Dental Implants Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the fact that dental implants Edmonton is due to dentistry. It is in growing in popularity every single year. And while it has been around for many years. There still a lot of people who do not know all of the information about it.

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Therefore, a lot of people who realize that they need or may soon need tooth replacement options. Have a lot of questions that they want to ask their dentist. About dental implants Edmonton.

One of the first questions they want to ask, is how high success rate for dental implants is. Luckily, dentists say that this procedure has one of the highest success rates of any other dental procedure that can be done.

That success rate is between ninety-six and 98%. However, one of the reasons why the success rate is so high. Is because dentists typically only do the dental implants. In the candidates that are deemed the best, and is likely to have success.

Another question that patients often have when they are learning about dental implants. His how many people have already gone through this procedure.

The statistics are available for people in America. With over three million people in the United States having this procedure done. With an estimated five hundred thousand people that are going to get the procedure within the year.

Another question that patients often have for their dentist. Is what are the other tooth replacement options. Other than dental implants.

While traditionally, people do not bridges and dentures when they needed to have one or more teeth replaced. However, this was far from a perfect solution.

Not only were these less likely to be comfortable. They also had functionality problems. Causing people to have limited ability to eat their favourite foods. And often having the denture or bridge pop out, while they were trying to eat. And even break.


Also, dentists say that another solution could be to replace the tooth at all. And while this is a solution that some patients opt for. It can create its own set of problems.

And while people can live quite happily without other body parts such as a finger for example. They probably do not choose to live without a finger.

And would replace it if they had the opportunity. Which is exactly what dental implants Edmonton give patients the option to do for themselves.

Another question that patients often have for their dentists about this procedure. His how long will it take, from the first step to the last step.

While dentists say this depends a little bit on the number of procedures that a patient needs. Including do they need to get a tooth pulled or a bone graft put in.

Or, do they need additional healing time, because they are diabetic for example. Ideally, the procedure can take as few was three or four appointments, and three months of healing time.

Or the procedure can take five or six appointments. And six months of healing time. In under a year, patients can have one or more tooth replaced that they need.

Dental Implants Edmonton | The Top Asked Questions

Even though the number of people that are getting dental implants Edmonton each year is increasing. That does not mean everybody is going to be able to get this procedure.

In fact, the reason why dentists have a 96 to 98% success rate. Is because they will refuse to do the procedure. If the patient is high risk, or it does not have the best bones, in which to place the implant.

For example, dentists will need to have a certain amount of bone. In order to ensure success of the implant. And if people have had significant bone erosion. That may not be possible.

Rather than do the procedure on someone that is less likely to have success. Dentists can ensure that they do not create a complications for that patient. Which also adds to the success rate.

There are many questions that patients often have, when they are thinking of getting a tooth replaced this way. One of them being what makes a person a risk for this procedure.

Dentists are typically aware of if there patients are going to be effective at healing or not. Since the placement of the implant itself. Is going to be surgery on the patient’s bone.

Because of this, but who are diabetic, often have a decreased ability to heal. Therefore, if people have uncontrolled diabetes. They are often required to get the disease under control. Before they go through with the procedure.


Also, dentists say that they will also not do the surgery on someone who is currently a smoker. Because smoking can slow down the body’s ability to heal.

In order to have the most success of healing after the surgery to place the implant. Patients should not have any nicotine in their system.

Another question that many patients will have, is how soon after the surgery can they start brushing their teeth again. This is an extremely important question to know the answer to. And dentists will unanimously say. That they want their patients to start brushing their teeth the same day as the surgery.

Not only is maintaining good oral health important for the health of the gums and their existing teeth are to getting the dental implants Edmonton placed.

But also, if people are not taking care of their teeth right after surgery. They can increase the risk of the surgery site hitting infected. Because of the additional bacteria in their mouth. They are not eliminating by not brushing their teeth.

It is actually the number one recommended activity. That dentists ask their patients to do. In order to prevent infections. By engaging in brushing, flossing and mouthwash every day. People can ensure that their dental implants Edmonton be less likely to get infected and cause problems.

Ultimately, this can be a great procedure for most people. But in order to ensure that it does not cause worse problems in the patient. The dentist will ensure that a patient does not have problems. That could create complications.