Dental Implants Edmonton | Minimizing Dental Implant Complications

Getting dental implants is a very low risk procedure according to dental implants Edmonton. However, there are many things that can be done that can continue to ensure that maximum success can be achieved. To ensure that the implant can be as healthy as possible.

One of the first things that should be considered, is the style of implant that is used. Dental implants Edmonton uses the screw style of implant. Which has three parts. And does not use cement in the process. There are many great reasons why they use this style. And ease of placing it is just one of them.

What a screw style of dental implant looks like is that there is the implant itself, the part that gets placed into the patient’s jaw bone. The implant itself has a hole in it that is threaded. In this is what the abutment will screw directly into.

Next, is the abutment, which not only screws into the implant itself. But it is also the part that the crowd will be placed onto. The crown is placed also with the use of the screw. So that it does not need to be cemented into place.

And finally, the last piece of the implant is the crown itself. This screws onto the abutment, completely without the need of using cement. Not only is this easier to install. But it is also the easiest to troubleshoot and fix if something happens and the implant comes loose, or has a piece that breaks.

And while problems with the implant is very low. If anyone needs to have some part of their implant worked on or fixed. This style means it is going to be the easiest to deal with. And will not require the use of medication to sedate the patient.


In the cement implants, the abutment and crown is one solid piece. When placing this type of crown, cement is used to hold the implant in place. And some cement can use or squish out of the crown. This needs to be cleaned up very well.

If the cement squishes out onto the gums, this not only can increase the chances of infection at the implant site. But if it sinks below the gum line, the cement can actually cause damage to the surrounding bone. And cause the implants to be at risk.

It is also important to note that the cement style of implant is the most difficult to fix. If something goes wrong because since it is one solid piece. The patient will have to be put under anaesthetic. In order to go in and look at the dental implant and fix whichever part needs fixing.

Therefore, patients should go see dental implants Edmonton, where they use not only the style of implant that is easiest to fix. Also, they do not use a style of implant that has an increased chance of complications.

Therefore, if patients are looking to get an implant done in the future. By going to dental implants Edmonton, there success rate be much higher. And the implants they end up with will be much easier to fix if something does go wrong.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Minimizing Dental Implant Complications

When people are getting implants, it is important that they recognize that it is a medical procedure says dental implants Edmonton. And because of that, there can be a risk of problems, or infection. So patient needs to work with their dentist. To ensure that they are both taking steps to minimize problems and infection.

It is extremely important for the patient to be engaging in regular oral hygiene for quite a while before they get dental implants put in. Immediately before the procedure. It is important so that they can minimize the amount of bacteria that they have in their mouth. Because that bacteria can cause infection at the implant site.

But also, to those patients who have been engaging in oral hygiene for years. Means that there gums and bone will be an extremely healthy condition. Which will lend itself to proper and complete healing.

However, it is also important that prior to getting the implants put in. That a patient is going to go to the dentist. In order to get a cleaning and scaling of their teeth. This way, they can further minimize the bacteria that live in their mouth. So that they can further decrease the chances of infection.

However, in order to ensure maximum success of dental implants Edmonton. They will determine if a patient is a good candidate for the implant in the first place. This means the dentist is going to look at their medical history, look at their x-rays and impressions as well. To see what state their mouth is in.


For example, if there bite is not okay, or there is not enough room to place an implant. There can be increased complications. Such as causing the dental implant to come loose due to a bite problem. For it might be that they do not have a good enough bone density to be able to completely heal the implant.

The implant is going to be held in place by healing the threads of the implant directly into the bone of the patient. If a patient has low bone density, that will minimize the number of contact points between the bone and the screws of the implant. Which means it is not going to be as solid as it should.

When this is the case, dental implants Edmonton may decline to do the implants themselves. Due to that increased complication. However, to any patients that they are unable to work on. They will be referred to a specialist, who has additional tools and skills to place that dental implant.

Therefore, it is extremely important for a patient and the dentist to work well together. And be honest with each other. So that they can ensure maximum success of the dental implant. Especially since the success of the dental implant will mean that it will last for the patient’s entire lifetime.