Dental Implants Edmonton | Is Anyone A Good Implant Candidate

Even though there is an extremely low failure rate for dental implants, typically at five or 10% says dental implants Edmonton. Ensuring the suitability of the candidate for the procedure is extremely important.

While this is a procedure that has a high success rate. It also has a high potential for things going wrong. Which means that a dentist needs to be very prudent in ensuring that they are choosing the right candidate to work with.

This is because not everybody is a great candidate for the procedure. So by choosing candidates that have the best chance at healing properly, and taking the implant. Dental implants Edmonton can ensure the success of the procedure in those patients.

For example, patients that have significant bone loss can be poor candidates for implants. The reason why, is because there needs to be a certain amount of bone in the area for the implant to adhere to. If there is not enough material, a dentist may choose to use a smaller implants in order to help ensure that they can place an implant.

However, if the implant is too small for that tooth. That itself can increase complications that could potentially happen. In many cases, there is just simply not enough bone. Because if there is not a tooth in a spot to stimulate blood flow to the area. The body will start to erode that bone away.

Therefore, if patients are thinking of getting a dental implant put in because they have lost a tooth. The sooner they can get that dental implants put in after the blues there tooth. The better. So that the bone erosion does not start to happen. Making them at risk for not being able to take that implant.


However, it can be possible in some situations for patients to undergo a bone graft. Where dental implants Edmonton puts in bone to ensure that there is enough material for the implant to heal to.

It is important to note that while this can sometimes be possible. It is going to significantly increase the amount of time it is going to take to get that implant placed. Because the bone graft will need to heal. Before they place the implant.

Something else that can significantly impact the ability of a patient to get a dental implant. Is if they are suffering from low bone density. For example, if they have osteoporosis. It may be able to be fixed by taking calcium supplements.

However, this also takes time. In may not increase the bone density enough for success. And since the healing of the implant depends on how completely the bone can bond with the implant itself. Having low bone density can potentially cause the implants to heal insufficiently. Putting it at risk.

By understanding that not every single patient is a good candidate for an implant. The dentist can choose which patients they work with. To ensure that if they are going to place an implant, it is going to have the highest chances of success.

Therefore, for those patients who are getting implants. Should feel confident that they are going to end up with a great implant, with no complications.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Is Anyone A Good Implant Candidate

Implants are quickly becoming the preferred procedure for tooth replacement says dental implants Edmonton. Over and above dentures and bridges. Because the implant completely replaces the tooth. And is not a removable device from the patient’s mouth.

However, people need to understand that not everybody is the best candidate for this procedure. Because while this is a very successful procedure, with a 90 to 95% success rate.

There is also an extremely high potential for things going wrong potentially. As that can be increased when it involves a patient that is not the best candidate for the procedure.

For example, dental implants Edmonton typically will choose to work with patients who already have excellent oral hygiene. Not only because people with good oral hygiene will be able to heal from the implant more easily.

But also, if a patient has gum disease. It can impact the success of the dental implant. Because it can affect their bone density. And when patients have a lower bone density, it can impact how well the implant and bone to heal together.

And while people with low bone density can take calcium supplements to strengthen their bone. If they have poor oral hygiene. They are also at risk for bacterial infection, slower healing as well as low bone density. Making them a poor candidate for the procedure.


Also, people who have poorly controlled diabetes can have issues when it comes to receiving a dental implant. Because they can have problems healing. Therefore, if a patient with poorly controlled diabetes wants to get a dental implant. They should work with their doctor to control their diabetes. So that they can have a better chance of healing well from the procedure.

As well, if people smoke, it also impacts their bodies ability to be able to heal from trauma. And when people heal slower, it can increase the complications that can arise. Including increase the chance of infection. Because they will be susceptible to infection longer.

Therefore, dental implants Edmonton may choose not to work with people who are smokers. Not because they do not agree with that activity. But because it is going to negatively impact the success of the dental implant.

Also, it is important for the patient to be engaging in good oral hygiene. If they are not, they may also choose not to work with that patient.

Because it can increase the chance of infection. Because they will have increased bacteria in their mouth. Not just before the procedure, but after as well.

By choosing to work with the best candidates for the procedure. The dentist can ensure they are continuing to minimize complications. And increase the chance of success. So that the patient in the end, can end up with a great replacement of their tooth. That is going to last for the rest of their lifetime.