Dental Implants Edmonton | Who Is a Good Candidate?

Despite the fact that technology in dental implants Edmonton is increasing very quickly. And more people than ever before are getting the procedure done.

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That does not mean anybody who needs a tooth replaced. Is a good candidate for this procedure. In fact, there are many reasons why a patient may not be able to get a dental implant Edmonton. Which is why they should always consult with their dentist first.

Patients should understand exactly what is involved in placing dental implants Edmonton. So that they can understand if and why they are a good candidate.

One of the first things that people need to understand, is that getting dental implants Edmonton is a surgical procedure. So if they do not want to go under anaesthetic. This might not be the right procedure for them.

As well, if patients are not able to go through with surgery. Due to underlying medical conditions. This is also not the right procedure for them.

Also, if people have low bone density. They also may want to reconsider getting dental implants. Because the effectiveness of the procedure. Requires the implant to heal well. And bond together with the bone. In a process called osteo- integration.

People with low bone density, will not be able to bond as effectively. Which can put stresses on the implant itself. And create the potential situation where the implant will fail. In a way that could cause problems or pain to the patient.

However, if people follow bone density. Such as those who have osteoporosis. May be able to increase their bone density. By taking calcium supplements for a certain amount of time before the procedure.

However, dentists will still caution patients. And that them know that there is a potential for failure to happen.


It is also very important for patients to understand that there oral hygiene needs to be very good. Before they are going to be considered a candidate for this procedure.

The reason why, is because if they have problems such as gum disease like gingivitis. Or periodontal disease. They might not be able to heal well from the procedure.

It also puts them at risk of infection. That can cause the implant to fail, or even be rejected. Which is why many dentist will refuse to put implants in patients that do not have good oral hygiene already.

And finally, dentists will specify that patients must engage in regular oral care after the procedure. Including brushing their teeth regularly, flossing and even using mouthwash.

To ensure that their mouth is healthy. But to minimize bacteria in their mouth. That could cause infections in the implant area.

Many people make the assumption that they should not be brushing their teeth directly after the surgery. Because they might cause irritation to the area. But this is not the case.

Not only will not cause irritation. But by not brushing, they are potentially causing even more problems than ever before.

By understanding who is a good candidate. Can help patients make the decision on whether this is the right procedure for them to replace teeth.

Dental implants Edmonton | What Makes A Good Candidate?

The popularity of dental implants Edmonton is increasing. With half a million people getting the procedure every year in America.

While the procedure has a success rate of 98%. The reason why there is so much success with dental implants. Is because dentists are very particular. About what patients undergo this procedure.

One of the most important factors of getting dental implants placed. Is having enough bone in the area to place the implant.

The longer a person has been missing at tooth, the more bone erosion that is going to happen. Which causes there to be a large gap where the tooth used to be.

When this happens, the dentist will not have enough material to place the implant. In this might make a patient unable to take the implant.

However, that does not mean that it will make dental implants impossible. It will just mean that it might require a dentist doing a bone graft in that area first.

While this can increase the number of procedures, and increase the healing time. Especially if it is affecting a patient’s ability to talk or eat. Or if it is significantly impacting their self-esteem. This can be a great option for many people.


Another reason why a person might not be a good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. Is if they simply do not have enough room in their mouth. Perhaps they have an overbite that is so significant. That there is not enough room.

Or, if a person has been without a tooth for long enough, that the rest of their teeth have moved over, and there is not enough space for an implant.

This is why it is important for patients to often come to their dentist right away and get the dental implant done. Or, to simply have a tooth pulled, and the implant placed in the same day.

By understanding all of the different reasons why they might not be a good candidate for a dental implant. Can help a patient understand if this is the right procedure for them. And if so, they can talk to their dentist about how to proceed.

When dentists are picky and to choose the about the candidates that get dental implants. It will increase the success rate, as well as increase the satisfaction rate by patients.

Who want to get implants. Because they represent a permanent fix to missing teeth. Not only can this replace teeth in a way that is more comfortable than bridges and dentures.

But also, dental implants Edmonton also looks, feels and functions just like their own teeth. Making this an extremely attractive option. For people who talk for a living.

The first place to start is making an appointment with their dentist. And discussing the options of dental implants as well as finding out if their good candidate or not.