. The reason is because when people smoke, their body becomes a lot slower to heal. Which can increase the complications of the implant.

They will heal slower, and the success rate of placing an implant in a smoker drops dramatically. Therefore, if people are wanting to consider dental implants Edmonton. They should ensure they stop smoking immediately. So that this does not cause complications it during their procedure.

Following the implant, it is very important that patients continue with excellent oral hygiene. Because many patients assume that brushing immediately after getting the implant. Might take the area and this is not true.

They need to continue to brush after every time they eat something. Floss once a day and regular use of mouthwash. This is going to keep the bacteria in their mouth low. So that bacteria does not end up causing an infection at the implant site.


It is also very important that patients are going back to dental implants Edmonton as often as they recommend. Initially, this will be after the first two weeks. So that the dentist can see how well the patient is healing. And ensure that it is on track.

Then, the dentist will let the patient know how often they should come back to ensure the healing is happening properly. And after that, they should come in every six months. This is going to be to ensure that the dentist can make sure that the implant does not need any adjusting. And that the patient’s bite is not changing, which might put the implant at risk.

For example, the dental implant may come loose if the patient has a bite problem, and there is too much pressure being put on it. There are many things that can cause a bite issues to happen. Even if the implant loosens slightly, ending up with there being too much pressure being put on the implant when the patient bites down.

This is another reason why it is important to see their dentist regularly. To ensure that the implant has not loosened a bit, causing this bite pressure to put a dental implant at risk.

It is very important that patients are following the advice of their dentist after they have received their dental implant. So that they can ensure that they are doing everything necessary. To ensure maximum success of their dental implant.

Properly taking care of implant to last the patient’s entire life. So taking care to ensure the health of their mouth is important to ensuring maximum success of their implant.