Dental Implants Edmonton | Curious About The Procedure?

While dental implants Edmonton gains popularity freeware. Many people are just hearing about them for the first time. And while they are intrigued about the procedure. There still a lot of information that many people do not know.

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This is one of the most important reasons why a patient that should set up a consultation their dentist. To find out all about this procedure. And what the most important information they need to know about. If they are considering getting this procedure done.

One of the first questions that patients want to ask their dentist. Is if this is a permanent tooth replacement procedure. While they might think permanent solution is dentures. Dentures can come in and out of a patient’s mouth.

Dental implants on the other hand. Our surgically implanted into the bone of the patient. And truly mimics the function of a patient’s tooth. Making this a truly permanent, and immovable solution to replacing a tooth.

The next question that many patients have, is how dental implant is going to feel. While dental implants Edmonton says that it is going to look identical to their tooth, it will function just like there tooth, requiring no special implements to eat for example.

However, this sensation might be a little bit different. Due to the inability of the root of the implant to feel sensations in quite the same way as a tooth does.

For example, dentists say that when people are eating a sandwich for example. If there is something that does not belong in the sandwich. Such as an egg shell.

As soon as they start to bite down on that eggshell. Their job will open wide, because that is their instinct to stop them from biting on something dangerous.


It is the tactile sensation of the tooth ignite using that there is something foreign in the sandwich causes the reaction to open the patient’s jaw.

It is that exact sensation. That is missing when people have implants. It is not going to impact their ability to eat, or speak. But it might feel odd for the first few days. Until patient gets used to it.

Another question that people often have their dentist about dental implants. Is how often do they need to replace parts.

Unlike set of dentures, that needs to be constantly refits to the patients ever eroding bone in their mouth. Implant does not need any ongoing maintenance.

A dentist does require that a patient come in on a regular basis to get there implant checked. Much in the same way patients who are brushing their teeth still need to see a dentist every few months.

This is to ensure that there is no problems that are starting to develop. That the dentist could put a stop to.

And to fix things like chipped crown, or if a screw is starting to loosen. The benefit of dental implants Edmonton. Is that patients can go into the dentist, and get these things fixed very quickly and very easily.

By demystifying dental implants, patients can make the decision along with their dentist. About if this is the right procedure for them. And how they should proceed.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Patients Are Curious About The Process

Patients often have heard about how effective dental implants Edmonton are. And that they have a success rate of 98%. However, they still do not know a lot about this procedure. And tend to have a lot of questions for their dentist.

One question that they often ask their dentist, is our implants noticeable? Luckily, dentists say that dental implants look just like regular teeth. And the dentists goal is to have it look as natural as possible.

While there is the occasional patient that requests a gold or silver tooth. It will look exactly like the patient requests. It is typically a completely natural look so that nobody can tell anything is different.

The next question that patients often want to ask their dentist about dental implants Edmonton. Is what is the problem if they simply do not replace a tooth at all?

While ultimately, people can live quite happily without a tooth there. Much like a person could live quite happily without a finger. Most people would choose not to live without a finger. Just like patients would choose not to live without tooth as well.

However, there can be some problems that occur. If people do not get a tooth replaced. The root of the tooth effectively stimulates blood flow to the area. keeping the bone and the gums in the mouth healthy.


And without a tooth, this blood flow stimulation does not exist. And that can cause the body to start eroding the bone. With the eroded bone, it can cause the gum line to start to recede. Which can show parts of the tooth root. Which makes a person’s tooth more susceptible to cavities.

But also, when the tooth is completely missing. The teeth will start to move and shift. In an effort to fill the hole. And this can cause a lot of other problems such as the teeth becoming loose, and potentially needing to be pulled.

And the teeth becoming crooked, which can include problems biting, chewing and even closing the jaw. Resulting in pain to a patient.

It is for all these reasons that dentists typically recommend dental implants Edmonton. So that these problems do not affect people who are missing teeth.

Another question that people often have their dentist. Is if they have lost a tooth many years ago. Can they still be a good candidate. While the answer is not always a yes.

In most situations, dentists will be able to do a bone graft. To give enough area for the dentist to place that implant. While it increases the number of procedures that a patient will have to go through. If their self-confidence is suffering quite a bit because of it. It can be a good option.

When patients get their questions answered about dental implants. They will be able to easily decide if this is the right procedure for them.