Dental Implants Edmonton | Minimizing Your Jaw Pain

Many people go to their Dental Implants Edmonton complaining about jaw pain, headaches, or even clicks and pops that they hear when they speak or two. This is indicative of something called TMD, which stands for temporomandibular dysfunction. This is when the jaw joint starts to wear away, causing pain. Sometimes, the problem is not with the joint itself, but with the muscle from being overused. Regardless of which is the specific reason, treatment options are usually about the same regardless of the exact reason for the discomforts. When people come into their dentist complaining of this, there are several things they can do to alleviate the pain.

If people are only resorting to taking painkillers to alleviate the pain that they feel in their jaw, Dental Implants Edmonton says they are treating the symptoms and not the cause. Typically the pain comes from over using the muscles and the joint, therefore everything that people can do that can minimize the use of their jaw, the better their job will end up feeling. Because of that, they recommend that people who have TMD should avoid chewing gum at all. While chewing gum seems to be very harmless, it causes the jaw to be used very quickly, which can cause stress to the muscle, and overuse the joint. Avoiding bubble gum is very important to helping people manage the pain.

The next thing that people can do, is be very mindful of the food that they eat. People might want to cut their steak up into much smaller pieces, and avoid eating very tough meat. In fact, one thing you might want to avoid all tough food in general. This includes very sticky and sugary food as well. Popcorn, caramel and Taffy, and beef jerky are all examples of food that people who are suffering TMD should avoid says Dental Implants Edmonton. And while they are hesitant to tell people to avoid fruits and vegetables, they should cook the vegetables, or at least steam them so they are not quite so hard and difficult to chew.

Other things that people can do to minimize their jaw pain will be being mindful of how they are holding their job when they are at rest. Dental Implants Edmonton says that some people hold their head in their hands when they are at rest, or watching TV. While it doesn’t seem like it would put a lot of stress on a joint, it actually does. When people do this, stressing their jaw out, and likely causing pain. Similarly, people needs to be very mindful of how they are sleeping, because if they sleep on one side all the time, they may be stressing the jaw on that one side only.

There are many things that people can do that are going to help them minimize the jaw pain that they have if they have TMD. By being mindful of this, can help people minimize the stress to their jaw, and help avoid muscle and joint pain.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Minimize Jaw Pain

When people complain to their Dental Implants Edmonton that their jaw locks open or shut sometimes, that can be indicative of temporomandibular dysfunction. This is called TMD for short, and is a wearing down of the jaw joint. true TMD is caused when the disc in the joints of the jaw start slipping, and causes the bone on bone grinding that causes pain. While true TMD is fairly rare, many people experience jaw discomfort because the overuse of their jaw muscles. This is just as painful, and the treatment is actually the same. So when people complain about this to their dentist, there are many things that they can do.

Many people clinched their teeth or grinds their teeth when they are under a lot of stress says Dental Implants Edmonton This can actually cause a lot of pain and discomfort in the jaw muscles, which is why people complain about their jaw hurting. If this is the reason why people are experiencing jaw discomfort, they may be significantly helped by getting a oral Appliance made to put in their mouth. It will fit around their teeth, and will help keep their jaw open slightly, and keep their teeth from meeting, so that it’s much more difficult to clench their jaw and grind their teeth, particularly at night. This can be enough to keep a person from having any pain at all. Therefore, anyone who clenches their teeth or grinds their teeth at night should immediately look at getting this Appliance made, and avoiding pain and discomfort at all.

Something else that might be very helpful is Botox injections says Dental Implants Edmonton. Many people are hearing about the therapeutic use of Botox for a number of different reasons, and it can help with jaw pain as well. How it works says Dental Implants Edmonton is by injecting Botox into the jaw muscle, it relaxes the muscle, which helps keep it pain-free. There for anyone who is experiencing regular discomfort, and who can’t find relief through oral appliances and avoiding sticky foods, can be significantly helped with botox. People should expect to go every four to six months, and it can be enough to keep people from being in pain the majority of the time.

While many people complain about their jaw hurting, there can be a lot of different symptoms of TMD that people needs to be aware of. They will often get a clicking in their jaw when they eat, or speak. They might also have swelling in their jaw line, they might get headaches, and have no idea where the headaches are coming from. Even a case of lockjaw can point to TMD being the culprit. When people Are experiencing pain in their head, they should visit their Dental Implants Edmonton and rule out TMD. If they are experiencing pain, there are so many things that they can do to relieve the pain so that they can live a normal life.The sooner people can eliminate this source of pain in their life, the better.