Dental Implants Edmonton | Some Questions About Teeth Replacement

Because dental implants Edmonton is a very new dental procedure. And even though it has been around for many years. It is starting to pick up in popularity. And people who are just hearing about it for the first time. Often have a lot of questions for their dentist about this procedure.

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One of the first questions they often want to know, is what the success rate of dental implants is. One of the beneficial things about this procedure. Is that has one of the highest success rates of any other dental procedure. Which is around 96 to 98%.

One of the reasons why the success rate is so high. Is because dentists are very particular about what patients they put the implants in. Making sure there are good candidates, both that they have enough room in their mouth for an implant, and that they have enough bone to place the implant in..

But also that they do not have any underlying health conditions that might make this procedure less successful. Such as a decreased ability to heal quickly. Or other risk factors.

Another question that many people have for their dentist. Is simply what are dental implants. A dental implant is a metal screw, that functionally replaces a tooth’s root.

It is surgically implanted into a patient’s mouth, in the bone where there tooth used to be. And once healed, can get a crown put on top of it. To replace a person’s tooth in look, feel and function.

The third question that patients often have about dental implants Edmonton. Is how long does a dental implant last. This is another extremely beneficial reason why many people are getting this procedure done.


Because not only is it a permanent solution. But it is also one that will last a lifetime of the patient. Because with how long-lasting a dental implant is. It is very important that patients who had this procedure.

Maintain good oral health so that they can keep their gums and teeth healthy. If they develop problems such as gingivitis, this can cause the gums to recede, that could put not only other teeth. But the dental implant itself at risk of becoming loose.

One of the other most common questions that dentists get about dental implants. Is our dental implants noticeable? This is one of the most beneficial things about this procedure as well.

Is that the dentist will ensure that the crown looks just like a patient’s other teeth. And people will not be able to tell from looking, that one of the teeth is an implant.

And unless a patient requests the crown to look different. Such as the patient that requested having a goal tooth instead. It will look completely natural. So that patients will not have anyone know that they got the procedure done.

With how popular this procedure is getting. Anyone who is missing teeth. Or who think that they need to replace teeth in the future. Should make an appointment with their dentist. To find out all about dental implants Edmonton. And if this procedure can benefit them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | A Few More Questions

Regardless of the reason why a person has lost a tooth, they should consider dental implants Edmonton as a way of replacing that tooth. However, because this is one of the newest procedures in dentistry. There are a lot of questions people still have about this procedure.

In fact, while three million people in the United States have had this procedure done. That number is growing by about half a million people each year. Demonstrating how popular this method is.

Especially because it is a more comfortable and functional option. Especially when compared to bridges and dentures. Which people complained to be uncomfortable. As well as having them slip while they were eating are talking and even break.

And while dental implants are not hundred percent guaranteed. The success rate of 98%. Demonstrates how effective it is.

However, when patients hear that dental implants is a permanent solution. They want to know what happens if there is a problem with their implant. How it can get fixed if it is surgically inserted into their mouth.

Dental implants that dentists use now. Come in three different pieces. The implant that gets placed into the patient’s mouth permanently.

The crown, which is the peace that looks like a tooth. And then a third piece called an abutment. That connects the two together with screws.


If there is a problem with the implant. Such as the screw has become loose, a person’s bites is too strong, putting too much pressure on the crown and implant. For even if the implant has become chipped somehow.

The three-piece dental implants make it easy for the dentist to go in and fix whatever is wrong. The dentist can very easily unscrew the crown from the implant, in order to fix whatever is not functioning properly.

If the crown is chipped, they can fix it and put it back together. All without causing discomfort to the patient. If the bite is too strong, the dentist can unscrew it, and make any necessary modifications to the crown. Before putting it back on to fix the problem.

With how easy it is to fix dental implants Edmonton. Patients should not worry that just because it is permanent, that it is not able to be fixed or maintained.

Another question that patients often have when considering dental implants Edmonton. Is how often should they get their implants checked.

This is an extremely important question, because just like a person should get their teeth checked regularly by a dentist. They should get their implants checked just as often.

This way, the dentist can ensure that there are no problems forming. Or if some are starting, that they catch it early and fix it. So that it does not get to be a larger problem down the road.

Ultimately, when patients understand this procedure. They will feel more comfortable with discussing this option with their dentist. To see if dental implants is a procedure that can help them.