Dental Implants Edmonton | Questions Dentists Get

It is very common for dentists to be answering questions about dental implants Edmonton. This is one of the newest areas in dentistry. And while it has been around for many years. There are still a lot of questions that patients have about this procedure.

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One of the first questions they typically ask. Is what the success rate of dental implants is. Dentists say that it has a 96 to 98% success rate.

And a lot of that success rate is thanks to the diligence on behalf of each dentist. To screen their candidates effectively. And ensure that the procedure is done only in the best and most suitable candidates.

The reason why this is so important. Is because if they are not a great candidates. Or if they have a lot of risk factors. The way that the implant fails, can cause a lot of damage and pain. And to avoid placing an implant that will cause a lot of pain. Dentists screen their patients carefully.

The next question that patients have for their dentist about dental implants Edmonton. Is how many appointments will it take to replace a tooth.

While of the surgery is going to happen in a single day, to actually place the implant in the patient’s bone. There are about five appointments from the initial consultation, until placing the crown on the implant. And that will take anywhere between three and four months to complete.

The appointments will look like this, the first appointment is the consultation. For the patient to discuss dental implants with the dentist. And find out if they are suitable candidates. And what the plan will be for treatment.

The second appointment will be the surgery date. Where the dentist surgically places the implant in the patient’s bone.


The third appointment is for the dentist to ensure that the healing is going well. And to verify that the stitches look good, no infection is settling in. Another patient is in fact brushing their teeth.

Many patients assume that they should not be brushing their teeth. Because it might irritate the surgery site. But this is not true.

In fact, if people avoid brushing their teeth. They are building up the bacteria that can cause an infection. And an infection is going to be significantly more irritating than anything that they can imagine.

The fourth appointment will be to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab and knows how much space they have to work with. To make the crown the right size. As well as to ensure that it matches the rest of their teeth.

Finally, the fifth appointment, which is going to come about three months after the initial consultation and surgery. Will be for the dentist to place the crown on the implant itself.

This will be very quick. However the dentist is going to ensure that the bite is accurate. So that there is no undue pressure being put on the implant when patients bite down or chew.

By understanding how long the procedure takes. Can help patients significantly understand the procedure. Whether dental implants Edmonton is right for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Questions Dentists Hear

There are many people getting dental implants Edmonton every single year. With about three million people in the United States of America loan with this procedure done already.

However, despite the fact that it is gaining popularity very quickly. Especially when it comes to people who want to avoid dentures and bridges. There are many questions about this procedure.

One of the first questions that patients will ask their dentist. Is our dental implants noticeable. Or do they look just like a patient’s regular teeth.

And while the goal of dentistry is to make everyone’s smile look as natural as possible. Implants can be extremely on noticeable. With most people not knowing what is the real tooth, and what is the implant.

However, it can look like whatever a patient wants. And one patient requested a gold implant. And so they were able to get that very easily. Through great communication with their dentist.

Another question that patients often have is what is a dental implant?

This is ultimately a metal device that looks like a screw. Bone of a patient where they are missing a tooth. That functionally replaces the root of the missing tooth.


It has a hole in the implant. Where the crown can get screwed into. And once it is put in, it is a permanent replacement of a person’s tooth. That not only looks identical to their missing tooth. But functions and feels like a typical tooth does.

Another question that people have about dental implants Edmonton for their dentist. Is why is a dental implant recommended?

Dentists typically recommend dental implants. Because while dentures and bridges can break, fall out, and not function truly like a patient’s tooth.

A dental implant does all of those things, but also preserves bone, ensures the health of the surrounding teeth. And can make the overall oral health of the patient better.

And the last question that patients often have for their dentist. Is what are the potential problems they can have. If they simply decide to not replace their missing teeth?

While dentists generally agree that no great tragedy is going to before all on anyone if they do not replace the missing tooth. And just like a person who has a missing finger, they can function very well without it. But they might find that they still would like to have their finger, despite not needing it for much.

However, some problems that can arise. Include bone erosion, that can cause a gap in the bone where the missing tooth was.

And that can cause a receding gum line, which would cause teeth to have their roots showing. That can be more susceptible to cavities. Due to the lack of enamel on a tooth root.

Also, the teeth can start to shift, in an effort to fill the gap. Which can cause patients teeth to become more crooked, causing bite problems and pain when they bite, close their jaw or chew.

By understanding all of the answers to these questions. Can help people make the right decision. In getting dental implants Edmonton done.