Dental Implants Edmonton | Potential Implant Problems

Since the beginning of using dental implants, the failure rate has typically gone down, to where it is now currently sitting at 5 to 10% says dental implants Edmonton. And while this is an extremely low failure rate. There can be many things that the dentist as well as the patient can do to minimize problems and complications.

Therefore, not only does a dentist need to be extremely prudent. They also need to communicate with the patient. About what each of them can do to help ensure that the implant has as few problems as possible.

In fact, ensuring minimizing problems can start with the right client. Who has been engaging in proper oral care for many years. The reason why this is important. Is because when people have engaged in good oral hygiene. That is going to help ensure that their mouth will be able to heal from problems easily and completely.

If people do not have good oral care routines. There mouth might have more problems. But also, it can cause healing to become slower than normal. Which can create a whole bunch of complications for the patient.

It is also important that the patient continues their oral care routine all the way up until the day of the implant procedure. This means brushing after every time they eat, flossing and using mouthwash.

The reason why this is important to continue to do. Is so that the patient can ensure that they have as little bacteria in their mouth as possible. And this is important, because if bacteria gets into the implant site. It can cause an infection.


The next thing that people should keep in mind, is that they should get a cleaning and scaling up from their dental hygienist. Within the days leading up to the implant procedure. The reason why, is because bacteria can live in the built-up plaque in a patient’s mouth. So by eliminating that plaque buildup. Patients can have a cleaner mouth with less bacteria and it.

In fact, this needs to carry on after the implant procedure is over. Because a patient will want to ensure that no bacteria buildup can in fact that implant site.

As long as the patient is healing, they are at risk for infection. So they must ensure that they are brushing, flossing and using mouthwash for as long as healing process takes.

They also needs to ensure that they are following dental implants Edmonton instructions. And coming back for a follow-up visit. Many people think that it is unnecessary. But this is the checkup where the dentist will ensure that the overall implant was successful. And that there is nothing pointing to complications that might occur in the future.

They will check to be certain that no infection has started. Because if that goes unchecked. It can get quite severe very quickly. Which can threaten the overall health of the implant.

Once the healing is complete. The patient should get back to their dental implants Edmonton every six months. So that they can continue to ensure the implants is functioning well. And does not need any additional adjustments.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Potential Implant Problems

Problems in dental implants can occur right from the beginning, when being placed says dental implants Edmonton. Since there is such large potential for things to go wrong. Dentists must work very carefully to ensure they are not causing anything to go wrong during their dental implants procedure.

This can start from choosing the right dental implants. Because there are two for dentists to choose from. The first one is a cement style implant. And this is very similar to the original style that was first used when dental implants were started to be used on patients.

And the other style is a more modern screw in style. They are very different, and while the end results is a replacement of a tooth that functions like a person’s tooth. The way that they are put together and implanted are very different.

These differences can make a huge difference. So it is very important that dental implants Edmonton chooses very carefully.

The cement style has two pieces to it. One piece that is the implant that is embedded into the patient’s bone. And the second piece looks like the patient’s tooth, and it gets affixed to the implant with the use of cement.

The screw in style of implant has three pieces instead. And these three pieces are the implant itself that gets implanted into the patient’s bone. That has a hole in the very top of it. The second piece is the crown, that looks like the patient’s tooth.


And the third part of the screw in dental implant. Is called an abutment. And it is a piece that looks like it has two screws one sticking out the top of it, and together sticking out the bottom of it. And the abutment is screwed into the implant.

And then has the crown screwed onto it. Therefore, no cement or other adhesives are needed to put all the pieces together and in the patient’s mouth.

With the cement style of implant. Dental implants Edmonton says there is a risk factor that the cement can potentially lose or squish out of the crown. And will require the dentist to clean it up immediately.

If the cement touches the implant area. It can cause an infection to start very quickly. It is a huge risk factor. Because when an infection settles in, it could cause the implants to reject.

Also, if the cement sinks below the gum line before the dentist cleans it up. It can go undetected by the dentist end of the patient. That will actually cause damage to the surrounding bone.

In addition to not using cement. Dental implants Edmonton says that the screw in implant is also much easier for the dentists to go in, make adjustments to or fix. Without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Since the implant needs to last a patient’s lifetime. The ease of fixing minor problems can help ensure a clients overall satisfaction with the entire implant itself.