Dental Implants Edmonton | Insuring Healthy Dental Implants

While the typical failure rate for dental implants is exceptionally low says dental implants Edmonton. There is still high potential for things to be able to go wrong. Requiring care and prudence on behalf of the dentist. To ensure all complications can be minimized.

One of the major things that dental implants Edmonton does differently. To ensure overall dental implant success. Is in the style of implants that they use.

There are two different styles of implants that are available. One is the cement style of implants. And the other is a screw style implant. These are two very different styles. And one comes with a significant number of complications that can arise. And the other one does not.

The screw style has three parts to it. The implant itself, that gets embedded in the bone of the patient. The abatement, which screws into the implant. And the crown itself, the peace that looks like a tooth. This also screws into the abutment. Putting together the entire implant.

The cement implants is very different. Starting with the fact that it only has two pieces to it. The implant, and the crown and abutment is one solid piece. Instead of screwing together, a dentist would use cement to connect the two pieces together.

The problem with using cement however is that it can tend to lose or squish out of the crown. Requiring thorough and immediate cleanup. In fact, if cement touches the site of the implant. It can cause an infection to occur.


However, that is not the only danger of using cement. Because if any cement sinks below the gum line. It can cause damage to the surrounding bone if it is not cleaned up. The problem with this, is that it is very hard to detect. Because it is not visible to the dentist side. And typically cannot be felt by patients either.

Therefore, simply by using the screw in style of implants. Can help avoid this complication. But there is also some great reasons why this style of implants is better than the cement style.

If there are any problems with the implant. From it coming loose, to having too much pressure on it when the patient bites down. Or even if the patient starts noticing any discomfort.

Dental implants Edmonton can then go into the implant, unscrew it, fix the problem. And then put the implant back together. In a way that causes absolutely no discomfort to the patient.

By using this style of implants, dentists can increase the success rate of their implants. As well as increase the satisfaction patients have with this style.

With how important the style of implants is. Patients should go to dental implants Edmonton that only use the screw in style of implants. So that they can increase their chances of a successful implant. As well as ensure that they are happy with how the implant looks, and feels. As well as the ability to fix problems is much easier in the future.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Insuring Healthy Dental Implants

Even though the potential for things going wrong during an implant often rests with dental implants Edmonton. The patient can also help contribute to ensuring the high success rate of an implant. Both preoperative as well as postoperatively.

By ensuring that they have had great oral hygiene habits for years. Is the first step to us high success rate in dental implants. The reason why, is because in healthy melds, healing is faster as well as more complete.

Not only does it promote good healing. But bone density in the mouth is often better in people who have used good oral hygiene practices for years.

It also means that the patient’s mouth will be more likely to have less bacteria and it. And since bacteria is the cause of infections in the implant site. This is important.

However, within the few days before they go to dental implants Edmonton for the procedure. They should have an appointment with their dental hygienist. So that they can get thorough cleaning and scaling of their teeth.

The reason why this is important. Is because any built-up plaque can be home to bacteria. So minimizing the amount of bacteria in the patient’s mouth prior to the procedure is extremely important.

However, patients should also work to ensure that they continue to keep the implant site clean and bacteria free. By continuing to brush, floss and use mouthwash.


The assumption that many patients house, is that once the implant is in place. That they should avoid brushing their teeth. Because it can cause irritation to the area and this simply is not true. When patients failed to brush and floss their teeth.

They are actually contributing to the increase of bacteria in their mouth. Which will also increase the risk of that bacteria causing an infection.

A patient also must ensure that they are following all of the post care instructions that are given to them after the implant is in place. And that often includes going back to their dentist for follow-up visits.

This is typically one week or two weeks after the procedure is done. And there is many things that the dentist will be looking for during this visit. They will be looking to ensure that there is no sign of infection. Because if there is an infection started. It can get out of control and spread very quickly.

They also are going to ensure that it is healing well. And that there are no signs of complications. Once they have met with their dentist for their first visit. They will let the patient know how often they need to come in to see them. To ensure good healing of their implant.

After that initial visit. It will be important for patients to go see the dentist every six months. To continue to ensure the overall health of the implant in the patient’s mouth. By doing this, nations will be able to have a long lasting implant that will last as long as they do.