Dental Implants Edmonton | Learning More About Them

There is a lot of information about dental implants Edmonton. Especially as technological advances are still happening in this new dentistry technology.

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And while three million people in America have already had dental implants done. This number is growing every single year by at least half a million people.

Not only is this incredibly popular. But it is also incredibly successful. With the success rate being around 96 to 98%. One of the most important reasons why the success rate is so high. Is because dentists are very particular. About which candidates they are placing implants in.

And while many people are good candidates for dental implants Edmonton. Not everybody ends up being a good candidate for this procedure. And knowing who is a good candidate and who is not. Is important.

One of the most important things that patients need to be aware of, is that dental implants is a surgical procedure. And therefore, if they have a difficult time healing. That can negatively impact the ability to heal the implant. Which can cause failures.

For example, people who are smokers. Have a difficult time healing. Due to the chemicals in cigarettes. As well, people with poorly controlled diabetes. Also heal much slower.

Since the healing time for the implant to surgery itself can be up to three months. This might make people require healing up to six months. However, there is no way for a dentist to know who needs additional healing time.

If they end up placing the implant to early. What can happen, is that the implant will not effectively osteo- integrate. And can be likely to fail in the future.


Therefore, to ensure that the success rate remains around 96 to 98%. Many dentists will refuse to do the procedure on smokers, or people who have poorly controlled diabetes.

Something else that can also negatively impact the ability to place dental implants. Is if people have had there tooth missing for several years. The reason why this is important.

Is because the longer a person is without a tooth. The more that bone will have eroded. Since it was not getting blood flow stimulated in the area.

Therefore, it can cause a rather large it gap, making it very difficult or even impossible for a dentist to place an implant in the bone.

And while most people that have bone erosion. Can be helped by getting a bone graft. This is not possible in all cases. Or the placement of the tooth makes a bone graft very difficult.

Therefore, the sooner a patient can get to their dentist to replace that tooth. The more success they are going to have. Because less bone will have eroded that way.

It is very important for patients to understand all of the nuances of dental implants Edmonton. So that they can make a decision on whether this is the tooth replacement option they want to go with.

If they do not get a dental implant, they can always choose bridges or dentures, or not the place there tooth at all. However that will cause its own set of problems. That patients may want to avoid.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Learning All About Implants

Despite the fact that dental implants Edmonton has not been around for all that many years. And is one of the newer procedures in dentistry.

The procedure is already widely being adopted by many people. With over three million people in the United States alone having dental implants. And over half a million people each year opting to get this procedure done.

Patients who think that they want to utilize this permanent to the placement method. Might want to find out a little bit more information about it. So that they can figure out if this is the best option for them or not.

The first thing that patients need to understand. Is that this is actually a surgical procedure. For the dentist to place the implant itself directly into the bone of the patient’s mouth where there tooth is missing.

Before the dentist must place that implant, the dentist needs to have determined that there is enough bone in the area. To place the implant. They also need to ensure that there is enough material to work with. Which is why people who have low bone density. Such as people with osteoporosis. May not be good candidates for dental implants Edmonton.

The reason why, is because the implant will be shaped like a screw, with all of the threads that a screw has. This increases the amount of surface area that the implant has, so that the bone can heal with the implant. And the denser the bone is, the more thorough the healing can be.


This is a process that is referred to as osteo- integration. And the lower the bone density, the less complete the osteo- integration can be. This is very important. As it is going to affect the integrity of the implant for many years to come.

Therefore, if people have osteoporosis. Dentists may simply refuse to do the implant on them. Or require that they take a lot of calcium supplements prior to getting the surgery done.

Something else that patients need to know about the implants. Is that it is very important that they maintain good oral hygiene before getting the surgery done.

This does not just mean ensuring that they are brushing their teeth effectively. But tartar buildup also contains additional bacteria. So patients should also get their teeth cleaned just prior to surgery this will help eliminate bacteria in their mouth.

And since that bacteria can cause infection in the in implant site. The cleaner the mouth is, the less they are going to risk infections.

However, this is also true for immediately after the surgery as well. While many people think that brushing their teeth might encourage irritation in the implant site this is not true.

Dentists say that brushing their teeth well can help ensure that they are minimizing the bacteria in their mouth. So they are less likely to get infections in their new implant site. Ensuring protocols are being followed is important for dental implants Edmonton